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ODBC driver for the IBM i PASE environment

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The 64-bit ODBC driver for the IBM i PASE environment is now available.


This driver will allow applications making 64-bit ODBC API calls to access DB2 for IBM i


PASE and QSH environments on the IBM i


The 64-bit ODBC driver for the IBM i PASE environment is available at the main IBM Access Client Solutions page.
The download is named ""
Within the .zip archive is an rpm which can be installed with (version numbers may have changed):
      $ yum install ibm-iaccess-
Note that the driver package has dependencies on open source packages:
  • GNU C Library
  • Red Hat Package Manager (rpm)
  •  unixODBC   - Execute "odbcinst -j" to view configuration details
For details regarding installing open source packages on the IBM i, please see:
Getting started with Open Source Package Management in IBM i ACS
Create a test .odbc.ini file:
marquis@RCH730B:~$ cat .odbc.ini
Description             = IBM i Access ODBC Driver 64-bit
Driver                  = IBM i Access ODBC Driver
System                  = rch730b
UserID                  = MyIBMiUSRPRF
Password                =
Naming                  = 0
DefaultLibraries        = QGPL
Database                =
ConnectionType          = 0
CommitMode              = 2
ExtendedDynamic         = 1
DefaultPkgLibrary       = QGPL
DefaultPackage          = A/DEFAULT(IBM),2,0,1,0,512
AllowDataCompression    = 1
MaxFieldLength          = 32
BlockFetch              = 1
BlockSizeKB             = 128
ExtendedColInfo         = 0
LibraryView             = ENU
AllowUnsupportedChar    = 0
ForceTranslation        = 0
Trace                   = 0
Test the ODBC connection using the "isql" tool which is part of the unixODBC product:
...and then a simple SQL statement such as "select * from qiws.qcustcdt":

Additional Information

Note that this driver is 64-bit only and the driver name has changed from the name used in the Linux driver:
IBM i Access ODBC Driver 64-bit
IBM i Access ODBC Driver
64-bit odbc.ini DSNs from the Linux product (and DSN-less connections) will need to be updated to reflect the new name.
This product shares many similarities with the IBM i Access Client Solutions - Application Package for Linux and the same utilities (cwbmedic,  cwbping, and cwbtrc) are available within directory /QOpenSys/pkgs/bin/ . View the complete file list with:
$ rpm -qlp ibm-iaccess*.ppc64.rpm
Please see the related URLs below for configuration and diagnostic details.

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05 July 2021