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Describes how to download IBM® Workload Scheduler using the Passport Advantage® Online website.

Download Description

IBM Workload Automation is a set of products provided by IBM to automate all workload management tasks. IBM Workload Scheduler is the base product (engine) that helps you automate, plan, and control every phase of your workload production.

If you buy the license for IBM Workload Scheduler, you are also entitled to use the IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS Agent. You can find all the information related to the IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS Agent in this Download document.

In order to be entitled to use the access methods and plug-ins, you must have purchased at least one of the following offerings: IBM Workload Scheduler, IBM Workload Scheduler for Applications, or IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS agent.

IBM Workload Scheduler is fully functional using its built-in commands. However, you can also use the Dynamic Workload Console graphical user interface to perform all of the product functions:


Dynamic Workload Console  Install this to perform scheduling object database management, plan management, workload monitoring, event management operations, and the running of reports.

You can also use the console to operate IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS.

Download it from this page, or from its own Download document, from which you can also access information about its Detailed System Requirements and its Release Notes.


Supported operating systems for IBM Workload Scheduler

For a complete list of supported operating systems, perform the following actions to produce a dynamic report:

  1. Go to the Software Product Compatibility Reports web page:
  2. Use the Operating systems default selection, and click Create a report to create a high-level report.
  3. On the page Operating systems for a specific product, type IBM Workload Scheduler in the Full or partial product name field  and click the Search product icon.
  4. Select IBM Workload Scheduler from the search results.
  5. In Version, select 10.1.0 from the drop-down list, and click Submit to run the report.

You can also use Software Product Compatibility Reports to view the following information about IBM Workload Scheduler:

  • Operating systems
  • Prerequisites
  • Hypervisors
  • Translations
  • System requirements
  • Hardware requirements
  • End of service

System Requirements

For a complete list of system requirements, see the Detailed System Requirements.


Downloading and assembling the product

The electronic images (eImages) to download are described by platform in the tabbed sections of this document. Download them as follows:

  1. You can choose to download the eAssembly eImage for the platform, which contains the eImages for all of the components for that platform, or just the specific component eImage or eImages that you require. In either case, make a note of the eImage part numbers that you require and go to Passport Advantage Online. Use the part numbers in Passport Advantage to find each eImage and download it.

    On UNIX operating systems, you might have to set the ulimit parameter to unlimited if the eImage you want to download is larger than 1 GB.

  2. Unpack each of the eImages into the same temporary directory on your system.  

  3. Follow the detailed instructions in the Planning and Installation Guide to install the IBM Workload Scheduler components.      

eImage name Part number Description
IBM Workload Scheduler V10.1 for IBM i eAssembly, Multilingual G05HYML Contains all of the available download eImages for the operating system. See below for detailed contents.
IBM Workload Scheduler V10.1 Quick Start Guide, Multiplatform, Multilingual M051RML Contains the Quick Start Guide available in PDF format, in English, and French, multilingual.
IBM Workload Scheduler V10.1 Agent for IBM i, Multilingual M05NRML Contains the installation files for the IBM Workload Scheduler limited fault-tolerant agent and dynamic agent.
IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS V10.1 Agent and Workload Scheduler for Applications, Multiplatform, Multilingual, eAssembly G05J3ML Contains all of the available download eImages for the platform.
IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS V10.1 Agent for IBM i, Multilingual M05P4ML Contains the installation files for the IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS V10.1 Agent.

Product publications

To access the online product documentation, see IBM Workload Automation in IBM Documentation.

Release Notes

The online Release Notes contain the following topics:

  • Interoperability tables
  • Installation limitations and problems, and their workarounds
  • Upgrade notes
  • Software limitations and workarounds
  • Globalization notes
  • APARS fixed in this release
  • Documentation updates

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