Supported connectors for applications

The topic contains an alphabetical list of all applications that have available connectors regardless of whether they are currently connected.

Supported applications and connectors

Verify supports the following connectors for cloud-based applications.

Application and connector name Supports provisioning Logo Description and Base URL
Custom Application Custom Application logo Use Custom Application to configure IBM® Verify as the identity provider for any third-party application that acts as a SAML 2.0 service provider. This application supports user provisioning for SCIM 2.0-compliant target applications.
&frankly   &frankly logo &frankly is a cloud-based service for managers and employees to track and drive employee engagement in your organization. Feedback is through quick, pulsed questions, and actionable insights.

10,000ft   10,000ft logo 10,000ft is a software product that is used for strategic project planning and tracking.

15five   15five logo 15Five is an employee engagement and performance management software. You use to integrate objectives into weekly check-ins, set up and view objectives, update progress, and post comments in real time. You also use it schedule and conduct one-on-one meetings with employees who are on the team.

4me   4me logo 4me is an enterprise service integration and management(SIAM) application that enables the internal and external service providers of an enterprise to collaborate together.

Accredible   Accredible logo Accredible is an application that you use to design, create, deliver, and manage digital certificates; open badges and blockchain credentials.

Active Directory Active Directory logo Active Directory (AD) is a directory service for Windows domain networks. It is a distributed, hierarchical database structure that shares infrastructure information for locating, securing, managing, and organizing computer and network resources including files, users, groups, peripherals and network devices. This application supports user provisioning.
Adobe Captivate Prime   Adobe Captivate Prime logo Adobe Captivate Prime is a learning management system that you use to create and schedule virtual classroom sessions. You launch your session with a single click, automatically track attendance, completion, and time spent, and record sessions for later reviewing.

Adobe Creative Cloud   Adobe Creative Cloud logo Adobe Creative Cloud is a software as a service offering from Adobe Systems. Users access a collection of Adobe software that is developed for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services.

Accellion Kiteworks   Accellion Kiteworks logo Accellion Kiteworks is a secure file-sharing platform that you use to access enterprise content sources. You can share, send, sync, and edit files on any type of device from any content store.

Agiloft   Agiloft logo Agiloft provides business software that manages the workflow for small, medium, and enterprise sized businesses.

Aha   Aha logo The Aha software and security infrastructure is an enterprise SaaS environment that you use to quickly and securely set product strategy, define customer requirements, and build and share visual roadmaps.

Airbrake   Airbrake logo Airbrake provides frictionless error monitoring and performance management for your entire application stack, so that you can deploy code and fix issues faster.

Aiven   Aiven logo Aiven manages your open-source data infrastructure in the cloud.

Akamai Technologies   Akamai Technologies logo Akamai Technologies, Inc. is a cybersecurity, cloud services and global content delivery network that provides web and Internet security services.

AlertOps   AlertOps logo AlertOps is an incident management system. It helps IT operation teams to manage and optimize alerts from various monitoring systems to lower “Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)” and to avoid “alert fatigue”. logo is an objectives and key results (OKR) tracking software system. It enables startups, teams, and enterprises to align, measure, and track their goals.

Alterdesk   Alterdesk logo Alterdesk is a communication platform that other companies can rebrand to offer secure OTT messaging, file sharing, and video call functions.

Amazon Web applications that are accessed through the Amazon Web Services entry
Amazon Web Services (AWS)   Amazon Web Services (AWS) logo Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand computing resources and services in the cloud.

Amazon Appstream   Amazon Appstream logo Amazon Appstream is an application streaming device that you use to stream desktop applications from the AWS cloud to any connected device.

Amazon Cognito   Amazon Cognito logo Amazon Cognito is a user identity and data synchronization service that you use to securely manage and synchronize application data across all connected devices.

Amazon QuickSight   Amazon QuickSight logo Amazon QuickSight is a business analytics service that you use to build visualizations, perform ad hoc analysis, and get business insights from your data.

Amazon Redshift   Amazon Redshift logo Amazon Redshift is an internet hosting and data warehouse service that you use for setting up, operating, and scaling a data warehouse.

* * * * * * * * * * *
ANCILE uAlign   ANCILE uAlign logo ANCILE uAlign is an integrated communications solution that you use to create, edit, and publish procedures, simulations, and eLearning courses.

AnswerHub   AnswerHub logo AnswerHub is a robust knowledge management and community platform that you use to build, manage, and grow an online knowledge-based community.

Appian   Appian logo Appian is a business process management (BPM) software that you use for social collaboration, enterprise mobility, and portable on-premises and cloud computing.

Appraisd   Appraisd logo Appraisd is a cloud-based human resources (HR) software solution that you use to review objectives, competencies, performance, and feedback.

AppsFlyer   AppsFlyer logo AppsFlyer is a software development kit that advertisers use to optomize their advertising budget. The can use the dashboard totrack and monitor the mobile activitity of their media sources.

Apteligent   Apteligent logo Apteligent is a mobile performance monitoring solution that you use to monitor, prioritize, troubleshoot, and trend your mobile app performance issues in real time.

ArcGIS   ArcGIS logo ArcGIS is a geographic information system(GIS) that you use to create and use maps, compile geographic data, analyze mapped information, and share and discover geographic information.

Asana   Asana logo Asana is a web and mobile application that is designed to help teams track their work and get results.

Aspera Files   Aspera Files logo Aspera Files is a SaaS solution that you use to store and access files and folders in multiple cloud-based and on-premises storage systems.

Assembla   Assembla logo Assembla is a set of cloud-based task and code management tools that you use for agile development, issue tracking, and collaboration.

AssetSonar   AssetSonar logo AssetSonar is an easy-to-use IT asset management solution that ensures software compliance, lowers hardware downtime, and is always audit-ready.

Atatus   Atatus logo Atatus is a SaaS-delivered application performance and error tracking solution. It delivers full-stack visibility for applications.

Atlassian applications that are accessed through the Atlassian entry
Atlassian Atlassian logo Atlassian offers software development and collaboration tools that you use to improve software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality. This application supports user provisioning.

Confluence Confluence logo Confluence is platform that you use to capture, distribute, and update your technical documentation. This application supports user provisioning.

Stride Stride logo Stride is a team communication solution with group messaging, video meetings, and built-in collaboration tools. This application supports user provisioning.

Trello   Trello logo A collaboration tool that organizes projects into boards.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Automox   Automox logo Automox is a patch management software that can patch any system, any software, in any location.

Avanan   Avanan logo Avanan fully secures your cloud email and collaboration platforms.

Auvik   Auvik logo Auvik is cloud-based network management software that you use to monitor your network and the devices that are connected to it. You can quickly detect and resolve network issues.

AWS Single Sign On   AWS Single Sign On logo Use AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) to centrally manage access to multiple AWS accounts and business applications. You can provide users with single sign-on access to all their assigned accounts and applications from one place.

BambooHR   BambooHR logo BambooHR is an online human resources software service for small and mid size businesses. It offers a single system to consolidate all employee and human resources-related data and to manage human resources.

Base   Base logo Base is customer relationship management (CRM) software that you use to manage sales, track leads, and engage proactively with customers.

BasicOps   BasicOps logo BasicOps is a simple and powerful tool for teamwork, collaboration, and project management.

BIME   BIME logo BIME is a customer analytics platform that helps businesses measure and understand the entire customer experience.

Birst   Birst logo Birst is an integrated business intelligence platform that analyzes, explores, and visualizes big data.

BitaBIZ   BitaBIZ logo BitaBIZ is an HR platform that you can use for time registration, leave and absence management, overtime and time off management, and employee payroll administration.

Bitglass   Bitglass logo Bitglass is a cloud access security broker (CASB) vendor that emphasizes mobile data security.

Bitrise   Bitrise logo Bitrise is a full-featured mobile CI/CD in the cloud for all platforms

Biztera   Biztera logo Biztera eliminates meetings,streamlines inter-departmental collaboration,and offers more visibility into company-wide initiatives.

Blink   Blink logo Blink helps companies to deliver a unified digital communication experience for their employees. It empowers and protects their most important people with the information and tools that they need.

Blissbook   Blissbook logo Blissbook is policy management software that you use to create digital employee handbooks to educate your employees about the rules, regulations, and culture of your company.

Blocks Edit   Blocks Edit logo Blocks Edit is a flexible email editor that allows your team to concentrate on email content rather than the coding.

BlogIn   BlogIn logo BlogIn is an internal blog and knowledge-sharing platform. Use it to share news, knowledge, boost company culture, and improve internal communication.

Blueworks Live   Blueworks Live logo IBM Blueworks Live is a cloud-based business modeler that you use to discover, design, automate, and manage all of your business processes in the cloud.

Bonusly   Bonusly logo Bonusly is a social recognition platform that you use to reward your colleagues with instant peer-to-peer bonuses. You gain valuable insight into the strengths, skills, and accomplishments of your team.

Box Box logo Box offers secure content management and collaboration for individuals, teams, and businesses, enabling secure file sharing and access to your files online. This application supports user provisioning.

Branch   Branch logo Branch is a mobile marketing and linking platform that you use to acquire, engage, and measure a user's journey across all devices, channels, and platforms.

Brandfolder   Brandfolder logo Brandfolder is the digital asset management (DAM) solution that you use for storing, sharing, and showcasing your digital assets.

Breezy HR   Breezy HR logo Breezy HR is end-to-end recruiting software that is designed to optimize your recruiting process.

BrightEdge   BrightEdge logo BrightEdge is search engine optimization (SEO) and content performance marketing platform that you use to plan, optimize, and measure campaigns based on actual content performance. BrightEdge transforms online content into tangible business results, such as traffic, revenue, and engagement.

BrowserStack   BrowserStack logo BrowserStack is a cloud web and mobile testing platform. It enables developers to test their websites and mobile applications across on-demand browsers, operating systems and mobile devices. Users don't need to install or maintain an internal lab of virtual machines, devices, or emulators.

Buddy Punch   Buddy Punch logo Buddy Punch is a time clock software product that you use for tracking and reporting employee time.

Bugcrowd   Bugcrowd logo Bugcrowd is a security platform that you use for security testing on web, mobile, source code, and client-side applications.

Bugsee   Bugsee logo Bugsee is a bug reporting tool with synchronized video, network and logs for mobile apps and websites.

Bugsnag   Bugsnag logo Bugsnag is an automated crash detection platform for your web and mobile applications. You can use the diagnostics that are collected by Bugsnag to resolve errors and recover from them.

Buildkite   Buildkite logo Buildkite is a hosted, continuous integration and deployment service that manages tools and runs your tests on your infrastructure. logo is a cloud-based, API-first enterprise suite that you use for digital transformation through iPaaS, Headless CMS, and mBaaS.

CA Identity Service   CA Identity Service logo CA Identity Service is an identity management solution for user provisioning and user management. You use it to connect internal and external users to the various business applications that your company uses.

Calendly   Calendly logo Use Calendly to schedule meetings professionally and efficiently. You can select the meeting type that suits you needs.

CanvasLMS   CanvasLMS logo Canvas LMS is an open source learning management system (LMS) for teaching and learning online.

Carbonite Endpoint Protection   Carbonite Endpoint Protection logo Carbonite Endpoint Protection is a hybrid cloud solution for endpoint backup and archiving that allows IT to mitigate data loss and data breach.

Celonis   Carbonite Endpoint Protection logo The Celonis Execution Management System provides companies with a modern way to run business processes entirely on data and intelligence.

Celoxis   Celoxis logo Celoxis is a fully featured project, resource management, and issue tracking tool.

CentreStack   CentreStack logo Use CentreStack to create a completely on-premises sync and share solution to prevent information leakage through public clouds.

Chargebee   Chargebee logo Chargebee is a PCI Level 1 certified recurring billing platform for subscription based SaaS and eCommerce businesses. Use it to automate payment collection, invoicing, email notification, and customer management.

Chorus   Chorus logo Chorus is a digital asset management system that provides a central place to store and manage images, videos, artwork, and documents.

CircleHD   CircleHD logo CircleHD is an enterprise video e-learning platform that you use to upload and share videos, presentations, and lessons.

Cisco Meraki   Cisco Meraki logo Cisco Meraki is a cloud-managed networking dashboard that you use to centrally manage Mobile Devices, Macs, and PCs.

Cisco Umbrella   Cisco Umbrella logo Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-delivered network security service that protects any device, anywhere.

Cisco Spark   Cisco Spark logo Cisco Spark is a team messaging, video calling and interactive drawing application.

Cisco Webex Teams   Webex Teams logo Webex Teams is a team messaging, video calling and interactive drawing application.

Citrix ShareFile   Citrix ShareFile logo Citrix ShareFile is a secure file sharing and transfer service that you use to exchange files easily, securely, and professionally.

Clarizen   Clarizen logo Clarizen offers project management software that is designed for any size business. With this solution, you can easily manage your projects or teams online.

ClearSlide   ClearSlide logo ClearSlide is a SaaS-based Sales Engagement platform that integrates content, communications, actionable insights, and guided selling to improve business results.

Clever   Clever logo Clever is a platform that provides a central location to manage and access all the learning resources that teachers and students use.

ClicData   ClicData logo ClicData makes business intelligence simpler and more accessible to all types of businesses. Its agile and innovative technology enables data-driven teams to easily handle any type of data and can tightly connect it to the visualization.

ClickTime   ClickTime logo ClickTime is an online timesheet system and expense service that you use to track, manage, and create reports about on employee time.

ClickUp   ClickUp logo ClickUp offers a customizable workplace-productivity platform that serves all departments across an organization.

Clockify   Clockify logo Clockify is a time-tracker and timesheet application that lets you track work hours across projects.

Cloudability   Cloudability logo Cloudability is a financial management tool that you use to visualize, manage, optimize, and govern cloud expenses across any organization.

CloudAMQP   CloudAMQP logo CloudAMQP supplies fully managed RabbitMQ servers and clusters in the cloud. RabbitMQ is an open source, high throughput message-queuing server. With CloudAMQP, you view and address performance issues automatically and act before they impact your applications. You can choose to receive alerts by email when resource consumption crosses critical thresholds.

CloudApp   CloudApp logo CloudApp is a visual communication platform that you use to create and share files, annotate screen captures, make GIFs, and create HD videos.

CloudBees Feature Management   CloudBees Feature Management logo CloudBees Feature Management is a feature flag management solution. Engineering and product teams use it to mitigate release risk and improve developer productivity. Product management teams use it for control and measurement of feature releases.

CloudBees Software Delivery Management   CloudBees Software Delivery Management logo CloudBees Software Delivery Management provides solutions for the most challenging problems for organizations. It provides efficient continuous delivery of software across all teams, tools, and technologies while integrating with wider business functions.

Cloud CMS   Cloud CMS logo Cloud CMS is an enterprise content management system. It helps business users to create, manage, and publish content to your users.

Cloudcraft   Cloudcraft logo Cloudcraft is a platform to create smart AWS diagrams.

CloudEndure   CloudEndure logo CloudEndure,is an AWS company. It accelerates the journey to the AWS cloud with solutions that provide business continuity during the migration process and provides additional protection afterwards.

CloudFlare Access   CloudFlare Access logo CloudFlare is a global network. It makes everything that you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable.

CloudPassage   CloudPassage logo CloudPassage Halo provides instant visibility and continuous protection for servers in any combination of data centers, private clouds, and public clouds. The Halo platform is delivered as a service, so it deploys in minutes and scales on demand.

Clubhouse   Clubhouse logo Clubhouse is a time and project management tool for software development that you use to onboard teams and to enable collaboration.

Cmpute   Cmpute logo Cmpute is an automated SaaS platform that automates and dynamically manages your computing across regions.

Coggle   Coggle logo Coggle is an online tool for creating and sharing mind maps, which are visual diagrams that you use to organize and analyze information.

Comm100   Comm100 logo Comm100 is a global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement solutions. Companies can serve their customers through digital channels that include live chat, social media, SMS, email, and knowledgebases

ConceptShare   ConceptShare logo ConceptShare is a creative operations platform that is used by enterprises of all sizes to share, communicate, and collaborate on creative work.

Concur   Concur logo Concur provides an integrated online and mobile business travel and expense management software solution that automates your travel expenses.

Confluent Cloud   Confluent Cloud logo Confluent Cloud is an event-streaming platform that enables various companies and industries to easily access data as real-time streams. It provides a scalable, unified, real-time data pipeline that enables applications to real-time stream processing.

ConnectWise Control   ConnectWise Control logo Use ConnectWise Control to provide behind-the-scenes help desk and secured-remote-user support to solve issues. It reduces vulnerabilities, user downtime, and loss of productivity risks.

Contentful   Contentful logo Contentful provides a powerful set of APIs that you use to manage, integrate, and deliver content to any device or service.

ContractWorks   ContractWorks logo ContractWorks is a contract management software that you use to organize contracts and NDAs and sign them by using electronic signatures.

Convo   Convo logo Convo is a business collaboration tool that you use to centrally share, organize, and archive information securely.

Coralogix   Coralogix logo Coralogix is a machine-learning-powered log analytics platform that improves the delivery and maintenance process for software providers.

Coveo   Coveo logo Coveo Relevance Cloud is a multi-faceted platform that uses search, machine learning, and behavioral signals to increase the relevance of search, content recommendations, and personalized experiences.

Cronitor   Cronitor logo Cronitor is a monitoring service. It monitors, issues alerts, and analyzes scheduled computer processes for cron jobs, workers, services, and APIs.

CrossKnowledge   CrossKnowledge logo CrossKnowledge is a cloud-based learning management system. It offers mid-sized businesses and large enterprises an intelligent platform from which to deliver digital learning programs.

CyberArk   CyberArk logo CyberArk is a combined solution for application allow-listing, block-listing, privilege management, and threat detection. It provides granular control to a secure desktop and server environment.

Databox   Databox logo Databox is a cloud-based business analytics platform. Use it to visualize, analyze, and report on all of your data in one dashboard with Databox.

DataDog   DataDog logo Datadog is a hosted monitoring service that brings your metrics and events to one place, where they are seen, shared, and discussed by your development and operations teams.

DatoCMS   DatoCMS logo DatoCMS is a cloud-based headless CMS designed to work with static websites, mobile apps, and server-side applications of any kind. Freelancers, agencies, and startups use DatoCMS to allow non-technical clients and team members to manage the content of their digital products within a web-based CMS.

Declaree   Declaree logo Declaree provides a simplified an expense management process. Use it to capture and report expenses to managers who can approve them by using clear expense overview and reporting tools.

Dell Boomi   Dell Boomi logo Dell Boomi AtomSphere is an on-demand, multi-tenant cloud integration platform that connects cloud and on-premises applications and data. You use it to design cloud-based integration processes that are called Atoms and to transfer data between cloud and on-premises applications.

Deputy   Deputy logo Deputy is a workforce management solution that you use for employee scheduling, time and attendance, team communication, task list, payroll, and more. logo is an online customer service, support ticket, and help desk software. It provides customer support on multiple channels.

DeskPro   DeskPro logo DeskPro is the multichannel, multilingual customer support and help desk platform that you use for ticket management, customer self-help, customer feedback, and live chat. You also use DeskPro for customer relations management (CRM), reporting, and collaboration.

Deskradar   Deskradar logo Deskradar is a web app for creating an interactive office floor plan. It enables growing teams to quickly locate people and resources.

DigiCert   DigiCert logo DigiCert is a X.509 SSL certificate authority that verifies the authenticity of secure websites on behalf of a web browser.

dmarcian   dmarcian logo dmarcian is the service provider of DMARC, an email-validation tool that uses domain-based message authentication and reporting.

Docebo   Docebo logo Docebo is an online learning platform that you use to deliver, track, and certify online training.

Documo   Documo logo Documo is a document workflow solution. It helps business to improve efficiency, cut paper waste, and close security gaps that are found in traditional paper-based processes.

DocuSign   DocuSign logo DocuSign is a digital transaction management service that you use to send, sign, manage, and store documents in the cloud.

Dome9   Dome9 logo Dome9 is a cloud security service that automates managing compliance requirements for server firewalls, AWS security groups, cloud network logging, and file integrity monitoring.

Domo   Domo logo Domo is a business intelligence platform that you use to manage, analyze, and share data across your entire organization by enabling decision makers to identify and act on strategic opportunities.

Doppler   Doppler logo The Doppler dashboard and command line interface (CLI)help developers to work more securely and efficiently by organizing secrets across projects and environments.

Dropbox   Dropbox logo Dropbox is a service that keeps your files safe, synchronizeded, and easy to share. It is a file-hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

Droplr   Droplr logo Droplr is a screen recording and screen capturing tool that you use to share screen captures, screencasts, and other files.

Druva applications that are accessed through the Druva Cloud Platform entry
Druva Cloud Platform   Druva Cloud Platform logo Druva Cloud Platform is an as-a-service solution that unifies end-point, infrastructure, and cloud applications as a single deduplicated dataset that provides data protection, data governance, and intelligence.

Druva Phoenix   Druva Phoenix logo Druva Phoenix provides a unified solution for cloud backup, disaster recovery, and long term archival.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Druva inSync   Druva inSync logo Druva inSync is a unified solution that offers backup for laptops, smart phones and tablets; integrated file sharing and collaboration with enterprise-grade security; integrated DLP with data encryption, geo-tracking, and remote data delete; unified data insights with real-time search and reports.

Duo Security   Duo Security logo Duo Security provides a platform to verify the identity of users with two-factor authentication and the health of their devices before they connect to the applications.

Dynatrace   Dynatrace logo Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation.

EduBrite   EduBrite logo EduBrite is a training and assessment platform that you use to create online courses with your own content and deliver them to your intended audience.

Egnyte Egnyte logo Egnyte provides file sharing and storage for business, combining the speed and security of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud. Users can easily store, share, access, and back up their files, while IT retains central administration and control to enforce business policies. This application supports user provisioning.

Egress   Egress logo Egress is a provider of data security services that prevents breaches, protects data by using encryption, and quantifies risks for ongoing compliance.

Ekarda   Ekarda logo Ekarda is an eCard platform that you use to create and send personalised business eCards. logo is an application that you use to understand, organize, and map your business.

Elium   Elium logo Elium is a knowledge base that lets teams capture, modify, and share information.

Emburse Certify   Emburse Certify logo Emburse Certify is a web-based travel and expense management software product for companies that want to quickly automate manual processes. Emburse Certify provides great administrative and user support for free.

Enplug   Enplug logo Enplug provides the software for digital displays, that enables real-time social media interaction between brands and users.

Envoy   Envoy logo Envoy is a visitor management solution that you use for visitor pre-registration, collecting visitor information, signatures, and photos. It retains the data for later organization and browsing.

ERP Maestro   ERP Maestro logo ERP Maestro provides a cloud-based solution for automating SAP security and compliance.

eSignLive   eSignLive logo eSignLive is an electronic signature solution that you use to obtain secure and compliant electronic signatures for your documents anywhere and on any device.

Euromonitor Passport   Euromonitor logo Euromonitor is an independent provider of strategic market research that creates data and analysis on thousands of products and services all around the world. logo is a cloud security platform that you use to manage security risk and compliance of your infrastructure.

Exoprise   Exoprise logo Exoprise provides real-user monitoring and SaaS synthetic monitoring in one platform.

ExpenseIn   ExpenseIn logo ExpenseIn is a digital expense management tool that scans receipts, automates policy enforcement, and provides real-time reporting service.

Expensify   Expensify logo Expensify is a web-based expense management tool for individuals and businesses that you use to scan receipts to report expenses and automatically generate reimbursements.

Expiration Reminder   Expiration Reminder logo Expiration Reminder is a powerful document expiration and renewal tracking software product that is easy to use.

ezeep   ezeep logo ezeep is a cloud-based print management service that you use to centrally manage and monitor printers and printing in the cloud.

EZOfficeInventory   EZOfficeInventory logo EZOfficeinventory is a cloud-based asset tracking software that you use to track and manage assets.

EZRentOut   EZRentOut logo EZRentOut is an equipment rental software service that is used by rental businesses to manage all their billing and payment operations.

Fastly   Fastly logo Fastly is a real-time content delivery network (CDN) that improves the performance of websites, mobile applications, and APIs.

Favro   Favro logo Favro is a comprehensive project management and collaboration tool that developers, marketers, and executives use to plan, track, and expand ideas.

Feature Upvote   Feature Upvote logo Feature Upvote provide simple feedback boards with built in voting functions.

Federated Directory   Federated Directory logo Federated Directory Server combines a collection of directories and other sources of data and treats them as a single hierarchical directory.

Feedly   Feedly logo Feedly is a news aggregator application that compiles news feeds from various online sources that users can customize and share with others.

FileCloud   FileCloud logo FileCloud is an enterprise, file-sharing, synchronization and collaboration platform that is offered across private, public, and hybrid clouds.

FilesAnywhere   FilesAnywhere logo FilesAnywhere is a cloud-based file storage and sharing software that you use to manage data as well as catalog photos, videos, and music.

FireHydrant   FireHydrant logo FireHydrant is a comprehensive incident management platform that allows you to create consistency for the entire incident response lifecycle.

Firstbird   Firstbird logo Firstbird is a digital, employee-referral program that connects people with employment opportunities and companies worldwide with suitable candidates.

Fivetran   Fivetran logo Fivetran connectors provide immediate replication of your databases to your warehouse in fivetran.

Flatter Files   Flatter Files logo Flatter Files is a cloud-based solution for publishing and archiving important drawings and documents.

FogBugz   FogBugz logo FogBugz is a web-based project management system for bug tracking, project management, and collaboration.

Formstack   Formstack logo Formstack is an online form builder with storage database that you use to collect event registrations, surveys, job applications, payments and leads.

FOSSA   FOSSA logo FOSSA is an automated open source license scanning, and vulnerability management toolkit that facilitates continuous integration and delivery.

Freshdesk   Freshdesk logo Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that you use to support your customers by email, phone, social channels, and your website.

Freshservice   Freshservice logo Freshservice is a cloud-based service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution that manages incidents, problems, releases, assets, and puts your knowledge base on the cloud.

Freshworks   Freshworks logo Freshworks provides intelligent customer engagement software for businesses of all sizes.

frevvo   frevvo logo frevvo is a workflow automation solution that offers point-and-click software, visual dynamic forms, and automated workflows to connect people, data, and systems.

Front   Front logo Front is a collaboration tool that you use to communicate, collaborate, and get work done with efficiency and transparency.

FullStory   FullStory logo FullStory is a record, replay, search, and analyze system that optimizes client experience.

GaggleAMP   GaggleAMP logo GaggleAMP is a social marketing platform that companies use to build advocate networks of employees, customers, and vendors. It amplifies their marketing messages for more traffic, leads, and social media interactions.

Gainsight PX   Gainsight PX logo Gainsight PX is a platform for optimizing the customer experience and improving product analytics.

getAbstract   getAbstract logo getAbstract provides a library of 10 minute summaries of the top books and articles for business customers.

GetGuru   GetGuru logo GetGuru is a knowlegde sharing solution that sales and support teams use to get the information that they need no matter what application they are using.

GitBook   GitBook logo GitBook is an open-source tool for developers to create all their documentation.

GitHub Enterprise   GitHub Enterprise logo GitHub Enterprise is an on-premises version control repository and Internet hosting service that you use to deploy and manage the code in your own secure environment.

GitLab   GitLab logo GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool that provides increased efficiency, speed, and security, while reducing development costs. It uses an open-source license to provide wiki and issue-tracking capabilities, continuous integration and deployment pipeline features.

Glasscubes   Glasscubes logo Glasscubes is a cloud-based collaboration platform that is secure, accurate, and accessible from anywhere. You collaborate, by storing and sharing information outside of your organisation's firewall.

GlassFrog   GlassFrog logo GlassFrog is a cloud-based software tool that makes Holacracy transparent and accessible.

GoodData   GoodData logo GoodData provides business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics software solutions for cloud computing.

Google applications that are accessed through the Google Workspace entry
Google Workspace Google Workspace logo With Google Workspace, you manage your Google for Work account on the go. You can add and manage users and groups, contact support, and view audit logs for your organization. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Analytics Google Analytics logo With Google Analytics, you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Apps Admin Google Apps Admin logo With Google Apps Admin, you manage your Google Cloud account on-the-go. You can add and manage users and groups, contact support, and view audit logs for your organization. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Books Google Books logo Google Books is a service that you use to search the full text of books and magazines that are stored in the Google digital database. Google scans and converts these publications to text by using optical character recognition. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Calendar Google Calendar logo Google Calendar is a time-management web application and mobile app that was created by Google. You can use Google Calendar to stay organized with shared calendars, event reminders, and more. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Currents Google Currents logo Google Currents connects you with your colleagues while you are in the office or on the go. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Docs Google Docs logo With Google Docs, you can create and format the documents, and collaboratively edit documents with other people in real time from your computer, phone, or tablet. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Drive Google Drive logo Google Drive is a secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files, and more. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Finance Google Finance logo With Google Finance, you get real-time stock quotes and charts, financial news, currency conversions, or track your portfolio. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Forms Google Forms logo With Google Forms, you can plan events, make a survey or poll, give students a quiz, or collect other information in a streamlined way. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Groups Google Groups logo With Google Groups, you can create and participate in online forums and email-based groups for community conversations. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Hangouts Google Hangouts logo Google Hangouts is a communication platform that includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS, and VOIP features. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Keep Google Keep logo With Google keep, you capture, edit, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, from anywhere. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Maps Google Maps logo With Google Maps, you find local businesses, view maps, and get driving directions. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Photos Google Photos logo With Google Photos, you back up your photos safely. They are organized and labeled automatically so that you can find and share them. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Play Google Play logo With Google Play, you browse and download applications that are developed with the Android SDK and published through Google. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Sheets Google Sheets logo With Google Sheets, you create a new spreadsheet and edit it with others at the same time from your computer, phone, or tablet. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Sites Google Sites logo Google Sites is a structured wiki and web page-creation tool that you use to create and share web pages. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Slides Google Slides logo With Google Slides, you create a new presentation and edit it with others at the same time from your computer, phone, or tablet. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Translate Google Translate logo Google Translate is a multilingual, statistical machine translation service that you use to translate text, speech, images, or real-time video from one language into another. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Trends Google Trends logo Google Trends is a public web facility that you use to see how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume. The analysis is done across various regions of the world, and in various languages. This application supports user provisioning.

Google Videos Google Videos logo With Google Videos, you search and watch videos from across the web. This application supports user provisioning.

Gmail Gmail logo Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. With Gmail, you can store your emails safely in the cloud, and you access them from any computer or device with a web browser. You can also organize and find important email, add your professional signature to email you send, and read and draft email when you don’t have an Internet connection. This application supports user provisioning.

YouTube YouTube logo YouTube is used to watch videos and music, upload original content, and share it with friends, family, and the world. This application supports user provisioning.

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Greenhouse Software   Greenhouse Software logo Greenhouse Software is a recruiting optimization platform that you use to find the talent, conduct interviews, and gather feedback to make your hiring decisions.

Gremlin   Gremlin logo Gremlin provides the ability to test your systems by simulating real outages and failures. Gremlin has an ever-growing library of attacks simulations for Chaos Engineering.

Grovo   Grovo logo Grovo is a modern approach to workplace learning. Each self-paced lesson module accomplishes a single objective.

HackerOne   HackerOne logo HackerOne provides a platform that streamlines vulnerability coordination and bug bounty programs by enlisting hackers to improve your security.

HackerRank   HackerRank logo HackerRank is a platform for coding contests that you use to accelerate your technical recruiting process.

HappyFox   HappyFox logo HappyFox is an online help desk software and a web-based support ticket system that you use to create tickets, track your existing support requests, bring email, web, chat, and phone requests together.

Harness   Harness logo Harness automates your continuous delivery process. It provides enterprise-grade security for your entire process and uses machine learning to protect you when deployments fail.

Heap   Heap logo Heap is an analytics platform that helps product, marketing, and customer to succeed.

Helix TeamHub   Helix TeamHub logo Helix TeamHub is a code-hosting and collaboration platform that developers use to review code and track issues.

HelloSign   HelloSign logo HelloSign is an eSignature application to sign documents online from mobile or desktop devices with legally binding signatures.

HelpDocs   HelpDocs logo HelpDocs is a full-featured, knowledge-based software that is designed to enable users to reduce their support ticket volume and provide guidance to their customers.

Helpjuice   Helpjuice logo Helpjuice is a cloud-based knowledge management solution that can be used by companies to create and maintain knowledge bases.

Helpmonks   Helpmonks logo Helpmonks is a collaborative email platform for teams of any size.

Help Scout   Help Scout logo Help Scout is a personal email software. Users create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address so that they can work seamlessly across departments, or manage several products or brands from a single account.

Honey   Honey logo Honey is a web-based enterprise social network and online collaboration tool that connects global teams, share resources, enable team communications, and support employee workflows.

Honeybadger   Honeybadger logo Honeybadger is a exception and uptime monitoring solution that keeps your web applications error-free.

Hoshinplan   Hoshinplan logo Hoshinplan is a business management system that you use to set clear long-term and short-term goals, track performance, and share your strategies.

Hosted Graphite   Hosted Graphite logo Hosted Graphite is a monitoring solution that you use to measure, analyze, and visualize the data about your applications and back-end systems.

HubSpot   HubSpot logo HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and service software product that helps your business grow without compromise.

Huddle   Huddle logo Huddle is team collaboration and project management software that is used by both enterprise and government organizations. Use it to manage tasks, projects, and documents in a cloud workspace.

Humanity   Humanity logo Humanity is an online employee scheduling software that you use to manage shifts, schedules, payroll, and time clocking.

IBM Application Gateway   IBM Application Gateway logo The IBM Application Gateway (IAG) provides a containerized secure web reverse proxy that is designed to sit in front of your application. It seamlessly adds authentication and authorization protection to your application.

IBMid   IBMid logo An IBMid is a single ID that you use to log in to your IBM Cloud account to access and purchase infrastructure, services, and application.

IBM Security Verify: Developer Portal   IBM Security Verify Developer Portal logo The portal provides access for developers to use IBM Security Verify APIs to enable security for web and mobile applications.
IBM Cloud IBM Cloud logo IBM Cloud provides solutions that enable higher levels of compliance, security, and management. It uses proven architecture patterns and methods for rapid delivery for running mission-critical workloads.

IBM Cloud Private   IBM Cloud Private logo IBM Cloud Private is an application platform for developing and managing on-premises, containerized applications.

IBM Cognos Analytics   IBM Cognos Analytics logo IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a web-based integrated business intelligence suite. It provides a toolset for reporting, analyzing, scorecarding, and monitoring of events and metrics. This application supports Open ID Connect 1.0.

IBM applications that are accessed through the IBM Connections entry
IBM Connections   IBM Connections logo IBM Connections Cloud products provide access to integrated email, social collaboration software, and third-party applications, that are delivered either on premise or through IBM Cloud Marketplace.

IBM Verse   IBM Verse logo IBM Verse is an email-hosting solution that you use to access your business communications from a browser or from a mobile device.

IBM SmartCloud Notes Web   IBM SmartCloud Notes Web logo IBM SmartCloud Notes is a cloud-based email, calendar, contact management, and messaging service on the IBM Cloud. With Smart Cloud Notes, you can access these capabilities over the Internet with a web browser or with the IBM Notes client.

IBM Connections Notebook   IBM Connections Notebook logo IBM Connections Notebook stores private documents that you don't want to share with others, such as journal entries, meeting notes, or draft documents.

IBM Connections To Do   IBM Connections To Do logo With IBM Connections To Do, you track tasks that you need to accomplish. You create, assign, and organize your personal and group To-Do items.

IBM Connections Files   IBM Connections Files logo IBM Connections Files is a stand-alone file sharing and file management environment that you use to upload, organize, share, and collaborate on files.

IBM Connections Meetings   IBM Connections Meetings logo IBM Connections Meetings is a web meeting software-as-a-service in the IBM Cloud. Use it to run your meetings anytime and anywhere.

IBM Connections Activities   IBM Connections Activities logo IBM Connections Activities is available either as a stand-alone application or as a widget in communities. Use the activities to help your team interact in an online location where ideas about a project and project resources are created, collected, and shared.

IBM Connections Chat   IBM Connections Chat logo IBM Connections Chat is an instant messaging service on the IBM Cloud that you use to get quick and easy access to your colleagues.

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IBM Kenexa Talent Suite   IBM Kenexa Talent Suite logo IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite is a comprehensive hiring solution that you use to attract, hire, and onboard top talent by using an automated process that incorporates the latest mobile and enterprise-grade social technologies.

MaaS360® MaaS360 logo MaaS360 is a secure endpoint and mobile management platform that manages and secures all your mobile devices, applications, and content. This application supports user provisioning.

IBM Maximo Application Suite   IBM Maximo Application Suite logo IBM Maximo Application Suite is a single, integrated, cloud-based platform that uses AI, IOT, and analytics to optimize performance. Use it for intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance, computer vision, safety, reliability, and more.

IBM QRadar   IBM QRadar logo IBM QRadar is an enterprise-level security information and event management (SIEM) product that detects and prioritizes threats across the enterprise. It provides insights that enable quick responses to reduce the impact of incidents.

IBM Resilient   IBM Resilient logo IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) is the leading platform for orchestrating and automating incident response processes. It integrates quickly and easily with your organization's existing security and IT investments. It makes security alerts instantly actionable, provides valuable intelligence and incident context, and enables adaptive response to complex cyber threats.

IBM Security Verify   IBM Security Verify logo IBM Security Verify solution provides deep, AI-powered context for both consumer and workforce identity and access management (IAM).

IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault IBM Security IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault logo IBM Security IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault is an enterprise password management solution. Use it to securely store, organize, and manage privileged account information and passwords, certificates, and other valuable documents as well as control access through policy and auditing. This application supports user provisioning.

IBM Spectrum Control   IBM Spectrum Control logo IBM Spectrum Control provides a set of tools for managing storage capacity, availability, alerts, events, performance, and resources. It provides a single dashboard view of your storage environment to help you manage storage devices. It can reduce the complexity of managing a storage environment by centralizing, simplifying, and optimizing storage tasks that are associated with storage systems, storage networks, performance troubleshooting, and capacity management.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize   IBM Spectrum Virtualize logo IBM Spectrum Virtualize is a complete storage software family with AI-infused capability that changes the economics of storage on prem and for hybrid cloud.

IdeaScale   IdeaScale logo IdeaScale is a cloud-based innovation management software platform that organizations use to collect ideas by providing employees with a platform to vote. These ideas are then evaluated, routed, and implemented.

IDrive   IDrive logo IDrive specializes in cloud storage, online backup, and remote access.

Igloo Software   Igloo Software logo Igloo Software is a cloud intranet company that develops online communities. It is a collaboration platform that you use to communicate, collaborate, and work better.

Illumio   Illumio logo Illumio is an adaptive security platform that secures your computing platform in any environment without any dependency on the underlying network.

ImageRelay   ImageRelay logo ImageRelay is a digital asset management and brand management software that you use to securely upload, organize, monitor, manage, and distribute files of any size and format.

iMeet Central   iMeet Central logo iMeet Central is collaboration platform that connects people and information in the cloud. You use it to share files, combine knowledge, inspire ideas, and manage projects.

Informatica Cloud   Informatica Cloud logo Informatica Cloud delivers enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integration applications and platform for developing and deploying custom integration services to non-technical users over the web.

Inspired eLearning   Inspired eLearning logo Inspired eLearning provides custom-designed courses, learning management systems, and compliance training for your organization.

Interact   Interact logo Interact is an intelligent intranet software that you can use to communicate, collaborate, share knowledge. It streamlines internal processes regardless of location, job role, or department.

InVision   InVision logo InVision is a prototyping tool for designers to create interactive mockups. You can share and discuss these mockups with your team or clients.

iObeya   iObeya logo iObeya provides a platform for the visual management of your enterprise through virtual meeting rooms that can be accessed from any remote device.

iQualify LMS   iQualify LMS logo Use iQualify LMS to create courses that engage and allow students to access learning from any device at any time and receive assessments instantly.

IronWifi   IronWifi logo Use IronWifi to choose the region that processes your requests and stores your data.

iSpring Learn   iSpring Learn logo iSpring Learn is an online learning management system that is used to create and deliver corporate training online.

ITBoost   ITBoost logo ITBoost is a documentation system that enables technology companies to view real-time data. The data includes client feedback, password management features, as well as ticket, asset, and monitoring data from your external IT platforms. ITBoost supports SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

IT Glue   IT Glue logo IT Glue is an information techonology documentation platform that you use to standardize the documentation of your applications, devices, passwords, and all of your other IT assets.

ITRP   ITRP logo ITRP is an IT service management (ITSM) solution that tracks both end-to-end service level agreements (SLAs) and SLAs with external service providers.

Jama Software   Jama Software logo Jama Software is a product development platform that you use to build complex products and mission critical software systems.

jamf   jamf logo Jamf is a mobile device management system that is designed for IT professionals and small business teams to synchronize all their Apple mobile devices.

Jenkins   Jenkins logo Jenkins is an open source automation server that provides continuous integration and continuous delivery of projects, regardless of your platform.

JFrog Artifactory   JFrog Artifactory logo JFrog Artifactory is a repository manager that provides an end-to-end, automated solution for tracking artifacts from development to production.

JFrog Bintray   JFrog Bintray logo JFrog Bintray is an infrastructure that provides software management and distribution solutions for software developers.

JIRA   JIRA logo JIRA is a software development tool that provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions for agile teams.

Jitbit   Jitbit logo JitBit is a web-based, help desk solution that manages and tracks incoming support request emails and their associated tickets.

JobScore   JobScore logo JobScore is an applicant tracking system and social recruiting software that you use for applicant tracking, job posting, employee referrals, interview scheduling, reports, and eliminating resume spam.

Jostle   Jostle logo Jostle connects remote workers with the rest of their organization, no matter where they are working.

jTask Pulse   jTask Pulse logo jTask Pulse is a cloud-based change management software that you use to analyze the impact of changes, communicate with, and train your project stakeholders.

JupiterOne   JupiterOne logo JupiterOne is a cloud-native security and compliance platform that is built on a graph data model. It enables you to create and manage the entire security process. You create policies, manage compliance and certifications, and operate a secure cloud infrastructure while your company quickly grows and evolves.

Kanbanize   Kanbanize logo Kanbanize is a lean management platform that combines the principles of Lean and Kanban with portfolio management, flow analytics, and automated business rules.

Kanban Tool   Kanban Tool logo Kanban Tool is an online visual collaboration application that you use to share workflows and documents, and analyze and improve processes.

Kapost SAML   Kapost logo Kapost is a content-marketing software platform that you use to plan, execute, distribute, and analyze the content that delivers real business results.

Keeper   Keeper logo Keeper is a password management and digital vault software that you use to stores website passwords, financial information, and sensitive documents.

Kentik   Kentik logo Kentik leverages big data for network visibility, performance monitoring, DDoS protection, and real-time ad hoc analytics.

Kintaba   Kintaba logo Kintaba is an incident management system that enables teams and companies to quickly respond to and resolve major incidents.

kintone   Kintone logo Kintone is a social collaboration cloud service that provides a portal for communication, and management of data and business processes.

KiSSFLOW   KiSSFLOW logo KiSSFLOW is a business process workflow management software tool that you use to create, modify, and track automated business applications.

Klipfolio   Klipfolio logo Klipfolio is a business data platform that you use to build real-time business dashboards for monitoring the health and performance of your business.

Knack   Knack logo Knack is an online database software and web application builder that you use to build an online database for your web applications.

KnowBe4   KnowBe4 logo KnowBe4 is an integrated platform for security awareness training. With KnowBe4 you learn to manage the IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing, and ransomware attacks.

KnowledgeOwl   KnowledgeOwl logo KnowledgeOwl is a cloud-based knowledge management solution that you use to manage and share information in the form of online manuals, handbooks, portals, user guides, and software documents.

Kolide   Kolide logo Kolide is a security-first, infrastructure analytics company that provides an osquery SaaS platform for fast-growing technology companies.

Kudos   Kudos logo Kudos is an employee recognition system and private social network that you use for team communication, collaboration, appreciation, and rewards.

Lattice   Lattice logo Lattice is a performance management software that you use for setting performance expectations, performance evaluations, ongoing employee feedback, and manager-employee conversations.

LaunchDarkly   LaunchDarkly logo LaunchDarkly is a customer analytics platform that software teams use to eliminate risk in their software development and release planning cycles.

LDAP LDAP logo LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an open and cross platform protocol used for directory services authentication. LDAP servers are used to organize and look up enterprise objects and entities and are available from lot of different vendors such as IBM, Oracle etc. This application supports user provisioning. logo is a web-based learning management platform that provides a unified interface to create, deliver, and monitor training materials, and activity.

Lifesize   Lifesize logo Lifesize provides video, audio, and web conferencing solutions that you use to connect and collaborate with your team.

Lightstep   Lightstep logo Lightstep enables teams to detect and resolve regression issues quickly, regardless of system scale or complexity.

LiquidPlanner   LiquidPlanner logo LiquidPlanner is an online project management tool with time-tracking features. It estimates how long it takes their teams to complete projects and tasks, and provides tools for course corrections along the way.

Litmos   Litmos logo Litmos is an online learning management system that you use to create and distribute course content to learners on the web and on mobile platforms.

LiveChat   LiveChat logo LiveChat is an online customer service software that you use for online marketing, web analytics, and live support.

LogDNA   LogDNA logo LogDNA is a cloud log management software that aggregates, monitor, parse, graph, and analyze system and application logs from any platform at any volume.

Loggly   Loggly logo Loggly is a log management and network security platform that you use to monitor your information technology (IT) logs and potential threats to your IT infrastructure. You can manage multiple platforms with one Loggly account and view all the performance details on your user dashboard. logo provides a hosted ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) Stack, that you use to index, search, and visualize log data.

LogMeIn applications that are accessed through the LogMeIn entry
LogMeIn   LogMeIn logo LogMeIn is an online service that you use to control a host computer remotely. You can log in from any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer that is connected to the Internet, or from a Pocket PC mobile device. logo is a free online meeting and conferencing tool from LogMeIn that people who use different devices and are located in different places, can use to communicate with one another.

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LogMeIn applications that are accessed through the LogMeIn GoTo Apps entry
LogMeIn GoTo Apps   LogMeIn GoTo Apps logo The GoTo Suite is trusted to maximize productivity while delivering unified communications and collaboration solutions, for one low price.

GoToAssist   GoToAssist logo GoToAssist (Remote Support) offers IT support tools that you use to quickly and easily deliver remote support to desktops and mobile devices anywhere and at anytime.

GoToAssist Seeit   GoToAssist Seeit logo With GoToAssist Seeit, you create sessions to troubleshoot equipment anywhere by using its snapshots, photo management, session recording, camera streaming, and built-in audio capabilities.

GoToMeeting   GoToMeeting logo Citrix GoToMeeting HD video conferencing software makes it simple and cost-effective to hold online meetings with colleagues and customers.

OpenVoice   OpenVoice logo OpenVoice is an audio conferencing software that you use to join and schedule conference calls on the go.

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Lokad   Lokad logo Lokad is a big data analytics software and consulting solution that provides demand forecasting, and inventory optimization to retail and e-commerce businesses.

Lucidchart   Lucidchart logo Lucidchart is web-based diagramming software that you use to create flowcharts, organizational charts, website wireframes, UML designs, mind maps, software prototypes, and other types of diagrams.

MangoApps   MangoApps logo MangoApps is a suite of social collaboration applications that builds and supports employee, customer, and partner communities. The suite includes online collaboration, community building, social networking, and content management tools.

Frog Creek applications that are accessed through the Manuscript entry
Manuscript   Manuscript logo Manuscript is a project management software service which provides services for task management, time tracking, smart scheduling, crash reporting, document collaboration, scrum boards, and kanban boards.

Kiln   Kiln logo Kiln is source control management system. Kiln helps teams organize, track, and improve their code, by using tightly integrated code review, search, and other features.

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Mapbox   Mapbox logo Mapbox is an open-source mapping platform for custom designed maps.

Market Logic   Market Logic logo Market Logic is a cognitive insight platform that you use to organize researched data, extract and consolidate findings, tracking data, generate new insights, guide creative marketing, and innovative decisions.

Matomo   Matomo logo Matomo is a cloud learning management system (LMS). You use it to deliver offline learning, micro-learning, and micro-certifications for your employees, partners, and customers.

Mattermost Cloud   Mattermost Cloud logo Mattermost Cloud is an open source collaboration platform that provides a secure cloud environment for developers.

Microsoft applications that are accessed through the Microsoft 365 entry
Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 logo Microsoft 365 provides productivity software and related services. Microsoft 365 offers plans that include email and social networking services through hosted versions of Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, SharePoint, Office Online, and integration with Yammer. It also provides access to the Microsoft Office software. This application supports user provisioning.

Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 logo Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a service that integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with ERP transactional data and with Office 365 data. It gives sales people data intelligence about customer records in terms of customer transactions, customer behavior, and customer preferences. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Bookings Microsoft Bookings logo Microsoft Bookings provides online options for your customers to schedule appointments with your business. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Calendar Microsoft Calendar logo With Microsoft calendar, you view and manage all your appointments, events, and birthdays. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Delve Microsoft Delve logo With Microsoft Office Delve, Office 365 users search and manage their emails, meetings, contacts, social networks, and documents that are stored on OneDrive or sites in Office 365. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Excel Online Microsoft Excel Online logo With Microsoft Excel Online, you create, read, and edit Excel spreadsheets that are stored in the Microsoft cloud. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Flow Microsoft Flow logo Microsoft Flow is a service that you use to create automated workflows between your favorite applications and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more functions. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Office Online Admin Microsoft Office Online Admin logo With Microsoft Admin, you manage Office 365 from your phone or tablet. You receive notifications, add users, reset passwords, create support requests, and more functions. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft OneNote Microsoft OneNote logo Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that you use to take, share, and organize all your notes. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft People Microsoft People logo Microsoft People is a contact management application and address book. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Planner Microsoft Planner logo Microsoft Planner is a planning application that enables users and teams to create plans, assemble and assign tasks, share files, communicate and collaborate with other users, and receive progress updates. These actions are done through various means on the Office 365 platform. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft PowerApps Microsoft PowerApps logo Microsoft PowerApps is a service that you use to create, manage, and use custom business applications across platforms. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft PowerPoint Online Microsoft PowerPoint Online logo With Microsoft PowerPoint Online, you create, read, and edit PowerPoint presentations that are stored in the Microsoft cloud. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Security and Compliance Microsoft Security and Compliance logo With Microsoft Security and Compliance, you configure and manage the computers in your environment by using Group Policy and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft SharePoint Newsfeed Microsoft SharePoint Newsfeed logo With Microsoft SharePoint Newsfeed, you navigate your feeds and interact with the conversations from the SharePoint sites that you are following. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Tasks Microsoft Tasks logo Microsoft Task synchronizes with your Exchange Server mailbox to make your task list available when you are mobile. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams logo Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that you use to communicate and collaborate with others. This application supports user provisioning.

Microsoft Word Online Microsoft Word Online logo With Microsoft Word Online, you create, read, and edit Word and PDF documents that are stored in the Microsoft cloud. This application supports user provisioning.

Office Sway Office Sway logo With Microsoft Office Sway, you gather and format ideas and present them on an interactive web-based canvas. This application supports user provisioning.

OneDrive OneDrive logo OneDrive is a file-hosting service for users to synchronize files and later access them from a web browser or mobile device. This application supports user provisioning.

OneDrive for Business OneDrive for Business logo OneDrive for Business is a file-hosting service that provides place in the cloud where you can store, share, and synchronize your work files. This application supports user provisioning.

Outlook Outlook logo Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft that is available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. This application supports user provisioning.

Parature Parature logo Microsoft Parature is a cloud-based customer engagement solution that delivers consistent care anytime, anywhere through a powerful combination of knowledge management, self-service, and multi-channel engagement. This application supports user provisioning.

SharePoint Online SharePoint Online logo SharePoint Online is a browser-based collaboration, document management platform, and content management system from Microsoft. This application supports user provisioning.

Skype for Biz Skype for Biz logo With Skype for Business, you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device, with the security and control of Microsoft. This application supports user provisioning.

Yammer Yammer logo Yammer is an enterprise social networking service that is used for private communication within organizations. This application supports user provisioning.

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MindTickle   MindTickle logo MindTickle is a sales enablement platform for onboarding, product training, and coaching the sales teams and partners.

MindTouch   MindTouch logo MindTouch is knowledge management software that you use to increase support agent productivity, deflect support tickets, create self-service experiences, and lower support costs.

Mingle by Thoughtworks   Mingle logo Mingle is a web-based agile project management and collaboration tool that you can use to combine the workplace for the entire team, and keep them on top of growing business demands. It can be modified according to team, work, and project.

miniOrange   miniOrange logo miniOrange is a cloud and on-premises based identity and access management (IAM) solution provider. It provides network security products and solutions that connect enterprises to their customers and partners securely through single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), user provisioning, adaptive authentication, and social login.

Miro   Miro logo Miro is an online whiteboard that you use to organize your workflow, brainstorm, and manage your tasks.

Mist   Mist logo Mist Systems, a Juniper Company, provides wireless network with AI-driven WLAN. Mist makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable and measurable. It enables scalable indoor location services like wayfinding, proximity messaging, and asset visibility.

mixpanel   mixpanel logo Mixpanel is a business analytics service that you use to get insights across all your user-centric data to make decisions based on how customers use your product or website.

Mode   Mode logo Mode is a data analysis platform that data analysts use to query and visualize data.

Mojo Helpdesk   Mojo Helpdesk logo Mojo Helpdesk is ticket tracking software that provides great customer support. logo is a visual project management tool that you use to manage your projects, tasks, processes, and workflows.

Motivosity   Motivosity logo Motivosity is a cloud-based employee recognition solution, which assists small to large organizations with performance tracking and benchmarking. Key features include peer-to-peer social recognition, feedback collection, monetary reward and, gift card management.

Mozy   Mozy logo Mozy is a secure online backup service. It's a way to protect your data from hazards like file corruption, accidental deletion, and hardware failure.

Mulesoft   Mulesoft logo MuleSoft is an integration platform to connect applications, data, and APIs across on-premises and cloud computing environments.   Mural logo Mural is an online collaborative brainstorming tool that you use to generate, organize, and refine concepts and hypotheses.

MyTime   MyTime logo MyTime is a fully integrated solution for scheduling, payments, and customer engagement.

MyWebtimesheets   MyWebtimesheets logo MyWebtimesheets is an online timesheets submission and approval software that you use to capture the time that is worked on projects, tasks, and activities.

MyWorkDrive   MyWorkDrive logo MyWorkDrive uses your existing Windows File Server and Active Directory infrastructure to provide secure remote access to Windows file shares without using a VPN.

NetSuite   NetSuite logo NetSuite is a cloud business software suite that provides accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), professional services automation (PSA), and e-commerce capabilities.

New Relic   New Relic logo New Relic is a performance management solution, that developers use to diagnose and fix application performance problems in real time.

Nexonia   Nexonia logo Nexonia is a configurable cloud-based web and mobile expense report management solution. It provides flexible approval workflows, deep integration with your existing systems, enhanced visibility, and online training and support.

NexTravel   NexTravel logo NexTravel is a corporate travel management system that you use to book or cancel flights, hotels, and cars. Use it to manage employees travel, access travel discounts, and save travel profiles.

Nmbrs   Nmbrs logo Nmbrs is an HR-Payroll software that your HR department uses to manage your employees, contacts, teams, organizations, partners, vendors, and suppliers.

Notion   Notion logo Notion is the all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Nuclino   Nuclino logo Nuclino is a cloud-based team collaboration software that you use to organize and share knowledge.

OCTIV   OCTIV logo Octiv is a document generation and contract management platform that you use to create, share, sign, store, analyze, and manage documents in one location.

Okta   Okta logo Okta provides secure identity management and single sign-on to any application, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or on a mobile device.

OnDMARC   OnDMARC logo OnDMARC is an email security product that you use to secure your email domains against phishing attacks and hence, increase email deliverability.

OneCloud   OneCloud logo OneCloud integrates and automates cloud and on-premise applications while conforming to comprehensive enterprise architecture standards and strict IT security policies.

OneDesk   OneDesk logo OneDesk provides agile project management, budgeting, collaboration, issue tracking, learning and support, reporting, resource management, task management, and traditional project management functions for all sizes of businesses.

OneLogin   OneLogin logo OneLogin is an identity management platform in the cloud that offers secure single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

ONLYOFFICE   ONLYOFFICE logo ONLYOFFICE is a secure online office suite that is compatible with MS Office formats.

OnSign TV   OnSign TV logo Use OnSign TV enables to quickly detect failures and measure the performance of the digital signage network. It offers a Player Dashboard that gives a view of the network and provides detailed insight into individual players.

OpenDataSoft   OpenDataSoft logo OpenDataSoft is a SaaS platform for non-technical business users that you can use for data collection, transformation, and sharing structured data.

OpenDNS   OpenDNS logo OpenDNS is a DNS service that provides internet security and domain name system services to secure the networks for people who connect to the internet worldwide.

OpenID Connect for Open Banking   OpenID Connect for Open Banking logo Use OpenID Connect for Open Banking to configure IBM Security Verify as the OpenID provider for any third-party application that acts as an Open-Banking-compliant OpenID Connect relying party.
OpenText Core   OpenText Core logo OpenText Core is designed for cloud-based file sharing and collaboration.

OpsGenie   OpsGenie logo OpsGenie is an on-call management solution that provides reliable alerts, flexible schedule management, and escalations.

Oracle Database Oracle Database logo Oracle Database is an enterprise database management system marketed by Oracle Corporation. It is cross-platform and available in on-premises and cloud versions. This application supports user provisioning.

Orginio   Orginio logo Orginio is cloud-based charting software that you use to generate and maintain your organizational charts.

Outreach   Outreach logo Outreach is a sales engagement platform that accelerates revenue growth by optimizing every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle.

Pacific Timesheet   Pacific Timesheet logo Pacific Timesheet is a web based timesheet software product.

PagerDuty PagerDuty logo PagerDuty is an agile incident management platform that integrates with IT Operations and DevOps monitoring to improve operational reliability. It has an incidence response and alerting service that ensures that every member of your team stays informed regarding IT infrastructure status. This application supports user provisioning.

Panorama9   Panorama9 logo Panorama9 is a cloud-based information technology (IT) management platform that monitors and interprets your assets, IT availability, security vulnerabilities, and non-compliant systems.

Paperspace   Paperspace logo Paperspace is a cloud based platform that enables individuals, startups and enterprises use Paperspace to power a range of next-generation applications.

ParkMyCloud   ParkMyCloud logo ParkMyCloud is an enterprise SaaS application that you use to automatically schedule the start and stop times for your public cloud computing servers. It reduces your cloud costs when servers are idle or non-production.

Password Manager Pro   Password Manager Pro logo Password Manager Pro is a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents and digital identities of enterprises.

Peakon   Peakon logo Peakon is a people analytics platform for measuring and improving employee engagement.

PeopleHR   PeopleHR logo PeopleHR is web-based human resource (HR) software system for applicant and personnel tracking, and for performance review.

Perdoo   Perdoo logo Perdoo is the OKR platform used by ambitious organizations to execute strategy and drive 10x growth.

Perimeter 81   Perimeter 81 logo Perimeter 81 is an Israeli cloud and network security company. It develops secure remote networks, that are based on the zero trust architecture, for organizations.

Phrase   Phrase logo Phrase is a comprehensive and developer-friendly translation management solution that localizes websites or mobile applications.

Pigeonhole Live   Pigeonhole Live logo Pigeonhole Live is an interactive question and answer conference tool that is available through the web and on mobile devices.

Pingboard   Pingboard logo Pingboard is real-time organizational chart software that you use to build professional looking organizational charts.

Ping Identity   Ping Identity logo The Ping Identity platform provides cloud-based identity management software for companies and government organizations. They use it to connect their employees, partners, and customers to cloud, mobile, and on-premises applications.

Pipedrive   Pipedrive logo Pipedrive is a sales management tool that is designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes.

PlanMyleave   PlanMyleave logo Planmyleave is a cloud-based human resource (HR) and leave management system that tracks and manages employee absence, leave, paid time-off, overtime and shifts.

Planview LeanKit   Planview LeanKit logo Planview LeanKit is a visual project delivery tool that enables engineering teams across all levels of the organization to apply Lean management principles to their work.

Platform9   Platform9 logo Platform9 is an SaaS-managed, hybrid-cloud solution that you use to adopt cloud technologies and manage Kubernetes, serverless functions and VM either in the cloud or on-premise.

Podbean   Podbean logo Podbean is a podcast publishing solution that you use to host podcasts.

Postman   Postman logo Postman is an API client that is used to develop, test, share, and document APIs.

Precoro   Precoro logo Precoro is a cloud-based purchasing software product that streamlines the procurement processes for small and midsize businesses.

Prescreen   Prescreen logo Prescreen is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that you use to manage your entire recruiting process.

ProcessPlan   ProcessPlan logo ProcessPlan is a process, procedure, project, and workflow tool that automates and manages your daily operations.

ProdPad   ProdPad logo ProdPad is a product management and roadmapping software that product managers use to develop product strategy, build product roadmaps, and manage ideas.

productboard   productboard logo The productboard application is a product management system that helps teams to understand what users need, prioritize what to build next, and build product roadmaps.

ProjectToolBelt   ProjectToolBelt logo ProjectToolBelt is a project management software that you use to manage all your project information, tasks, subtasks, and files.

Promapp   Promapp logo Promapp is process management tool that you use to build, improve, and share process knowledge from a central, online repository. logo is a web application that designers, entrepreneurs, and product managers use to create realistic, interactive, and sharable prototypes of mobile applications.

Proxyclick   Proxyclick logo Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management solution that you use for visitor registration, instant pictures, badge printing, instant notifications, and reporting.

Pulumi   Pulumi logo Pulumi is a modern infrastructure as code platform. With it you can use familiar programming languages and tools to build, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructure.

PurelyHR   PurelyHR logo PurelyHR is an online human resource information system (HRIS) that you use to organize HR data in a structured manner.

Qstream   Qstream logo Qstream is a SaaS mobile software platform that manages and measures sales acceleration for enterprise companies in life sciences, technology, manufacturing, financial services and healthcare fields.

Qualified   Qualified logo Qualified partners with the world's leading technology and educational institutions to evaluate, educate, and certify software engineers at scale.

Quandora   Quandora logo Quandora is a question and answer platform that you use to capture, utilize, and communicate proprietary knowledge among distributed teams.

Qubole   Qubole logo Qubole delivers a self-service slatform for big data analytics. You use it to provision, manage, and scale big data analytics workloads by using data stored on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute, or Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Questetra   Questetra logo Questetra is a visualization tool that you use to design a flow of your business.

Quick Base   Quick Base logo Quick Base is a customer analytics platform that helps businesses measure and understand the entire customer experience.

QuickHelp   QuickHelp logo QuickHelp is an innovative and comprehensive end-user training solution for your enterprise.

Quip   Quip logo Quip is a collaborative productivity software suite that you use to create and edit documents and spreadsheets as a group.

reamaze   reamaze logo Reamaze is customer support software that you use to manage customer service conversations. Communication is in a shared inbox that uses various formats that include live chat, email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, X, SMS messages.

Rapid7   Rapid7 logo Rapid7 is a powerful, practitioner-first approach for comprehensive, operationalized risk, threat response, and results.

Receptive   Receptive logo Receptive is product demand intelligence software that enables companies to make data-driven product decisions by translating demand from customers, internal teams, and the market into actionable insights.

Recognize   Recognize logo Recognize is a social employee recognition platform. Use it to appreciate colleagues and staff with a specialized badge that shows associated skills, and a personalized message.

Redash   Redash logo Redash connects and queries your data sources. It builds dashboards to visualize data and shares them with your company.

Red Hat Ansible Tower   Red Hat Ansible Tower logo Red Hat Ansible Tower is an IT automation engine that automates cloud provisioning, configuration, deployment, and orchestration. It centralizes and controls your Ansible infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, job scheduling, and graphical inventory management.

Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console logo The Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console offers hosted products and services that help you build, deploy, and optimize workloads across the hybrid cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift Red Hat OpenShift logo Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments. This application supports user provisioning.

Reftab   Reftab logo Reftab is a software platform for managing fixed assets, reservations, and loans. It keeps track of assets, licenses, and accessories.

Remedyforce   Remedyforce logo Remedyforce is the cloud service management product of BMC Software and that is built on the platform. It provides a self-service portal for users.

Replicon   Replicon logo Replicon is a cloud-based time tracking and expense management software suite. It automates client billing, project-time costing, employee-time tracking, timesheets, resource scheduling, and expense tracking through different modular products.

Resource Guru   Resource Guru logo Resource Guru is cloud-based team scheduling software that is used to schedule people, equipment, and other resources online.

Retrace   Retrace logo Retrace is an application performance management (APM) tool that developers use to manage their logs, track errors, and improve application performance on test and production servers.

Rewatch   Rewatch logo Rewatch lets you securely save, search, and manage all your video content. Teams can collaborate faster and work better.

Roadmunk   Roadmunk logo Roadmunk is a roadmap application for product management and marketing teams. It manages product launch campaigns, and provides an array of advanced, flexible, and easy-to-use features.

Rollbar   Rollbar logo Rollbar is an error tracking software tool that you use for error alerts and for debugging.

RunMyProcess   RunMyProcess logo RunMyProcess delivers end-to-end digital systems that connect people, software, and things.

Runscope   Runscope logo Runscope is a set of API debugging and testing tools that you use for API performance testing, monitoring, and debugging.

SaaSLicense   SaaSLicense logo SaaSLicense is a dashboard-based tool that shows you how much your organization is spending on SaaS software.

Sage HR   Sage HR logo Sage HR is human resource (HR) management software for businesses. Use it to schedule employee shifts and to track employee absences and vacations.

Sage Intacct   Sage Intacct logo Sage Intacct is cloud-based accounting software for financial operations, financial reporting, and project accounting.

Salesforce applications that are accessed through the Salesforce entry
Salesforce Salesforce logo Salesforce offers applications for all aspects of your business, including customer relationship management (CRM), sales, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer service, marketing automation, business analytics, and mobile application building. This application supports user provisioning. logo is a business directory from that is unified in one location. You use it to access business contacts and company information for private and public companies. This application supports user provisioning.

Salesforce Chatter Salesforce Chatter logo Salesforce Chatter provides collaboration features and capabilities to any application that is built on the platform. This application supports user provisioning.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Salesforce Sales Cloud logo Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that you use for improving and streamlining all phases of sales from lead management to analytics and forecasting. This application supports user provisioning.

Salesforce Service Cloud Salesforce Service Cloud logo Salesforce Service Cloud integrates your customer service with social networks and provides a self-service customer portal and a knowledge base system. This application supports user provisioning.

* * * * * * * * * * *
SalesLoft   SalesLoft logo SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that offers services such as integration and tracking of emails, and calls, and providing high-level analytics.

Samanage   Samanage logo Samanage is a cloud-based IT service desk and asset management software. You use it to manage service tickets and company assets, and to respond to service requests in a timely manner.

Samepage   Samepage logo Samepage is a team collaboration software that you use to chat, hold video conferences, share files, manage tasks, and conduct real-time document collaboration with your team.

Sapling   Sapling logo Sapling AI messaging assistant improves business communication. It helps teams compose personalized responses communicate more efficiently and effectively with their clients.

SAP NetWeaver SAP NetWeaver logo SAP NetWeaver is a web-based, open integration, and application platform. You use it to integrate and align people, information, and business processes across business and technology boundaries.

Sauce Labs   Sauce Labs logo Sauce Labs is a cloud-based application testing platform that you use for both automated and manual testing of web and mobile applications.

ScreenSteps   ScreenSteps logo ScreenSteps is a web-based documentation service that you use to create user documentation, including articles, how-to guides and manuals. You can build a knowledge base for easy organization and maintenance.

Secret Server   Secret Server logo Secret Server is an enterprise password management solution. Use it to securely store, organize, and manage privileged account information and passwords, certificates, and other valuable documents as well as control access through policy and auditing.

SendSafely   SendSafely logo SendSafely is the end-to-end encryption platform for secure file exchange and confidential email.

Sentry   Sentry logo Sentry is an open source error tracking application that you use to monitor, respond to, and fix bugs and crashes in real time.

ServiceNow ServiceNow logo ServiceNow provides service management for every department in the enterprise. It includes IT, human resources, facilities, and field service. This application supports user provisioning.

ShiftPlanning   ShiftPlanning logo ShiftPlanning is employee scheduling software that you use to manage shifts, schedules, payroll, and time clocking. logo is an online compliance training platform.

Showpad   Showpad logo Showpad provides an intuitive sales enablement platform that makes content easy to find, present, share, and measure.

Shufflrr   Shufflrr logo Shufflrr is presentation management solution that you use to create, distribute, update, share, present, broadcast, and track files.

Sigma Computing   Sigma Computing logo Sigma Computing is a business intelligence and analytics solution built for use with a cloud data warehouse.

SignalFx   SignalFx logo SignalFx is a monitoring and analytics platform that you use to collect, store, visualize, analyze data. You receive alerts based on your specified metrics.

Signal Sciences   Signal Sciences logo Signal Sciences is a web application firewall that secures your web applications, APIs, and microservices by providing blocking decisions for OWASP Top 10 violations, ATO, and feature abuse.

SigOpt   SigOpt logo SigOpt is a standardized, scalable, enterprise-grade optimization platform, and API designed to unlock the potential of your modeling pipelines.

Skedda   Skedda logo Skedda is an online booking, reservation and scheduling system. Use it for rooms, courts, studios, and spaces at your venue.

Skeddly   Skeddly logo Skeddly is an automation toolbox for Amazon EC2 that you use to schedule and automatically manage your Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources.

Sketch   Sketch logo Sketch is a graphical editor that is used to design the UI and UX of mobile apps and websites.

Skilljar   Skilljar logo Skilljar is an online platform that provides courses that you use to educate your customers, vendors, and partners.

Skills Base   Skills Base logo With Skills Base you can build a robust data-driven skills platform. You can build teams and quickly assign qualified employees to the problems that your business or projects are facing.

SkyDesk applications that are accessed through the SkyDesk entry
SkyDesk   SkyDesk logo SkyDesk is a cloud service that offers a variety of collaboration tools to make communication within your team simple and efficient.

SkyDesk Docs   SkyDesk Docs logo SkyDesk Docs allows to create, store, share, collaborate, and manage all your business documents in the cloud.

SkyDesk Mail   SkyDesk Mail logo Business Email Hosting with rich web mail client, POP/IMAP access, integrated Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks apps.

SkyDesk Reports   SkyDesk Reports logo SkyDesk Reports is a tool that compiles data to create reports for analysis.

* * * * * * * * * * *
SkyPrep   SkyPrep logo SkyPrep is an online training software used for employee and customer training.

SKYSITE   SKYSITE logo SKYSITE is a document management software product that helps companies to track files and communications.

Slack Slack logo Slack is a team communication application for modern teams that provides services such as real-time messaging, archiving, and search. This application supports user provisioning.

Slemma   Slemma logo Slemma is a business analytics and data visualization application for users to explore data and share insights across the company.

Slido   Slido logo Slido is an audience interaction tool for meetings, events, and conferences. It helps companies and conference organizers to make interactive meetings and events.

Small Improvements   Small Improvements logo Small Improvements is a performance feedback solution for small to medium-sized companies that you use for performance reviews, goals, and continuous feedback.

SmarterU   SmarterU logo SmarterU LMS is an online learning management system with a combined course creation suite.

Smartlook   Smartlook logo Smartlook records user behaviors on your websites and mobile apps. You can quickly find useful information from thousands of recordings.

SnapEngage   SnapEngage logo SnapEngage is a live chat software that you use to deliver live help to your website visitors through a custom chat box.

Snowflake   Snowflake logo Snowflake is a data warehouse that is built for the cloud.

SoftLayer   SoftLayer logo IBM SoftLayer is a cloud infrastructure as a service that you use for networking, computing, storage, security, and application development.

Software AG Cloud   Software AG Cloud logo Software AG Cloud is an open and independent cloud platform. It is a one-stop shop for all things Software AG offers as a cloud service. You can create cloud data integration that connects cloud-based SaaS applications and on-premises ESB implementations.

SolarWinds DPM   SolarWinds DPM logo SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor is a SaaS-based database performance monitoring solution with big data analytics. Use it to visualize the health, performance, and availability of open-source and NoSQL databases.

SolarWinds Pingdom   SolarWinds Pingdom logo SolarWinds Pingdom provides monitoring for users, uptime, page speed, and provides synthetic monitoring of web applications from outside the firewall. Pingdom is part of the full-stack SolarWinds APM Suite, that includes AppOptics and Loggly.

Spotinst   Spotinst logo Spotinst is a workload management platform for data center management, cloud computing optimization, and DevOps.

Soonr Workplace   Soonr Workplace logo With Soonr Workplace, you securely access and share files with your team from any mobile device or desktop workplace.

Sorry   Sorry logo Sorry is a status page service that helps companies review, discuss their shortfalls and rebuild trust with their customers.

SourceClear   SourceClear logo SourceClear is a software composition analysis (SCA) solution that is designed for DevSecOps to build software using data science, and machine learning.

SparkPost   SparkPost logo SparkPost is a predictive email intelligence platform that helps brands predict and optimize email performance with high data visibility.

Split   Split logo Split is a feature experimentation platform that engineering and product teams use to make product decisions. It measures the impact of new features on their customer experience metrics.

Spoke   Spoke logo Spoke is a complete solution for internal support teams. It is designed to manage workplace requests in a smarter way through a ticketing system, knowledge management, and self-service powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.).

SpringCM   SpringCM logo SpringCM is a sales contract and document management solution that you use to automate your contract process. Use it to shorten sales cycles and speed up time-to-revenue, streamline your contracts and all business documents, and collaborate with legal and other business teams.

SproutVideo   SproutVideo logo SproutVideo is a video hosting platform for business that customizes, publishes, and tracks your videos online.

Squadcast   Squadcast logo Squadcast is a cloud-based software product that is designed for site reliability engineering (SRE), incident management, and on-call scheduling capabilities.

SSOGEN   SSOGEN logo SSOGEN is a web SSO Software as a Service (SaaS) security solution that protects both internal and cloud-based applications.

Statusbrew   Statusbrew logo Statusbrew is a marketing platform that enables you to connect with your target audiences across multiple social media platforms.

StatusCast   StatusCast logo StatusCast is a unified, communication, and cloud-based platform with a powerful application status page that allows IT to communicate status and scheduled maintenance messages to its end.

Status Dashboard   Status Dashboard logo Status Dashboard is a communications platform for securely hosting status dashboards and broadcasting incident notifications to customers.

Status Hero   Status Hero logo Status Hero is a work communication tool. It turns agile-style check-ins and project management data into concise, insightful reports.

StatusHub   StatusHub logo StatusHub is a hosted service that customers use to set up their own service status pages.

StatusPage   StatusPage logo With StatusPage, you create status pages for your network, app, web service, SaaS, or developer API.

Stoplight   Stoplight logo Stoplight is a collaborative API design platform that integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows. It enables stakeholders who are working with APIs to be more productive.

StoriesOnBoard   StoriesOnBoard logo StoriesOnBoard is a user story mapping tool for agile product management that helps create a user-centered product.

SugarCRM   SugarCRM logo SugarCRM is open source customer relationship management (CRM) software that businesses use to create customer relationships.

Sumo Logic   Sumo Logic logo Sumo Logic is a log management and analytics service that collects, manages, and analyzes all of your data.

Sunlight   Sunlight logo Sunlight is a software technology that you use to grow the learning culture of your company. It enables your employees to access courses, books or events worldwide.

Supermood   Supermood logo Supermood is an employee engagement platform that you can use to collect and analyze feedback, and to make HR decisions.

Syncplicity   Syncplicity logo Syncplicity is a flexible, scalable, and secure way to share and synchronize files for any size business.

Synerion   Synerion logo Synerion is a workforce management (WFM) software that organizations use to plan and manage employee performance, and to optimize business processes.

Sysdig Monitor   Sysdig Monitor logo Sysdig Monitor is a cloud-based monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerting suite offering deep, process-level visibility into dynamic, distributed production environments. Sysdig Monitor captures, correlates, and visualizes full-stack data, and provides dashboards for monitoring.

Sysdig Secure   Sysdig Secure logo Sysdig Secure is part of Sysdig’s container intelligence platform. Sysdig Secure takes a services-aware approach to protect workloads while bringing deep cloud and container visibility, posture management (compliance, benchmarks, CIEM), vulnerability scanning, forensics and threat detection and blocking.

Tableau   Tableau logo Tableau is a business intelligence tool that you use to create and distribute interactive and shareable dashboards. These dashboards depict the trends, variations, and density of the data in graphs and charts.

TalentLMS   TalentLMS logo TalentLMS is a cloud learning management system (LMS) that you use to deliver offline learning, micro-learning, and micro-certifications for your employees, partners, and customers.

talkspirit   talkspirit logo talkspirit is an enterprise social network platform for your company's workplace that Teams use it to communicate, collaborate, and connect with each other.

Tanda   Tanda logo Tanda is a workforce platform that you can use to manage timesheets, payroll, and other employee needs.

Targetprocess   Targetprocess logo Targetprocess is an agile project management software that you use to reduce the complexity of software project management. It visualizes the workflows and streamlines the collaboration process.

Teamphoria   Teamphoria logo Teamphoria is the employee engagement solution.

Teamwork   Teamwork logo Use Teamwork project management software to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Teem   Teem logo Teem is a cloud-based meeting room management and analytics solution that you use to improve the utilization and management of meeting spaces.

Terminus   Terminus logo Terminus is an all-in-one UTM builder software and link management platform. It has the ability to handle complex UTM (Google) and CID (Adobe) requirements. With Terminus, you can replace your UTM spreadsheet and standardize your UTM naming conventions.

Terraform Cloud   Terraform Cloud logo Terraform Cloud is HashiCorp’s managed service offering that manages Terraform runs. It eliminates the need for unnecessary tools and documentation to use Terraform in production.

Testable   Testable logo Testable is a web platform that you use to create, run, and share behavioral experiments.

TestFairy   TestFairy logo TestFairy is a mobile testing platform for developers to test mobile applications. It provides application distribution, logs, user feedback, video recording, crash reports, bug tracking, and community page services.

TestingBot   TestingBot logo TestingBot provides cloud-based platforms for automated testing of web and mobile applications.

TextExpander   TextExpander logo Use TextExpander to instantly search and insert snippets of text from a repository of emails, boilerplate, and other content, as you type.

TextMagic   TextMagic logo TextMagic is a business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations, and SMS marketing campaigns.

Thomsons Online Benefits   Thomsons Online Benefits logo Thomsons Online Benefits is global benefits management and employee engagement software that you use to manage reward, workplace pension, and employee benefit programs.

ThousandEyes   ThousandEyes logo ThousandEyes is network monitoring software that tracks any application across the internet to find loss, latency, bandwidth, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Domain Name Server (DNS) or page load problems.

TimeLive   TimeLive logo TimeLive is a web-based timesheet management tool that provides timesheet control and project management for workgroups.

Tines   Tines logo Use Tines to easily automate repetitive processes and to connect your digital workflows effortlessly.

Tinfoil Security   Tinfoil Security logo Tinfoil Security is a service that you use to scan your website for vulnerabilities and fix them.

Toggl Track   Toggl Track logo Toggl Track is software that tracks time for individuals and businesses.

TOPdesk   TOPdesk logo TOPdesk is service management solution that you use to keep track of your department's tasks, progress, and equipment.

TrackVia   TrackVia logo TrackVia is a low-code and mobile workflow software that is designed to help companies streamline their critical operational processes.

Tradeshift   Tradeshift logo Tradeshift is a web-based procurement and invoicing platform that helps businesses connect with their suppliers and partners. It provides the ability to share and approve documents electronically

Trumba   Trumba logo Trumba is a web-hosted event calendar software that you use to publish events online in an interactive format.

Twilio Flex   Twilio Flex logo Twilio Flex is a cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice, and Messaging applications.

Ubersmith   Ubersmith logo Ubersmith is a subscription business management software. Its features include usage-based billing, price quoting, order management, infrastructure management, and help desk ticketing.

Unifi   Unifi logo Unifi is a single-source, cloud platform that you use to create, organize, access, and manage your digital building content.

Upsales   Upsales logo Upsales CRM helps companies to generate more leads drive an effective sales process. It can also help you develop upselling opportunities from existing clients.

Upshotly   Upshotly logo Upshotly is a performance management software product that enables leaders to build a high-performance culture in their company.

Uptime   Uptime logo Uptime provides an intuitive monitoring solution for domains with incident reporting.

Uptrends   Uptrends logo Uptrends is a monitoring tool to stay in control of the uptime, performance, and functionality of websites, APIs, and servers.

UserEcho   UserEcho logo UserEcho is an online customer support software product. It enables you to create and manage a helpdesk, an ideas forum, livechat, and a knowledge base in one place to support your customers.

UserVoice   UserVoice logo UserVoice is a help desk solution that you use to handle support requests, and to gather and analyze product feedback.

Ustream   Ustream logo Ustream is the live interactive video broadcast platform that you use to broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size.

Valimail   Valimail logo Valimail is a fully automated cybersecurity solution. It blocks phishing emails, protects against business email compromise, and is your complete secure email gateway.

Velpic   Velpic logo Velpic is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that you use to manage, create, distribute, and report on training.

Verkada   Verkada logo A cloud-based building security systems developer. Verkada builds physical security solutions that integrate seamlessly behind a single, cloud-based software platform.

VersionOne   VersionOne logo VersionOne is an agile management solution that you use for managing and tracking various projects, tasks, and teams.

VictorOps   VictorOps logo VictorOps is a platform that monitors, issues alerts, and helps you manage incidents in real time. It provides collaboration tools that you use with team members for incident creation, escalation, notification, and remediation of incidents.

VIDIZMO   VIDIZMO logo VIDIZMO offers live and on-demand video streaming solutions for enterprise, government, education and healthcare industries.

Visitly   Visitly logo Visitly provides technologically advanced visitor management capabliities for businesses of all sizes.

Visual Paradigm   Visual Paradigm logo Visual Paradigm is tool for collaborative diagramming, user story mapping, customer journey mapping, and task management.

Vtiger   Vtiger logo Vtiger is an online customer relationship management software that enables sales, help desk, and marketing to organize and collaborate to improve business and customer service.

Wandera   Wandera logo Wandera is a security and privacy manager for businesses. Through its application and mobile gateway products, it helps to protect corporate devices and the data that they contain.

Way We Do   Way We Do logo Way We Do, is a cloud-based standard operating procedures software. It helps businesses and organizations to create and actively use an operations manual.

Wdesk   Wdesk logo Wdesk is a cloud-based compliance reporting and management solution for midsize and large companies. This suite offers team management, project management, data management, collaboration, and data-integration capabilities.

WebEx Cisco   WebEx logo Cisco WebEx is a web conferencing application that you use to host online meetings, webinars, training sessions, to provide remote support.

Webex Meetings   Webex Meetings logo Cisco Webex Meetings is a web conferencing application that you use to host online meetings, webinars, training sessions,to provide remote support.

Webex Teams Webex Teams logo Webex Teams is a team messaging, video calling and interactive drawing application. This application supports user provisioning.

webMethods AgileApps Cloud   webMethods AgileApps Cloud logo webMethods AgileApps Cloud is a business process and application platform that lets you quickly create process-driven, situational, case management applications.

Weekdone   Weekdone logo Weekdone offers a management dashboard and a team management service to gain insight into your team, and to improve team collaboration and focus.

When I Work   When I Work logo When I Work is an employee scheduling and time clock software product.

Whimsical   Whimsical logo Whimsical is a collaborative visual workspace for teams. Use it to create flowcharts, diagrams, virtual sticky notes, and more.

WhosOnLocation   WhosOnLocation logo WhosOnLocation is a cloud-based solution that you use to securely manage the people who sign in to and out of your organization.

Wootric   Wootric logo Wootric is a modern experience management software product. It provides a quick real-time, accurate measurements of customer sentiment.

Workato   Workato logo Workato is an enterprise integration platform to integrate and automate your tasks across on-premises, cloud applications, and databases.

Workboard   Workboard logo Workboard helps leaders clarify goals, align teams, and execute for results.

Workday   Workday logo Workday offers enterprise-level software solutions for human resource and financial management.

Workpath   Workpath logo Workpath provides goal and performance management solutions for organizations. It connects the strategic plan with the employee's daily work and communications.

workplace   workplace logo Workplace is a collaborative platform that you use to connect, communicate, and collaborate with colleagues.

Workteam   Workteam logo Workteam is a software for managing employee time and attendance. It tracks employee time-off and provides configurable time-off policies, and intuitive timesheets.

Wrike   Wrike logo Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility, control over your tasks, sets priorities, and aligns your team to work faster.

Xi Frame   Xi Frame logo Xi Frame runs Windows apps on any device, from any location. With this software, you can create virtual workspaces for your teams, customers, and partners.

xMatters   xMatters logo xMatters is an alert and communication platform that you use to improve IT, DevOps, and incident management processes.

XperienceHR   XperienceHR logo XperienceHR is a human resources software product for global companies that enables a modern interaction between the leaders and their people. It provides real-time views and runs reports.

Ybug   Ybug logo Ybug is a fully-featured bug software product that is designed for Windows systems to serve enterprises, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This online bug system offers filtering, issue tracking, task management, and ticket management.

Yodeck   Yodeck logo Yodeck is a cloud based, SaaS Digital Signage platform that you use with any device to design, schedule, and manage your monitors from the web.

Zabbix   Zabbix logo Zabbix is an open source monitoring solution for network and application monitoring. It provides monitoring metrics for network utilization, CPU load, and disk space consumption, and more.

Zendesk Zendesk logo Zendesk is a web-based help desk support tool that provides customer support. It provides customer service by email, social media, voice, and mobile phone with full data-reporting. This application supports user provisioning.

Zenduty   Zenduty logo Zenduty is an incident and alert management plaform. It provides end-to-end incident alerting, on-call management, and response orchestration to add reliability into your production operations.

Zepl   Zepl logo Zepl is a secure analytics platform that employs datascience and machine learning in its analysis. It provides an easy-to-use notebook format that your team can use to analyze any cloud data warehouse.

Zercurity   Zercurity logo Zercurity provides a uniform solution that combines many cybersecurity disciplines into one platform. Zercurity can investigate any part of your infrastructure and user behaviour.

Zestful   Zestful logo Zestful is a platform that organizations use to keep teams engaged and to reward them.

Ziflow   Ziflow logo Ziflow is an online proofreading tool for marketers that simplifies the review and approval process for creative content.

Zinc   Zinc logo Zinc is a mobile, secure communication platform for the enterprise that you use to connect employees in the field and office.

Zingtree Agent   Zingtree Agent logo Zingtree is a platform for building and publishing interactive decision trees. You create scripts for employees to use in contact centers that support medical, insurance, government, sales, and a myriad of other industries. A Zingree agent is a person who uses the tree. By using this SSO application, a Zingtree agent can view a selected tree.

Zingtree Author   Zingtree Author logo Zingtree is a platform for building and publishing interactive decision trees. You create scripts for employees to use in contact centers that support medical, insurance, government, sales, and a myriad of other industries. A Zingree Author is a person who builds the tree. By using this SSO application, a Zingtree author can edit a selected tree.

Zoho applications that are accessed through the Zoho entry
Zoho   Zoho logo Zoho offers a suite of business, collaboration, and productivity applications.

ServiceDesk Plus   ServiceDesk Plus logo ServiceDesk Plus is an information technology (IT) help desk software that you use to track and manage IT tickets, resolve issues faster, and ensure end-user satisfaction.

Site24x7   Site24x7 logo Site24x7 is a monitoring solution that monitors the performance and availability of websites from multiple locations globally. It sends instantaneous alerts about their downtime.

Zoho Assist   Zoho Assist logo Zoho Assist is a remote support and remote access software that you use to support remote customers and manage unattended computers.

Zoho Books   Zoho Books logo Zoho Books is an online accounting software that is designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow.

Zoho Bugtracker   Zoho Bugtracker logo Zoho Bug Tracker is an online web-based bug tracking and issue management software that you use to structure and organize how issues or bugs are handled.

Zoho Calendar   Zoho Calendar logo Zoho Calendar is an online web-based calendar application that you use to schedule, manage and track your appointment, meetings, birthdays, and other important dates. With it, you also collaborate, share, and publish your daily activities.

Zoho Campaigns   Zoho Campaigns logo Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software for small to large businesses to automate the entire marketing process.

Zoho Chat   Zoho Chat logo Zoho Chat is a secure and scalable real-time communication and collaboration platform that teams use to improve productivity.

Zoho Checkout   Zoho Checkout logo With Zoho Checkout, you use customizable checkout pages to accept one-time and recurring payments online.

Zoho Connect   Zoho Connect logo Zoho Connect is an enterprise social networking tool for employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely.

Zoho ContactManager   Zoho ContactManager logo Zoho Contact Manager is online contact management software that you use to organize contacts, schedule tasks and manage deals.

Zoho Creator   Zoho Creator logo Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that you use to launch custom, mobile-ready applications for your business needs.

Zoho CRM   Zoho CRM logo Zoho CRM is on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for managing customer relations.

Zoho Desk   Zoho Desk logo Zoho Desk is a web-based customer service application that your company uses to build stronger relationships with customers.

Zoho Docs   Zoho Docs logo Zoho Docs is an online document management application for individuals and businesses.

Zoho Expense   Zoho Expense logo Zoho Expense is an online, expense-reporting software that you use to automate your business and travel expense management.

Zoho Forms   Zoho Forms logo Zoho Forms is a web form builder that you use to build and share online forms, collect useful data, and complete workflows.

Zoho Inventory   Zoho Inventory logo Zoho Inventory is inventory control and order management software that you use to manage your inventory, sales, and purchase orders, and shipments more functions.

Zoho Invoice   Zoho Invoice logo Zoho Invoice is web-based invoicing software that you use to track time, invoice customers, capture, and rebill expenses.

Zoho Mail   Zoho Mail logo Zoho Mail is an email-hosting service that is built with the needs of a modern business in mind.

Zoho MDM   Zoho MDM logo Zoho Mobile device management (MDM) is an Enterprise IT Management Software that you use to manage mobile devices from central location.

Zoho Meeting   Zoho Meeting logo Zoho Meeting is an online meeting tool that you use as a remote assistance tool and to organize web conferences.

Zoho Motivator   Zoho Motivator logo Zoho Motivator is insight-driven software that is designed to maximize revenue and drive the engagement of the sales team.

Zoho Notebook   Zoho Notebook logo Zoho Notebook is a note-taking app that you use to take notes, create checklists, record audio, and capture moments.

Zoho People   Zoho People logo Zoho People is an online Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that you use to maintain employee information, ensure process consistency, and automate the HR process.

Zoho Projects   Zoho Projects logo Zoho Projects is an online web-based project planning and collaboration management software tool that helps get your projects done.

Zoho Recruit   Zoho Recruit logo Zoho Recruit is an online applicant tracking system and recruitment software that staffing agencies and corporate HRs use to hire better candidates.

Zoho Reports   Zoho Reports logo Zoho Reports is an online reporting and business intelligence service that you use to track key business metrics, spot trends, and to collaborate with colleagues to arrive at informed business decisions.

Zoho SalesIQ   Zoho SalesIQ logo Zoho SalesIQ is website visitor tracking and live chat software for small to large organizations that you use to improve customer engagement on your site and to identify sales opportunities.

Zoho Sheet   Zoho Sheet logo Zoho Sheet is an application that you use to create, edit, and share spreadsheets online.

Zoho Show   Zoho Show logo Zoho Show is an online presentation tool that you use to create presentations and to access them from anywhere by using a browser and an internet connection.

Zoho ShowTime   Zoho ShowTime logo Zoho ShowTime is an online tool that engages learners, gives session insights, and provides a digital profile for the trainer.

Zoho Sites   Zoho Sites logo Zoho Sites is a website builder that you use to build websites that can be customized.

Zoho Social   Zoho Social logo Zoho Social is a social media management tool that helps growing businesses reach and engage their audiences.

Zoho Subscriptions   Zoho Subscriptions logo Zoho Subscriptions is a recurring billing and subscription management software product that manages the customer lifecycle, from accepting recurring payments to handling customer subscriptions.

Zoho Support   Zoho Support logo Zoho Support is an online, web-based, help-desk software that you use to keep your customer support operation organized and efficient.

Zoho Survey   Zoho Survey logo Zoho Survey is an online survey creation tool that you use to collect data for customer satisfaction and customer feedback. Its primary feature is the ability to create number of customized surveys.

Zoho Vault   Zoho Vault logo Zoho Vault is an online password management software that you use to securely store, share, and manage passwords and other sensitive data.

Zoho Wiki   Zoho Wiki logo Zoho wiki is an online team collaboration platform that you use to create group workspaces and to share knowledge.

Zoho Writer   Zoho Writer logo Zoho Writer is an online editing tool that you use to create, edit, share, and collaborate on your documents anytime, anywhere.

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Zoom Zoom logo Zoom is a communication platform that provides video and audio conferencing, messaging, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. This application supports user provisioning.

Zscaler Private Access Zscaler Private Access logo With ZPA (Zscaler Private Access) organizations can provide access to internal applications and services, while ensuring the security of their networks. This application supports user provisioning.

Zscaler Private Access Admin   Zscaler Private Access Admin logo With ZPA (Zscaler Private Access) Admin organizations can provide access to internal applications and services, while ensuring the security of their networks.

ZScaler ZScaler logo ZScaler is a global cloud-based information security company that provides internet security, web security, next-generation firewalls, sandboxing, SSL inspection, antivirus,and vulnerability management. It also provides granular control of user activity in cloud computing, mobile, and Internet of Things (IOT) environments. This application supports user provisioning.

ZScaler Admin Login   ZScaler Admin logo ZScaler is a global cloud-based information security company that provides internet security, web security, next-generation firewalls, sandboxing, SSL inspection, antivirus, and vulnerability management. It also provides granular control of user activity in cloud computing, mobile, and Internet of Things (IOT) environments.

Zuora   Zuora logo Zuora is a cloud-based subscription management system that you use to manage recurring monthly bills, customer acquisition and retention, and increasing cash flow.