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  • IBM Rational Team Concert

    IBM Rational Team Concert™, based on Jazz™ technology, now supports any plan, any process, any platform. It includes new planning templates for traditional project phases and new risk management capabilities that any traditional, agile, or hybrid team can use. With a single release for all platforms, simple role-based user licensing, no charge for the server software, and new flexible pricing models, you are free to mix and match deployments to suit your particular environments.

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  • Jim Amsden

    We appreciate developerWorks contributing author Jim Amsden

    Jim Amsden is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and Solution Architect in the Rational Division. Jim works on a broad range of solutions incorporating IBM products for strategic planning; solution analysis, design and construction; continuous delivery; and quality management - tying these together into a comprehensive offerings, accessible through the Cloud and applicable to a wide range of industries. Jim has spent many years developing standards and products for modeling in order to understand and manage complex systems. He is a TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect.


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