IBM® CICS® is a set of enterprise application servers with exceptional transactional performance and connectivity for mission-critical transactions. CICS applications are written in a wealth of languages, from Java to COBOL – all hosted in a highly scalable and secure environment.

Walmart runs an average of 500 million transactions per day on CICS… and up to a 10:1 cost ratio over comparable solutions

Application server software

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS VUE

A one-time-charge (OTC) version of CICS for eligible, qualified workloads

CICS Transaction Server for z/VSE 2.2

Online transaction processing in a scalable, low cost per transaction environment, as part of the z/VSE platform

TXSeries for Multiplatforms

Distributed transaction processing middleware, supporting traditional programming languages

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS

The top application server on z/OS with support for multiple languages and high transactional throughput

Manage and extend CICS

CICS Explorer

An intuitive and integrated tool for the management of CICS systems as part of IBM Explorer for z/OS platform

z/OS Provisioning Toolkit

A tool for the rapid provisioning of z/OS development environments

CICS Transaction Gateway

A market-leading connector for enterprise modernization of CICS assets

z/OS Connect EE

An intuitive tool to create RESTful APIs to and from traditional z/OS-based assets


Software to simplify monitoring and performance management

CICS Build Toolkit

Command-line interface for automating building of CICS projects created in CICS Explorer

CICS TS plug-in for UCD

A plug in which automates and orchestrates application deployment with IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence

Software to simplify development and reduce risk with insight into CICS applications

Tool packs

CICS Modernization Solution Pack for z/OS

A packaged solution to modernize and broaden the reach of CICS applications provided at a reduced, inclusive price

CICS Optimization Solution Pack for z/OS

A convenient package for optimizing CICS systems and applications at a reduced price