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Cognos Controller 10.3 Fix Lists

Release Notes


A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs, fix packs and generally available interim fixes of Cognos Controller 10.3.

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Issues corrected in the IBM Cognos Controller 10.3.0 release.
Number Description
PI44734 Consolidation with AFC gives intermittent "Error in AFC:!java.lang.OutOfMemoryError!" fixed by increasing 'CCRProxy.options' memory
PI45087 Documentation updated regarding Company Structure re-order
PI45196 Poor performance when importing structures
PI47504 Optimization with rebuild indexes did not complete
PI50085 Can group journals be loaded with import GL journals? Yes
PI50450 Wildcard filename search result(s) cannot be transferred to Import dialog
PI52716 The reorder function in the consolidation batch queue is not working
PI53509 Not possible to import consolidated data (.fzd) for account Investment in subsidiary - etyp 1 transactions discarded
PI53720 Group status shows group name, and not name local
PI54718 Error importing structure to an existing database
PI57226 C:\Windows\Temp\ folder (on application server) getting filled up with TMP files (after using fExpVal)
PI57710 Incorrect journal text is shown in ledger report
PI58305 Formula cc.fClosVerName does not work correctly in Controller version 10.2.5120.72
PI58568 User with Read only access to Define account window
PI60485 Slow performance running Trial Balance reports triggered by opening Forecast period and entering data (fixed by running a db optimise with re-index)
PI60658 Print Preview Crash (Command Center)
PI61016 Expanding Report Generator reports completely wrong
PI61384 The IC elimination not transferred correctly to FAP
PI61696 Problemas con la aplicacion Cognos controller
PI62108 FAP - Unable to run initial publish
PI62585 Import specification (flat files) does not work anymore
PI62903 Excel Add in - GetVal + Comment formula not working
PI63404 Excel link reports slower after upgrading from CCR 10.1.2159 to 10.2.1 FP3
PI63539 Excel Export Values (cc.fExpVal-Formula) in Group Currency (vtyp=G) in 10.2.1FP3/4
PI63895 Adjust Layout in a Form with 2 expanded Dimensions
PI63978 The values in company detail & consolidated cubes differed between Controller and TM1
PI64230 User rights counter dimensions
PI64332 Excel formulas doesn't work after an upgrade
PI64461 After opening IC details and then close it (even without doing anything) F9/10 stops working
PI64758 Company Data Entry Forms window-> Close Button closes
PI64879 Controller Excel link loads/creates a VBA project (that conflicts with customer's other Excel systems)
PI65223 "Report table crdReconcileShaAndEqNykomo does not exists' when running a 'Reconcile - Shareholdings and Equity' report
PI65499 AFC account have no values on groups into the FAP
PI65504 IC-reconciliation for linked actuality not possible in the *New* IC report
PI66414 "Not enough storage is available... E_OUTOFMEMORY" when clicking Excel 'Calculate Sheet' button (for *large* TM1 Perspectives spreadsheet) when Controller link enabled
PI66779 Unable to edit data mart in FAP
PI67119 Error when running DBConv script 953 on an AIX DB2 server
PI67926 Not showing correct values in reconciliation report
PI68094 cc.fPutComment destination cell not working in forms after upgrade to 10.2.1FP4
PI69313 Enquiry regarding security rights menu
PI69377 Locking Journals Functionality
PI69536 Intercompany Report - Language does not change
PI69620 Intercompany Report error (Print Preview)
PI71027 Mandatory comments and forms with dimensions in columns able to save without comments entered
PI71515 "PF-SRV-6110 Run failed" error in IBM Cognos Administration
PI71644 Forms in Reports/Run
PI71647 Expand Journal Number is not working in the new Excel Link
PI71731 Cannot enable the Excel option "Require Application Add-Ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher"
Issues corrected in the IBM Cognos Controller 10.3.0 FP1 release.
Number Description
PI47253 CTRL+V is not working for Currency rates
PI47705 Not possible to copy from name fields in "Account Structure\Define" window
PI50177 Command Center: Reconciliation not working with restricted user access
PI51584 No control of active currency codes when using Import General Ledger Journals
PI54300 Error message when selecting all accounts in audit log report
PI54698 Strange size format on Excel window
PI55309 Function cc.fTaxRate different between 10.2 and 10.2.1
PI55396 Command Center - Reconcile report sometimes causing a crash requiring restart
PI55904 Colour coding of batch queue incorrect after deleting earlier entry (row above)
PI60494 Exception when enabling editing while in Excel protected mode
PI60731 Problems with summations in Free Form with dimensions
PI63981 Selection in Report Journals Across - not all companies are shown
PI73063 Consolidated results in AJ 62 disappeared (company 50% owned with conso method J)
PI73064 ”Widget is disposed” error is displayed when user manually types in an invalid value in "Enter Data Entry Parameters" section from Command Center
PI73754 "Only File Copy transfer method supported!" when running an Excel-link report (F9) using Optimise2
PI73832 Mismatch between a report and the documentation
PI75107 Clarification of Datamart functionality when switching between incremental update and full export
Issues corrected in the IBM Cognos Controller 10.3.0 FP1 IF5 release.
Number Description
PI81283 User receiving error on import from flat file
PI87917 Proxy environment server is trying to download
PI88012 Slow import of flat file in Controller 10.3
PI89235 Slow opening data entry form if a separate Excel is also open simultaneously
PI89787 Unable to fix historical rate on IC account if user does not have access to counter company
PI90514 Users frequently get "Controllerfroms12" errors during data entry
Issues corrected in the IBM Cognos Controller 10.3.0 FP1 IF13 release.
Number Description
PH17520 Generate Controller Link report: Excel crashes or hangs (performance improvement)
PH18264 Consolidation with status fails with error "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PKNC_XDB19'
Issues corrected in the IBM Cognos Controller 10.3.0 FP1 IF14 release.
Number Description
PH21501 Excel toolbar completely grey (corrupt) when you launch the Data Entry from Controller

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