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A guide to deployment and support options for running the PHP programming language on IBM i.


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PHP on IBM i

There are several ways to deploy PHP on IBM i, including:
  • Zend Server from Perforce
  • ZendPHP from Perforce
  • CommunityPlus+ PHP from Seiden Group
Side-by-Side Comparison of PHP Options
PHP Options for IBM i
Feature CommunityPlus+ PHP Zend Server ZendPHP
Provider (and link to offering home page) Seiden Group Zend by Perforce Zend by Perforce
Free to use? Yes No, as of June 30, 2021 Yes
Suitable for production workloads? Yes, with support in place Yes, with support in place Yes, with support in place
Support Available from Seiden Group and/or IBM. Available through Zend Server paid license Available from Perforce or IBM.
Supported release lifespan Determined by open source community Long term support beyond community project timeframes
Long-term support beyond community project timeframes is also available.
Classic ibm_db2 database connector support See this document for details See this document for details See this document for details
How to acquire and install? Install as RPM from Seiden Group Download from Perforce portal. Installed as IBM i Licensed Program (LPP) or an IBM i RPM Install as RPM from Perforce's repository
Available PHP extensions full list here. Others available upon request. Contact Perforce full list here
IBM i toolkit included with distribution Yes Yes Yes
Can integrate with IBM's integrated Apache HTTP Server? Yes (can be automatically configured) Yes Yes (automatically done by installer)
Can integrate with the Nginx HTTP Server Yes (requires manual setup) Yes (requires manual setup) Yes (requires manual setup)
Database connectivity
Note: the two methods can be run side-by-side.
  • PDO_ODBC or odbc, requires setup of ODBC driver
  • ibm_db2 (included) or PDO_IBM (requires manual build) modules
Bit modes available 64bit 32bit (LPP)
64bit (RPM)
Compatible with Zend Framework Yes Yes Yes
Can run inside a chroot-based container? Yes (doc) No Yes
Comes with 5250 management interfaces No Yes No
Comes with preconfigured subsystems for job management No Yes No
Performance tools xdebug Zend Server performance tools xdebug
Comes with Zend Server interface for deploying and monitoring applications No Yes No

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26 August 2022