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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Test RealTime.


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Table of Contents:

Mod Release (8.3.1)
Link Date Released Status

List of fixes

Component APAR ID (non-APAR) Description
Component Testing for C (Studio)
Attolcc4 is looping into the correlation loop trying to detect the possible macros definition
Eclipse IDE
TESTRT-1915 On RedHat 7, the Call Graph is badly displayed, make it nearly unusable
TESTRT-2610 On very large test report, rod2xrd could crash (depending of the machine memory size)
Code Review
Misra raises a perl syntax error when using custom rule ( only)
In some situations (complex combinatory of files including each others), recursive calculation goes in an infinite recursion in crcld component
An update of version can raise issue in Code Review when the confrule file has been customized : with new norms (especially Misra 2012), lots of new rules have been added but are not in their old confrule file. The consequence is that each time one of this rule is raised, it is raised with a name 'CRC_XX_YYY' instead of classic 'Rule MX.Y'
Edited value of parameter in confrule seems ignored.
PH36334 Initilializing enum with casted constant make generated xref file erroneous.
PH36715 On windows a implicit cast conduct to a internal error.
MISRA 2004 PH36119 MISRA 2004 : rule 10.1.1 should not be raised when assigning.
MISRA 2012 PH36006 For Misra 2012, rules E15.4 and M15.6.6 overlap. Exact Misra rule is in fact covered E15.4 and M15.6.6 is more strict than the official Misra rule.
Coverage PH35103 On windows attolcc4 try to match short DOS file and long file names but generate a fatal error if this match is not found.
Studio PH36712 When exporting html report in studio, by default, available reports are not selected.

8.3.0 Fix Pack 1
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Visual Test
When attempting to build from the command line (studio.exe -rebuild *.rtp -html), the HTML report is not generated.
Too many text in studio build window leads to a 'studio' crash.
Studio crash when an .rtp file is generated with missing parts and build is requested.
C++ Coverage
PH29516; PH29857
Some C++17 and C++20 syntaxes are not yet supported in 8.3.
If a C++ source contains just an incomplete class declaration for reference without completion, attolcc4 raises a internal error.
If the start and the end of a function are not in same source file, the instrumentor fails to find the end of the function.
Code Review
crcld counts file contening just justified rules as failed.

Release 8.3.0
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR  ID (non-APAR) Description
Too many information in the 'output window' will make th euser interface 'studio' crash.   
Workaround: Set the environment variable TESTRT_LOGFILE to point to a file in which all the login information will be diverted. 
 When opening all reports in Studio, the process tries to open non-existing reports.
 The settings 'Additional included system directories' is not taken into account in Code Review.
TESTRT-2370  Requirement link: Should add http:// or https:// when required.
TESTRT-2375  Control coupling HTML report - bad display in internal eclipse browser.

Table of Contents:

Release 8.2.0 Fix Pack 1
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR
ID (non-APAR)
In Visual Test, some combinations of instrumentation options could lead to a link error (Performance + Control Coupling with module as Compilation Unit + Data Coupling). This is fixed in this version. 
In Visual Test, traces display is very slow in some cases. This has been improved in this release. 
In Visual Test, when using coverage during test execution, additional files in a test harness are instrumented, but are not displayed in the coverage results. 

Release 8.2.0
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR  ID (non-APAR) Description
Component Testing for C
attolstartC fails to generate a correct PTU when a function is defined between two #include statements.
If a prototype without any parameter is visible 'extern func();' on a function with some parameters, the out parameters are generated without pointer in direction. 
 Coverage for C C++
 A goto statement placed inn an infinite loop cannot be displayed as 'covered' if it is placed just before the 'while(0)' statement. 
TESTRT-2125  Instrumentor (attolcc4) option -rename=< function_name> remove the function instead of renaming it. 
TESTRT-2142 Instrumentation of IF after a GOTO label will generate noncompilable code in C99 mode.

Instrumentor opt -rename does not do it when part of exunit.

Code Review

When a Code Review rules contains characters like '<', '>', '&', Test RealTime Studio will display a blank report. 

Attempt to run Code Review leads to rule E16.50 not being reported. 
Component Testing for Ada

attolpreproAda fails with syntax error when finding a variable declared in the specification package.

When a ptu file contains a comment line with '#--'  at the beginning of the script, preprocessing it leads to the crash of the attolpreproAda preprocessor with the following error : 'flex scanner push-back overflow'.
Whatever RTRT_VARIABLE_INIT_SUPPORTED is set to, the global variable used to store the count of stub calls is still initialized.
Ada code generator does not add space around unary operators.
attolada : cannot add multiple restriction options.
attolpreproC fails to generate a valid tsf file. In this case, Studio is not able to display the diagram. This occurs when, during test selection, the first test is not selected.
When modifying the report settings the new settings  'Report Contents Depth Viewer' is not save.
When a project has failed nodes, the status of the project is 'failed'. If the nodes are fixed and rebuild individually, the project status remains 'failed'.
attolada : cannot add multiple restriction options.
TESTRT-1870 Files RCL_API_Log_Sample_1_0_<number>.xml are generated when launching the tools.
System Testing for C
On the following sample typedef struct { int info1; int info2; int info3; } MyData_T, *MyData_Tp; System Test Wizard listed only MyData_Tp
TDP Editor
TDP is not correctly generated when Attol_big_mod_size is modified.
Attempt to generate a Target Deployment Port (TDP using the TDP editor) with a xdp file extension in capital lead to the following error : 'Usage: tdpgen [<options>] <TdpFile> [<TargetDirectory>]'
Worst Stack Size
TESTRT-2119 If the stack size for a given function is not always the same during the execution of the application (that can happen depending of the compiler optimisation), the Worst Stack Size takes now the maximum (instead of the first value).
Object Test for C++
atostart4 does not generate data on some parameter.

Table of Contents:

Release 8.1.0
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR ID (non-APAR) Description
A goto statment in an infinite loop could be not displayed as covered when this goto is just before the while(0)
Unit Test Ada
Stub instruction are limited in size.
Eclipse IDE
TESTRT-1700 In Eclipse IDE, disable instrumentation in build options does not work. 
Installation TESTRT-1702 Error message when clicking on Back button from Install Packages IM page.
Error overlay remains even when a valid path to a Java executable is set.
TESTRT-1705 Java path is not reparsed when changing the install architecture.
Studio TESTRT-1725 Studio Freeze when changing options from the windows "HTML Export Configuration"
This problem can occur with huge project (i.e. with very great number of files). When modifying the options, all the files are parsed and can take a lot of time.
TESTRT-1823 Incorrect column number reported on M20.8, M20.9, M20.12.
This occurs in system header files.
TESTRT-1844 Misra rule 16.10 is raised when it should not.
PH02066 crccc fails with segmentation fault.

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
C/C++ Instrumentor - Rational Test RealTime Studio
atostart option -restrict_dir_metrics on Linux leads to a runtime error when the directory path does not end with a "/". Workaround: Add one or two "/" at the end of the path for this option.
TDP Runtime
Intrumented file fails to compile on 64 bits targets with the following error: Error:_AttClassField*' to `unsigned int' loses precision.   Workaround: In TDP library file "att.h", replace return ((RTRT_U_INT32)this) ^ (a); } \ by return _ATT_THIS(a); } \ in 3 macros : _ATT_DEFINE_CLASS_FIELD, _ATT_DEFINE_CLASS_FIELD_TMPL, _ATT_DEFINE_CLASS_FIELD_TMPL_CODE.
Component Testing for C - Rational Test RealTime Studio
When a struct field spans over multiple lines, attostart generates an incorrect PTU. Workaround: Rewrite the PTU manually once generated.

Mod Pack 1 (8.0.1)
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Binary - Rational Test RealTime Studio
When a PTU stubs a function used by the PTU inserted code (at the beginning of the PTU) and the stubbed function does not exist, stub is renamed by the instrumentor. Workaround: Create an empty function, local to the PTU, before the stub definition.
IBM Rational Test RealTime installation fails with the following message: 'Installation Manager fails to reconcile'. Workaround: Please refer to the following Tech Note:
Installation PM76569 Installing IBM Rational Test RealTime and Shared resources into two different drives leads to an installation failure: error status=23. Workaround: Install both on the same drive.
System Testing for C - Rational Test RealTime Studio
HTML export does not work properly for system testing reports. Workaround: Remove additional double quotes in the TDC file, on E8 line, before executing and exporting your HTML report.
TDP Runtime PM90445 Unable to parse C++2011 used by Microsoft Visual 2010, 2012 and newer versions. IBM Rational Test RealTime 8.0.1 delivers attolcc4 and atostart4 based on EDG 4.7 parser. USE_ATTOLCC4 must be set in the TDP basic settings.
Rational Test RealTime Studio
Studio coverage viewer crashes when the code includes more than 32000 MCDC combinations. Workaround: Reduce the MCDC combinations or remove the MCDC level for the source file.
Rational Test RealTime Studio
Studio crashes on Microsoft Windows during System Test wizard step 5/7 in the release.

Fix Pack 5 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
System Testing for C PI04734 64bits data are truncated using System Test
Eclipse Integration PI06187 "No Dump" is not documented for variable initial expressions in component testing of TestRT for Eclipse IDE
Target Deployment Port PM69396 Opening an XDP file results in "unexpected character"
Component Testing for Ada PM87268 Long nodes name may attolpreproada loop forever
Runtime Analysis PM87382 Bitwise MC/DC coverage not correctly handle and documentation not correct
Component Testing for C PM89602 Source lines should be : the total number of lines of source code
Component Testing for C PM90284 attolccp (not EDG) misinterpret "/*" in a string used to define a preprocessor macro
RT_Visual_Test PM90730 DataPool cannot be created for CSV file outside the workspace
Documentation - TestRT PM92426 procedure steps of Editing stubs does not make sense in online help
Component Testing for Ada PM93305 Visibility of an enumerated type when the corresponding use clause is in the spec.
Component Testing for Ada PM93317 Visibility of a private type extension
Component Testing for Ada PM93329 Broken generic type parameters translation
Component Testing for C PM94294 FORMAT is not taken into account for Initial values of Arrays in non-Extended mode
Component Testing for Ada PM96731 Ada MC/DC instrumentation fails to add correct "use" clause with Boolean shortcut operators
Runtime Analysis PM97882 Instrumentation fails to found entity during analyse

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR / Internal ID Description
Component Testing for C PM79655 The use of setjmp/longjmp into a test script may lead to error: `_atl_stack_link' undeclared if runtime tracing is used. Workaround: insert the following line on top of the SERVICE or PTU script: #char _atl_stack_link; using and later, enter the following line: on top of the script if the user need to use setjmp/longjmp with trace: #USE_SETJMP
GUI - TestRT PM82902 The script file is not compiled as soon as the .ptu .otd .pts is changed to .PTU .OTD .PTS into the studio property even if the file uses the capital letter extension. Workaround: change the property to lower case as well as the file extension.
GUI - TestRT PM83112 It takes longer time to export from menu File > Export > export the full project, than using menu Code Coverage > generate HTML even if only coverage is available.
Qualification Kit RATLC02509242 When an user clicks on a method name in the metrics viewer the source file is opened with cursor at the top of the file instead of the line corresponding to the selected method.
Test RealTime for Eclipse IDE RATLC02510025 Sometimes, icon status is not shown on the stub calls status or Test Case status or Test Harness status after execution. Workaround: change the run selection and select back the right run result.
Runtime Analysis PM86165 one_level_metrics option is not recognized by metric computation for C (metcc1). Workaround: set to 'no' this option into studio settings Static Metrics.
Target Deployment Port RATLC02510463 RFE: the TDP:Build settings:additional function: sub atl_stop is now executed when the user does a click on studio stop button during a build. All global variable are available ; the 2 parameters provide the pid of the build process and the process handle. The build process will be killed when this sub returns. See file in lib/scripts for more details

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Component Testing for Ada PM67332 Ada instrumentor returns internal error when the source file does not involve any Ada code. No known workaround.
Component Testing for Ada PM69893 In Ada environment, 32 bits floats are reported as 64 bits if the Target Deployment Port is designed for 64 bits floats. It works as design.
Component Testing for Ada PM69904 When DUMP Ada restriction is selected, the attol_serv_95.adb continues to use text_io package and 'image. Workaround: modify the file attol_serv_95.adb manually into the generated TDP or into the xml/ada and save the xdp.
Component Testing for Ada PM71278 attolada incorrectly adds, sometimes, STANDARD prefix. No known workaround.
Component Testing for C PM61088 When a STRUCTURE is declared in an ENVIRONMENT block, the results for this structure are always expanded even if the COMPACT display option is chosen.
Component Testing for C PM77452 attolpostpro fails with error TestRT-E-ELEMLISTE, Uncompleted value list[...] when INIT IN instruction is used with only one value in the list. Workaround: use the 'INIT =' instead.
Component Testing for C RATLC01997620 Adding #define RTRT_PTU_UNDEF_I into the TDP > "Library Settings"> "Include files visible to all generated files" will no more define I as I1. That allows tested code to use I as field name or type name or variable name.
Documentation - TestRT PM69805 The documentation for Chart viewer overview, under Reporting > Generating 2D and 3D charts, appears incomplete. Rewrote information center topics on generating and viewing 2D and 3D charts.
Documentation - TestRT RATLC02507106 Link to the document was missing from the Release Notes and the start menu. Workaround: type file:///Doc/release_notes_trt_.html into Internet browser address box ; where is your Test RealTime installation directory, and the tool version for which you request the Release notes.
Documentation - TestRT RATLC02507148 FlexLm version requirement was missing in Release Notes and Installation Guide. No known Workaround.
GUI - TestRT PM68327 Studio crashes on Windows XP when switching the Coverage viewer from Rates to Source tab. Workaround: from Rates tab, close the Coverage viewer and open it again to view the Source tab.
Installation - TestRT PM72288 When installing TestRT 8.0 on Japanese Windows system, the Japanese characters in license agreement page are garbled. Workaround: read english version.
Integration with RQM PM70244 Incorrect start time reported in RQM when script is missing. No known workaround.
Plug-in Visual PM69351 tdpplugin.exe used for Microsoft Visual Studio plugin and others, printout error : CreateProcess failed! Workaround: use perllauncher instead.
RT_Visual_Test PM71097 The Visual Test RealTime Iterations number is not updated when datapool csv file is modified. Workaround: delete the generated file manually or make a smart modification to datapool settings file.
Runtime Analysis PM77535 attolada fails with "Internal Error" during analyze when too many mixed "and then" using polymorphism. Workaround: reduce mixed "and then".
Runtime Analysis RATLC02507924 Now documentation states that: excluding an individual node from instrumentation may lead to a crash in C++. On-line documentation from studio > Running tests and applications > Excluding a node from instrumentation web documentation Testing > Testing with Rational Test RealTime Studio > Using the graphical user interface > Running tests and applications. Workaround: use the new web documentation.
System Testing for C PM77607 atsprepro generates error extra ')' leading to compilation failed. Workaround: write the WTIME expression without '()'.
System Testing for C PM78266 Using system testing without agent and supervisor, the result file name is not given to TDP atl_exec function as $out. Workaround: extract the result file name from the $parameter string when $out is empty.
Target Deployment Port PM69889 Unable to get unit testing report or unreadable values when the TDP > Library Settings > For testing features > Floating point number support > RTRT_FLOAT_DUMP is checked. Workaround: filter the .spt file after execution into the TDP Build settings > execution function, using extrdumpieee.exe.
Target Deployment Port RATLC02507147 The TDP cwinmingw3_2.xdp has been updated for gcc 4 Workaround: modify xdp file.

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Code Review for C RATLC02503164 Code Review source analyzer (crccc) should not display violations while analyzing source file as default from studio or attolcc.
Installation - TestRT PM64266 Installing TestRealtime 8.0 fails : Error during 'post-install configure' phase. This occurs when no license server has been specified. Specifying a license server, even a non existing one would allow the completion of the installation. Also, installing Rational Test RealTime 8.0 and at the same time resolves the issue.
System Testing for C PM64351 option -SCN= is missing on atspreproC command line when a selection exists into studio settings. No known workaround.
Component Testing for C PM66753 The attolccp parser does not correctly handle the second parameter of __builtin_offsetof when it is not a constant. Workaround: add #define __builtin_offsetof(x,y) 0 in atus_c.def
Component Testing for Ada PM66924 attolada fails with Entity '+' not found on derived types for generated generic instance. No known workaround.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Code Review for C PM52485 Rule M16.7 raised, even if the pointer parameter is not used to change the pointed object.
Code Review for C PM54472 crccc.exe crashes when a struct pointer is declared into a switchCase without brace.
Code Review for C PM55408 The Code Review Rule M12.6 is displayed when it should not. No known workaround.
Code Review for C RATLC02503018 the Rule M12.1 has been split in 2 rules M12.1.1 and M12.1 in order to separate the rule for logic OR/AND and others operators.
Component Testing for C PM52761 A stub call number that does not correspond to any defined slice is not reported as an error. Workaround: Define all call ranges in the PTU.
Component Testing for C PM54007 When updating a PTU, the include source statement is generated twice. Workaround: Do not use a path separator in the filename by using include path.
Component Testing for C RATLC02501856 Testing_C/Compare/simple.ptu script demonstrates pointer comparison between 2 executions.
GUI - TestRT PM52571 'Abort button' does not stop the export to HTML report. Workaround: wait or kill studio and start an other studio UI.
GUI - TestRT PM55014 Path to code review configuration file into studio settings is taken into account when relative path is entered. Workaround: enter absolute path.
Installation - TestRT PM59671 There is a wrong parameter when running testrtinit.csh script - RT_PRE: Undefined variable. Workaround : In file testrtinit.csh , modify the lines below (at the beginning of the file): # Please indicate here the path to the installation # directory, such that ${RTRT_DIR}/TestRealTime. is # a valid directory: setenv RTRT_DIR /opt/IBM/TestRealTime By .... # Please indicate here the path to the installation # directory, such that ${RTRT_DIR}/TestRealTime. is # a valid directory: setenv RTRT_DIR /opt/IBM/ setenv RT_PRE TestRealTime ... Run the script again.
Integration with RQM PM51898 Rational Quality Manager (RQM) Test environment and TestCaseName are taken into account on TestRT execution using RQM 3.0.1. Workaround: change the active environment into TestRT project through studio.Fixed using RQM
Integration with RQM RATLC01815580 Not enough information when Rational Quality Management adapter fails to start. No known workaround.
Integration with RQM PM56221 If a build error occurs, the test result is correctly set to 'Error' but there is no transition from 'In Progress' to 'Failed'. Workaround: fixed the build error from studio.
Integration with RQM RATLC02502771 Add global code coverage result found by Test RealTime into Rational Quality Manager test case summary/overview execution results.
Runtime Analysis RATLC01374549 attolccp does not instrument conditions in macros containing statement expressions. No known workaround.
Runtime Analysis PM46150 The Stroud number used to compute testing time is always set as the default number (18) even if modified in the preferences. No known workaround.
Runtime Analysis PM56394 MAX_SCOPE reached in ParseStatement() during instrumentation when there are too many if-else if constructs. Workaround is to replace the if-else if by switch-case.
Runtime Analysis PM58103 Lack of documentation about option --linenumoptim. Workaround: type attolcc --help into cmd/shell window to get textual online help.
System Testing for C PM53084 System Testing produces a syntax error during compilation when the output buffer size setting has been increased above 1024 bytes. Workaround: Keep the output buffer size 1024 bytes.
Target Deployment Port PM51896 $ENV('PROGRAMFILES(X86)') in Target Deployment Port basic setting can not be resolved because of '(' char. Workaround: it is to edit lib/scripts/ around line 590 to add the second line: $Value=~s/\$ENV{\'(\w+)\'}/$ENV{$1}/g; $Value=~s/\$ENV{\'([\w\(\)]+)\'}/$ENV{$1}/g
Target Deployment Port RATLC02499309 REPORTHEADER now accepts
token as \n to split lines into custom report header.

Initial Release (8.0)
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR  Description
All PM39899 The reference documentation for attolpreproC (-STD-DEFINE and -RENAME options), atlsplit, and rod2xrd was incomplete. Documentation has been updated.
Code Review for C RATLC01814215 When the CRC file was over 100MB, the file was automatically split into source file per source file and into a summary file.
Code Review for C PM47593 'Additional included system directories' setting for Code review was not taken into account when no part of TDP default included directories.
Component Testing for Ada PK68190 The Ada Test Script Compiler generated dead code when testing certain variables. No plan to fix because most of the Ada compiler are able to remove automatically any dead code.
Component Testing for Ada PM42564 Too many WITHs resulted in 'Generation Failed' because of a too long -incl option on the command line. It is no longer necessary to change the to remove the -incl option in ada_mode.
Component Testing for Ada PM47420 In Ada, stubs with 0 calls were displayed even though those stubs were not used.
Component Testing for Ada PM47843 When using init in (x) or ev in (x) and testing a variable (VAR line) when the variable x is an array, the index was not taken into account.
Component Testing for C PM41919 Studio crashed when trying to export a very large report to HTML.
Component Testing for C PM44518 Typo mistake in Testing_C example (General.ptu) #foo2((pfoo2,pfoo2)); instead of #foo2(pfoo2)
Component Testing for C PM44829 When using suffix (LL , UL ....) in the init field on non decimal values, the postprocessing failed with 'Syntax error'.
Component Testing for C PM47613 The test report tab showed the uppermost entry in the tree view after a viewer window switch.
Component Testing for C PM47823 The report header was correctly updated when two reports with the same name were loaded into the viewer.
Component Testing for C PM50231 Floating point numbers were displayed with non-numeric characters when the TDP NBDIGITS was over the float range.
Component Testing for C PM49064 When building a project, the C/C++ instrumentor aborted with the internal error:'TestRT attolccp - INTERNAL ERROR: Please, contact your support'.
Documentation - TestRT PM51535 Updated Rational Test RealTime Studio documentation to clarify usage of #pragma attol crc_justify, under Reference > General reference > Studio reference > Runtime and static analysis reference.
Eclipse Integration RATLC01244805 When Rational Test RealTime 7.0.5 Eclipse plug-in was installed on Rational Systems Developer 7.0.5 on Solaris 10, opening the Test execution test log freezed the Eclipse User Interface.No plan to fix because this plugin is end of life du to the brand new Visual Test feature running under eclipse IDE.
Eclipse Integration RATLC01244925 In the Eclipse test suite editor for Component Testing for C, on the Linux platform, the initial height of the Test elements view was too small.No plan to fix because the eclipse plugin is end of life du to the brand new Visual Test feature running under eclipse IDE.
Eclipse Integration PM46077 The binaries TestRTcc.exe, trtld.exe, trtcc.exe, and attolcc.exe could not handle a long command (more than 8192 chars).
GUI - TestRT RATLC01193614 When displaying large reports, performance has been improved.
GUI - TestRT PK68236 The Studio GUI displayed only an information message that could go unnoticed when opening corrupted coverage results instead of a warning message.No plan to fix because the alarm is provided by attolcov and the splitter. So attolcov can be used to check result file as well as the .rej listing, generated by the splitter to list all rejected lines.
GUI - TestRT PM39030 Some Windows printer drivers leaded the test report symbols for pass / fail (red cross / green check mark) to appear at wrong positions or too narrow in the html report. A string '[FAILED]' has been added to the end of the service name and test name.
GUI - TestRT RATLC01814424 When a whole service was selected, all children tests were selected and grayed out, regardless of whether there was a specific selection beforehand. When deselecting the service, the previous selection of children was also cleared.
GUI - TestRT PM44735 Behavior of the check box located in the 'right-click > test selection > family' for enabling and disabling the test and family selection has been redesigned.
GUI - TestRT PM45767 The Studio 'Find dialog' feature did not work on selections.
GUI - TestRT RATLC01815002 Mixing tio from count and not count instrumentations leaded to disabling the viewer and attolcov for generated reports. Both attolcov and the coverage viewer have been modified.
GUI - TestRT PM47619 Behavior of the check box in the 'test selection' dialog has been modified and documented.
GUI - TestRT PM51864 studioreport does not open the viewer when the generated .spt file include more than 5MB data for runtime tracing (.tdf) file and some of TSF are missing.the workaround is to re-launch the same command a second time
Integration with RQM PM46064 RQM reported test results as 0 pass/fail when running a super project involving sub-Projects.
Runtime Analysis PM41307 'Next uncovered line' button in Coverage report failed to show the uncovered lines hidden in a macro. Changed macro color to orange to reflect the coverage state of the underlying branch.
Runtime Analysis PM46151 The total testing time is now displayed between the chart and the result metric table when the Root node is selected in the viewer navigator.
Runtime Analysis PM46156 When the TDP RTRT_GETPID was set to RTRT_USR, the link failed with undefined reference to `_usr_getpid' when using runtime analysis standalone.
Runtime Analysis PM50452 Attempts to instrument an application with IBM Rational Test RealTime sometimes produced an error message similar to:TestRT attolccp - FATAL ERROR: Expected source line 474[preprocessed:39404] is after the end of the file.
System Testing for C RATLC01248024 The dynamic trace viewer for System Testing is not available when used over an IPv6 network.No known workaround. No plan to fix this issue because the System Testing supervisor runs on the same computer as Studio and computers using IPv6 also support IPv4 for localhost.
Target Deployment Port PM46105 Wrong prototype of usr_memcpy in the TDP has been updated: void instead of void*
Target Deployment Port RATLC01815005 In the TDP adapcgnt.tdp the link function did not pass the list of libraries coming from the user interface to the linker when using Library nodes in the user interface. The TDP has been updated to take into account this parameter and to pass it correctly to the linker.

[{"Line of Business":{"code":"LOB36","label":"IBM Automation"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Product":{"code":"SSSHUF","label":"Rational Test RealTime"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m0z0000001gBEAAY","label":"Test RealTime->APAR"}],"ARM Case Number":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"All Version(s)"}]

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