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Cognos Analytics provides a wealth of business value and user satisfaction when the business stays current on modern releases. Upgrading and migrating to available versions and platforms is simple when one knows what to do. This page covers simple ideas, FAQs, and methodologies for successfully upgrading and migrating your Cognos Analytics investment.

Welcome to IBM Cognos Analytics Upgrade Central

You're exploring the next version of IBM Cognos Analytics and what it takes to modernize on the latest version. You've come to the right place! Here you will find important considerations, planning assistance, and how to get help.
New in IBM Cognos Analytics: Upgrading has been simplified! You can now apply a new release on top of the old. See the upgrade process document to review considerations.

Here are some common questions and decisions that administrators research when they're first planning their upgrade. Upgrade Central will attempt to provide information to help  the administrator make such choices.
  • What tasks should I consider in my project plan?
    This depends on the version you are on today, the version you are going to, are you choosing a cloud offering or remaining on-premise, and what installation method have you chosen. See this section for a task list and sample checklists to help you with this planning activity.
  • What's involved with upgrading / migrating to an IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud offering?
    If you are already on one of the IBM cloud offerings and want the latest release, you simply need to log a support case and agree to a date. They will work with you to apply the next release to your development cloud instance and give you a period of time for validation before they apply the next release to your production cloud instance.

    If you are still on-premise and considering a move to one of the IBM cloud offerings, then you may need to complete the following:
    • Onboarding to your cloud instances (see below for steps)
    • Upgrading content before uploading, if on a legacy on-premise version still (recommended to do this on-premise first)
    • Prepare content for compatibility with your purchased cloud offering, if necessary. An example might include converting any legacy CQM content to DQM before uploading it to your cloud instance.

    If you are researching how to upgrade, see this section below for a task list and sample checklists to help you with this planning activity.
  • Does the new release support the same data source versions we use currently?
    Run the software environment compatibility reports; link is found in documentation section below.
  • Should we apply the next release on top of the old or install a separate environment?
    This question applies to on-premise upgrades only. If you are on a legacy pre-11 version, you will need to perform the installation in a separate location. However, if you are already on version 11 looking to upgrade to a more current release, then you have this choice to make. This blog post here should provide you with key considerations to help you make this choice.
  • Should I upgrade the content store in-place or should I start with a new repository?
    This question applies to on-premise upgrades only. It also applies to both versions 10 and 11. To help you make the choice, view this blog here for key considerations.
  • How do I get professional help or crowd-sourced help?
    Expert services are available for guidance and assistance. There is also a user community where you can post questions, blogs, and tips. A link to the experts services page and community is found in the getting help section below.
  • What digital enablement assets are available to help me with my go live rollout?
    Information is available here.

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