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Must gather: Use PAWDockerWinChecker tool on Windows to gather information for IBM Support



For any kind of problems experienced with Planning Analytics Workspace, often a lot of various information is needed to investigate and find the cause. Gathering all the required information can often require numerous requests and communication between system administrators, network administrators, application administrators, and IBM support. 
This could lead to delays in providing a solution.

Resolving The Problem

The following Powershell script has been created to accelerate Support case resolution by gathering all information that might be required for initial analysis.
Download this Powershell script, replace .TXT by .PS1, place it in a folder of your choice on the Windows machine where Planning Analytics Workspace is installed (note: the folder name must not contain any space).
Check that Docker service is started, then use Powershell to run the script (ignore any warnings or errors that may be shown, they are often benign).
On some systems, the following error message may occur when running the script:
"File PAWdockerWinChecker.ps1 cannot be loaded. The file PAWdockerWinChecker.ps1 is not digitally signed."
"You cannot run this script on the current system."
"The script will not execute on the system"
In that case, open a Powershell window manually and run this line:
Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process -ExecutionPolicy Bypass
After doing this, still in that same window, type the path to the script to run it.
If not sufficient, try one or both of these other commands:
Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
Unblock-File -Path C:\<your_download_path>\PAWdockerWinChecker.ps1

When finished, send the resulting "Audit_file_for_IBM_Support_<DateTime>.txt" file to IBM Support.

The script will not modify anything in the environment. It will gather the following information:
- Computer information (OS version, free space on disks, free physical and virtual memory, processors, regional settings, Microsoft KB updates)
- Network information, including network adapter priority order, and docker NAT information
- Proxy settings
- Top memory consuming processes
- Any name resolution entries in /etc/Hosts file
- Data Execution Prevention (DEP) configuration
- VMWare Tools version (for known incompatibilities between Docker and some versions of VMWare tools)
- Other IBM services installed on this machine
- Information about Planning Analytics Administration Agent
- Information about TM1 Web / Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services
- Docker version
- Docker-compose version
- Docker "daemon.json" configuration file
- Docker service information (state and service account)
- List of VHD (virtual hard disks, mounted when containers are up)
- Workspace version
- Workspace configuration file (/config/paw.ps1)
- Workspace containers state (/scripts/paw.ps1 ps)
- Workspace images
- Permissions on Workspace directory and files
- pmhub.html configuration is retrieved: only if "CAM" security is used by Workspace, and Cognos Analytics is installed on the same machine
- Run <Workspace_path>/scripts/Debug-ContainerHost.ps1
- SSL/TLS configuration information
- Test all URIs from /config/paw.ps1, from the Workspace host machine, and from inside a Workspace container (tm1proxy)

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Modified date:
22 July 2021