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IMS Sequential Randomizer Generator for z/OS

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Create a randomizing module to access database segments directly or sequentially

IBM® IMS™ Sequential Randomizer Generator for z/OS® generates a randomizing module that provides access to Hierarchical Direct Access Method (HDAM), Data Entry Database (DEDB) or Partitioned HDAM (PHDAM) segments directly or sequentially. Sequential database processing offers simplicity in data storage and speed and efficiency when handling large volumes of data.


Efficient direct access Allows access to HDAM and DEDB databases in logical key sequence without sacrificing their efficient direct access capabilities.
Optimized distribution Adjusts randomizing module if the number of synonyms or the control interval (CI)/block utilization exceeds user-specified value—and controls number of synonyms of root segments in a database.
Monitor the module Uses statistics provided in the Sequential Randomizer Generator reports to monitor the efficiency of the randomizing module.
Control costs Files can be stored on magnetic tape—a low-cost storage alternative.

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