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Detailed system requirements for IBM Workload Scheduler, version 10.1.0

Detailed System Requirements


This document details the system requirements for IBM® Workload Scheduler, version 10.1.0.


This document provides details of the system requirements for all IBM Workload Scheduler components on all supported operating systems.

The topics included are:

To download the IBM Workload Scheduler electronic images go to the IBM Workload Scheduler download page.

To view the IBM Workload Scheduler Release Notes, go to the Release Notes page.

To view the IBM Dynamic Workload Console, go to the Dynamic Workload Console System Requirements page.

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To view the AI Data Advisor (AIDA) detailed system requirements, go to AI Data Advisor Detailed System Requirements.

To access the IBM Workload Scheduler documentation, see the online IBM Documentation.

Supported operating systems for the engine

To obtain the latest information about the required versions for each supported operating system, run the related report: 

On IBM i systems, JDK V1.8 must be installed in the /QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/JavaVM/jdk11/64bit directory.

The following libraries are required on Linux:

Starting from version 9.5, Fix Pack 2 the following library is required on Linux s390x:
  • GLIBCXX_3.4 
The presence of the above libraries on the local system is not verified when scanning system prerequisites at installation and upgrade time, so you should install the required libraries if you plan to use the extended agent for MVS.

On AIX OS version, ensure you have installed APAR IJ30808. For more information, see IJ30808.

On AIX systems, you must install the following system library: XL C++ Runtime or later.

Software requirements

This section contains the following sub-sections:

Software requirements for IBM Workload Scheduler

To obtain the latest information about the following requirements, run the Software Requirements report, browse to the Prerequisites tab and select the relevant section:

  • Application Servers
  • Databases
  • Java
  • Web Browsers


Bundled DB2
IBM Workload Scheduler is supplied with a version of the DB2 server for the supported operating systems. This version can be installed by you separately before the product installation.

Note:The bundled version of DB2 is provided solely for use with IBM Workload Scheduler (see the product license for details).

Non-Bundled DB2
If you are using a supported version of DB2 for which you have purchased a license (a non-bundled DB2), then IBM Workload Scheduler will support it provided that the product edition is the same as the Bundled DB2 product edition or is a product edition with higher entitlements.
Remaining supported databases
The software for supported databases other than DB2 is not supplied with IBM Workload Scheduler: use your own version of the database software.


To obtain the latest information about plug-ins, see Automation Hub.


You must have access to the psjoa.jar file located in the ps_home\class directory of the indicated version.


You must have one of the following installed, configured, and working: SAP version 7.00, 7.01, 7.02, 7.10, 7.11, 7.20, 7.30, 7.31, 7.40, 7.50, or 7.50 S/4HANA.

To understand if a SAP system is compatible with IBM Workload Scheduler, check if your system exposes the following interfaces:
  • BC-XBP 6.10 (V2.0) - Background Processing
  • BC-XBP 7.00 (V3.0) - Background Processing
  • BW-SCH 3.0 - Business Information Warehouse
  • BW4-SCH - Business Information Warehouse for SAP BW/4HANA
If the above interfaces are exposed, IBM Workload Scheduler supports the SAP system.

SAP Access Method Requirements

To have the SAP access method work correctly, ensure that you have installed the SAP NetWeaver RFC Library. At least SDK 7.50 is required. You must download these libraries from the SAP Service Marketplace (visit and copy them to the following directory:

  • UNIX operating systems: <TWA_DATA_DIR>/methods
  • Windows operating systems: <TWA_home>\methods
For details about installation, support, and availability of the SAP NetWeaver RFC Library 7.50, refer to the SAP note 2573790.
Furthermore, for HP-UX 11.31 IA64 64bit you need to install the latest aC++ Runtime and Gold Patch bundle as below:
PHSS_37042 11.31 hppac
PHSS_43740 Integrity Unwind Library
PHSS_43741 aC++ Runtime (IA: A.06.28)
PHSS_43743 linker + fdp cumulative patch

SAP Notes

The following is a list of the SAP Notes to apply:

SAP Basis  Version SAP Notes
 7.02  786412, 1658978, 1402400, 1447880, 1461421, 1639210, 2397779
 7.30  1658978, 1447880, 1639210, 2397779
 7.31  1658978, 1447880, 1639210, 2397779
 7.40  2397779
 7.50, 7.50 S/4HANA  2397779
  • On SAP systems where note 2397779 is not available (7.00,7.01,7.10 and 7.20), IBM Workload Scheduler 10.1 is not supported.
  • Notes 684106 applies only to Windows operating systems.
  • Server groups are supported by IBM Workload Scheduler on the following versions of SAP Basis:
    • 7.00 with support package 27
    • 7.01 with support package 11
    • 7.02 with support package 11
    • 7.10 with support package 15
    • 7.11 with support package 09
    • 7.20 with support package 07
    • 7.30 with support package 07
    • 7.31 with support package 03
    For a list of functions and limitations for SAP server groups, refer to the following SAP Notes:
    • 786412
    • 729317
    • 612838
    • 1658978
    • 1402400

Prerequisite SAP Notes for r3batch

  • Modify job header, Job class missing (SAP Note 1447880)
    • 7.00 with support package 26
    • 7.01 with support package 11
    • 7.02 with support package 10
    • 7.10 with support package 13
    • 7.11 with support package 08
    • 7.20 with support package 06
    • 7.30 with support package 05
    • 7.31 with support package 01
  • Modify SAP variant, Variant type missing (SAP Note 1461421)
    • 7.00 with support package 22
    • 7.01 with support package 07
    • 7.02 with support package 05
    • 7.10 with support package 11
    • 7.11 with support package 06
    • 7.20 with support package 04
  • Modify SAP variant, Variant attributes overwritten (SAP Note 1639210)
    • 7.00 with support package 26
    • 7.01 with support package 11
    • 7.02 with support package 11
    • 7.10 with support package 14
    • 7.11 with support package 09
    • 7.20 with support package 07
    • 7.30 with support package 07
    • 7.31 with support package 02

SAP Business Warehouse

  • InfoPackages are supported by Tivoli Workload Scheduler for Applications on SAP Business Warehouse systems 3.0B, or later.
  • Process chains are supported on SAP Business Warehouse systems version 3.0B or later, and 2.0 BW/4HANA or later.
  • The Support Package 9 (SAPKW31009) for SAP Business Warehouse version 3.1 is required so that the extended agent is able to launch Process Chains.

Ensure that you have the required SAP Business Warehouse Support Package as follows:

 SAP Business Warehouse Versions  SAP Notes
 7.0  826878, 1059049, 1049735, 1100457, 1130034, 1723482
 7.01  1723482
 7.02  1723482
 7.10  1723482
 7.11  1723482
 7.20  1723482
 7.30  1723482
 7.31  1723482
 7.40  None
 7.50, 7.50 S/4HANA  None
 2.0 BW/4HANA  None

SAP Solution Manager

To start Dynamic Workload Console from SAP Solution Manager, install the following SAP notes in the specified order:

  1. 1999878: Several SMSE extensions
  2. 2029063: Job Management creates incorrect permalink URLs for external scheduler
  3. 2164341: URL checking

Software requirements for WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base

All operating systems supported by IBM Workload Scheduler are supported by IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base.

IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base adopts a continuous delivery model where new versions are deployed on a monthly basis. During the formal testing phase, IBM Workload Scheduler and the Dynamic Workload Console Version were tested using WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base V22.0.0.10 and The minimum required WebSphere Application Server Liberty version to successfully install the fixpack is or later.

For more information about which version higher than can be used in the future, see Recommended updates for WebSphere Application Server.

Supported LDAP Servers


For a list of the LDAP servers supported by IBM Workload Scheduler, refer to WebSphere Application Server Liberty base documentation, for example: Configuring LDAP user registries in Liberty and Federation of user registries.

Hardware requirements

This section contains the following sub-sections:

Permanent disk space requirements when installing the product

To obtain the latest information about permanent disk space requirements when installing IBM Workload Scheduler on supported operating systems, run the Hardware requirements report and click on the relevant operating system link.

  1. Space for RDBMS: The disk space requirements listed in the report do not include the space required for the RDBMS software you have chosen, details of which can be obtained from their support documentation.

    Nor do they include the additional space requirement for the base support of IBM Workload Scheduler (without scheduling data), which is 2 GB.

  2. Space requirements for operating IBM Workload Scheduler: The disk space requirements listed in the report does not include the space required to operate IBM Workload Scheduler. For this you must consider the additional space required for the following:
    • Database data
    • Symphony file
    • Archive files (and their retention period)
    • Log files (and their retention period)
    • Temporary files that are placed on the local hard drive
    • Files associated with the jobs managed by IBM Workload Scheduler

    The space required is very subjective and depends on how you use IBM Workload Scheduler. If you are already a user of the product, you will have an idea of how much space it currently occupies. However, you should bear in mind that each version of the system uses more disk space than the previous one. If you are a new user you will probably set up a test system to help you grow familiar with the product and you should be able to scale up the operating space requirements of the test system to give you an indication of how much space you will be using in a fully functional live system.

Temporary space requirements

To obtain the latest information about temporary space requirements, run the Hardware Requirements report, and scroll to the relevant operating system.

Virtual memory swap space requirements

IBM Workload Scheduler requires a minimum of 2 GB of virtual memory swap space on the file system of any operating system.

Memory requirements

Table 2: Memory (MB) summarizes the memory requirements for the various components, on all operating systems:

Table 2: Memory (MB)

Memory MDM or DDM Dynamic agent
z-centric agent
Fault-tolerant agent File Proxy
Recommended 8192 1024 1024 2000
Required 4096 1024 512 1000



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