How to install RDi

"How to install RDi"

Eric Simpson has written an excellent technote breaking down the options for getting RDi installed and deployed to all the developers in your shop:

This is a highly recommended read for everyone!

As the technote explains, the simplest method is the web install.

  • It can be done by anyone, whether or not they have purchased the product yet or which channel they have purchased it through.
  • This requires internet access and an IBM id to be specified. The IBM id's are free and do not have to be entitled to the product.
  • The Web Install installs the product at the latest fixpack level automatically and only downloads the files required by the selected installable features.
  • The activation kit would need to be applied to use the product after the trial period.

There are other methods documented which have greater flexibility and power for large deployments.

How to get the Activation Kit to license RDi

To activate your license you can use the IBM Installation Manager as described here:

You will need an activation kit.

If you ordered authorized user licenses, the activation kit is available through the software channel (Passport Advantage) or the hardware channel (ESS/AAS).

If you ordered floating (flex) licenses, you can get a copy of your activation kit from the Rational License Key Center (RLKC).

This technote provides instructions on how to get your activation kit from the RLKC.