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IMS High Performance System Generation Tools for z/OS

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Change your IMS system generation environment and application resources more easily

IBM® IMS™ High Performance System Generation Tools for z/OS® enables you to update your IMS system generation resource definitions without an IMS restart. You can create a list of resource update entries, verify, and install them with no outages, no issues with work-in-progress, and no online change commands. Resource updates can be installed in one IMS system or multiple systems simultaneously. This ensures that resource definitions are kept in sync with other members of the IMSPlex, and that updates are installed in all IMS systems at the same time, including any systems that are down and need to reflect the changes when they are restarted.

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Equip workspace with multiple tools Manage your sysgen environment with Fast Generation (SYSGEN), Merge Clone, and SYSGEN Compare.
Make changes efficiently Perform faster IMS system generation processes for application resource changes (transactions, programs, databases and route codes) in a single-step batch job or online and consume less CPU time.
Create IMSplex sysgen configurations Change IMS SMU security, including AGN, Transaction Command authorization and Terminal security.

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