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What's new for IBM Security Verify features in August 2021



New IBM® Security Verify features that were released in August.


Key updates
These new features might not be available in your location yet.
Other features, enhancements, and announcements
  • IBM Security Verify now supports IBM Security Verify Bridge for Directory Sync version 1.0.7. A new parameter was added, ignore-suffixes for cloud-bridge. See The cloud-bridge JSON object.
  • The location of the IBM Security Verify API documentation is changed. You can now access the API documentation at IBM Security Verify API Documentation.
  • IBM Security Verify now supports IBM Security Verify Gateway for Windows version 1.0.6. See IBM Security Verify Gateway for Windows Login.
  • IBM Security Verify now supports IBM Security Verify Gateway for RADIUS version 1.0.5. Three new client parameters are added, poll-delay, device-choice-prompt, and device-choice-line-prompt. See "clients":[].
  • On October 7, IBM Security Verify is adding a restriction on concurrent browser login sessions for a user. A typical user will not encounter this limit error. If monitor scripts are simulating a user login, you must modify them to explicitly logout by navigating to:
  • IBM Security Verify continually enhances its password security policy. You might encounter some changes in its behavior.
  • In March 2021, all ciphers that are supported within the Verify platform are going to be restricted to FIPS-compliant algorithms. This change might impact integrations through SAML and Open ID Connect federations.
  • Some v1.0 APIs that are related to multi-factor authentication are now deprecated and will be removed after December 2021. Enhanced and easier-to-use replacements are already available. See Deprecated APIs.

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31 August 2021