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Flexible, single point of control solution for CICS resource definitions

IBM® CICS® Configuration Manager for z/OS® is a tool for administering and maintaining CICS® resource definitions. It provides audit, reporting, and lifecycle change management control facilities to support the build, management, and deployment of complex mainframe CICS® applications. The flexible, modular format supports a staged approach to integrating CICS® Configuration Manager into your processes gradually. CICS® Configuration Manager can help all DevOps roles manage rapidly changing mobile applications.

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Single point of control Define CICS® resource definitions across your enterprise from a single interface.
Seamless management Manipulate definitions across CSD files and IBM CICSPlex System Manager data repositories.
Improve productivity Optimize CICS® system administration and collaboration with transparent control and change management.

IBM CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS key features

Full lifecycle management
Track all IBM® CICS® resource definitions. A plug-in for CICS Explorer® improves productivity of CICS developers and other users. View and compare resource-definition histories, including groups and lists.
Automation capabilities Ensure consistent quality by speeding up repetitive and complex tasks like packaging, migration, and transformation.
Authorization controls and audit log Locate and roll-back previous changes, and invoke standards enforcement and role-based approvals. Integration with source code library management systems is also supported.
Insightful views of resource definitions Take advantage of views that highlight duplicate or conflicting resource definitions, lists, and groups. Deployment analysis reports ensure referential integrity that helps you avoid CICS® restart issues.

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