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BiLog: Maximo 7.6

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BiLog: Maximo 7.6


It's here.  Maximo 76.  And it's stellar.

Packed with new features focusing on usability enhancements, streamlined installation, multi-tenant architecture, analytics and more - - it' a release you'll want.  Now.



The new BI (Business Intelligence) or Analytic features are one of the key components of Maximo 76.   These features expand and extend the large BI Tool set with new entitlement to the Cognos BI Server tools,  introducing two new KPI applications, extending the types of ad hoc reports you can create within the Maximo applications and offering multiple new configurable performance features to optimize your user's BI experience.    


New email export file options, configurable request page features, escalations to notify your administrator of long running reports are also included.   And BI Packs - providing visual, dynamic measurements of your work order, asset and inventory performance - are now included in the Maximo release.


In 2015, we'll explore these new BI features with you in depth.   If you can't are some links introducing the new BI features


Maximo 7.6 is really here...and it's really good!  


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