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HTTP 404 error "Not Found" during Validation in Admin Tool whereas TM1 Application Server seems to work properly



In Planning Analytics Workspace Admin Tool, the Validation displays an error when testing TM1 Application Server Gateway URI :
Error: Server responded with status code 404 : Not found

Diagnosing The Problem

1- If TM1 Web is Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services (PASS) then this is the expected behaviour:
Go on with your installation, Workspace will work correctly despite this message.
2- From the PA Workspace machine (where Docker service is running), open an web browser and verify that TM1 Web is accessible, using the same TM1 Application Server Gateway URI as the one defined in <PA_Workspace>/config/paw.ps1 (followed by /tm1web).  For example, if the "TM1 Application Server Gateway URI" is "http://TM1AppServer:9510", then try this in the browser :
If the login page appears, try to connect to some TM1 Server.
This will confirm wether the TM1 Application Server is working.

Resolving The Problem

If point 2 is successful, but the error remains, then there are probably some corrupted files in the TM1 Application Server cache (Websphere Liberty Profile) that does not prevent TM1 Application Server to work properly but that prevent PA Workspace to properly communicates with it. This may be due to some previous crash that may have occurred on the TM1 application Server side.
In that case, clean up the cache :
Stop "IBM Cognos TM1" service
Go to this directory :
backup and delete all files and subfolders in it, just leaving \workarea empty.
Restart "IBM Cognos TM1" service
Retry to validate the configuration in PA Workspace Admin Tool.
If this does not solve the problem, then apply this technote and sent the results to IBM Support:
"Must gather: Use PAWDockerWinChecker tool on Windows to gather information for IBM Support"

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