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Maximo 7.6 Report Performance Considerations

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What features should be analyzed to optimize report performance in Maximo 7.6?


To respond to today’s dynamic Business Environment critical business information needs to be analyzed immediately. Maximo's Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide a variety of ways in which you can view, analyze and take action on all the detailed information which is collected in the various Maximo applications. These suite of tools are shown below in hierarchy order of their increasing analytic capability and include application exporting, result sets, ad hoc reporting, along with BIRT and Cognos reporting.

To maximize your use of these tools, this document focuses on the performance features of two of the BI tools highlighted above - Ad Hoc reporting and BIRT reporting. These tools utilize the BIRT report engine, and a variety of components can impact their report performance.

To highlight this, the guide will review the five major reporting processes: Configuration, Designing, Developing, Administering and Execution. As a best practice, you should review each of these processes to maximize report performance in your environment. If any of the five components is not analyzed, your entire reporting process will not be optimized.

*Note: This document applies to the Maximo® Version 7.6 Release with BIRT Reporting only.

Rev 1 - November 2015 - Updates to page 13 on BROS

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17 June 2018