Open your applications to hybrid cloud and benefit from modernized, secure, and efficient workload management and development. Harness the value of your business-critical applications with the CICS® family of offerings. CICS solutions elevate the developer experience and expand management and tuning.


Elevate application serving

Leverage CICS-based applications

Develop and maintain z/OS® applications with agility and quality.

Modernize for cloud

Integrate z/OS®-based services and resources into your private cloud.

Enable APIs

Unleash existing assets

Run truly RESTful APIs to and from your mainframe.

Discover CICS insights

See relationships and dependencies of runtime apps to environments.

Transform applications

Increase productivity and reduce risk with API-enabled insights.

Manage and automate critical applications

Build enterprise-scale IT automation

Enable DevOps automation through unified workload orchestration.

Gather and manage insights

Manage and tune CICS with comprehensive analysis and flexible resourcing.

Manage resource definitions

Administer CICS resource definitions with a flexible, single point of control.

Cloud-deploy CICS

Distributed CICS

Elastically scale and respond to business needs in an agile manner through cloud deployment options for CICS applications.

Explore training

Introduction to CICS

See what distinguishes CICS as a mixed language application server.

Java solutions for CICS

Explore usage models of Java applications in CICS and technologies.

Join events and webinars

CICS performance

Explore the performance highlights in CICS Transaction Server V5.

What’s new in CICS

Explore the new features and functions in CICS Transaction Server V5.


Watch the virtual training on IBM Systems products and solutions.