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BiLog: Maximo 76...Mix or Separate...BROS Updates

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BiLog: Maximo 76...Mix or Separate...BROS Updates


Do you mix or separate?   Your stuffyour files or your food?  Present me with one of theseand I'm a mixer, dunker and inhaler!
Maximo 76 extends the BI options you have for separating report processing - allowing you a wide mix or Maximo Configurations.  Starring in these new features, is BROS (BIRT Report Only Server).  BROS was initially introduced as a mechanism to separate BIRT report from application processing for improved performance, load balancing and fail-over.   However, prior to the newest Maximo 7.6 release - components of report processing remained on the Maximo UI Server - including Direct Print, Direct Print with Attachments and Creation of Ad Hoc reports.
The separation of all report processing is available with Maximo 7.6.   All report processing - including Direct Print (DP), Direct Print with Attachments (DPA) and Creation of Ad Hoc reports - will execute from a configured BROS Server.
Key items enabling this new BROS configuration include
1.  Token generation for user authentication to BROS Server for DP/DPA processes
2.  REPORTBROS and REPORTBROSPARAM internal objects to hold token values
3.  PurgeReportRelatedRecords Cron Task which removes values from the REPORTBROS objects (along with REPORTATTACHDOCS)
4.  Utilization of the maxconcurrentrun property setting on the BROS Server
With the updated Maximo 76 Report Architecture, you can extend your overall Maximo environment to include UI, Integration, Report and Cron Clusters - along with a production, transactional database and a separate, reporting database.

To configure all or a subset of your BIRT reports to execute from a separate, reporting database - access this configuration document here


For more details on configuring BROS in Maximo 76, along with numerous other performance enablersaccess the Maximo 76 Report Performance Guide.   Additionally, you can access the Maximo 76 BI Reference documents here or a series of recorded demos on Ad Hoc Reporting, KPIs, BIRT and Cognos Reporting here

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