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2019 Q1 Navigator for i PTFs



2019 Q1 Navigator for i PTFs


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Enhancements and fix details for IBM Navigator for i PTFs. 

For the PTF information please see the PTFs page. 

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The following fixes and updates are included in the 2019 Q1 PTFs:


  1. Allow user to change their own password via Navigator for i
  2. Monitors:
  3. Update Welcome Page to show current target system

Fixes for IBM Navigator for i

  1. For for import on existing distribution list
  2. Show library list correctly on Job Description display panel
  3. Fix for adding a new partition with key values where error was received that the key values were already used.

  4. Fix for Arabic display of Create Job Description panel

  5. Monitors:

    1. Message monitor - Fix to &MSGKEY variable as EBCDIC string with Java toolbox command, no longer readable when passed to SNDMSG MSG('key: &MSGKEY') 
    2. If the environment variable JAVA_HOME does not exist in *JOB level, QINAVMNSRV will be started with latest version of JDK.
    3. Fix to a problem that an exception could interrupt the trigger process for monitors when iterating the excluded messages of the monitor.
    4. A trigger command specified in a message monitor might be removed after prompting followed by cancel.
    5. Date and time information is added to the monitor log files stdoutA.txt, stderrA.txt, stdoutB.txt and stderrB.txt.

Detail on PTF apply:

This PTF will enable IBM i Navigator for Java 8.  To ensure Java 8 will be used, make sure licensed program 5770JV1 Option 17 (Java SE 8 64-bit) is installed before applying this PTF.

1.  Enter the following command to stop the QHTTPSVR subsystem before  applying PTF:


Note: Make sure that QHTTPSVR subsystem ended, then you could go to next step.

2.  Apply or remove this PTF (immediate mode).
3.  Start the QHTTPSVR subsystem using:
4.  Start the ADMIN2 job using:
5.  It is highly recommended to clear the browser cache  after applying this PTF.

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