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BiLog: NEW...Maximo 76 BI Features

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BiLog: NEW...Maximo 76 BI Features


Don't you just love NEW?   NEW Year, NEW Start, and NEW Resolutions, and NEW Maximo 76 Release!  YES!!!
Maximo 7.6 is packed full of NEW Business Intelligence (BI) featuresNEW features for the suite of Maximo BI Tools!  This suite of tools has expanded in Maximo 76 to provide you an even greater selection of tools to choose from to meet your unique business and project needs.  In Maximo 76, these tools now include

QBE:  Query By Example or Data Download.  Using your application’s filter and/or query, you can immediately download your results for additional analysis in exported file formats

Application Export:   Extends the QBE functionality, by enabling fields from multiple database objects to be exported to a various file formats, thru the use of Object Structures.   

Result Sets.  Capitalizing on an application’s query, displays a listing of fields or graph of a specified result, set on the Start Center.  

KPI: Key Performance Indicators.  Visual metrics which display business performance against predefined targets. 

Ad Hoc Reporting: Also known as QBR or Query Based Reporting.  This functionality enables your business users to create their own reports within the various applications for their unique business or project needs.  

BIRT Reports:  Day to day detail or operational reports which enable users to perform their business tasks.
BI Packs: Maximo  BI content, developed in Cognos, and  focused on key areas of Work Order, Asset, Asset Failure and Inventory Management.

Cognos Reporting: Cognos BI Server tools enabling in-depth analysis of your Maximo data thru the tools of Report Studio, Workspace, Workspace Advanced, Cognos Administration and more!

One of the major themes of the Maximo 76 release was Analytics - transforming all the powerful Maximo data that is collected into visual, insightful and actionable formats. This translated into major updates or NEW introductions to nearly all of the BI tools!

We are so excited to introduce these NEW features to you!   NEW applicaitons in KPI Templates and KPI Viewer.   NEW license entitlements to Cognos BI Server.   NEW Performance enablers for BIRT reporting.   NEW options in Ad Hoc reporting for creating summaries and calculations in your reports.  NEW esclations to highlight long running reports.  And so many more NEW features!
There is much more to come this year as we'll provide a variety of formats to enable you to get familiar with these new features including documentation, recordings, Bilogs and more!  Happy, Happy NEW!

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