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Heritage Navigator Enable and Disable Instructions

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The heritage Navigator is no longer configured by default with the latest HTTP group PTFs. The ADMIN2 server will be started by default (again) with the June 2023 PTFs.
The heritage Navigator is stabilized and no longer supported.

If you have a requirement to access the heritage Navigator, follow the instructions on this page. 

Note: Heritage Navigator is used at your own risk.  Only start for a limited time.


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Heritage Navigator Enable and Disable Instructions 
The heritage Navigator is no longer started by default. The heritage Navigator is stabilized and will be removed from support completely by the end of 2022.  With the most recent PTFs, a user is required to enable and manually start the ADMIN2 server if they want to access and use the heritage Navigator.  Users are responsible for starting this server.  It is highly recommended that it remain disabled and only enabled for specific use cases. 

For more information, see the IBM i security bulletin found at
For IBM i 7.5, heritage Navigator has been removed with the following PTFS:  SI79423 and SI79424.  These are both in the IBM HTTP Server for i group - level 2 SF99952
With these PTFs applied, heritage Navigator is unavailable.
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This page outlines the steps the users needs to take to enable and disable the Heritage Navigator.  

While enabled, port 2001 or 2010 redirects to the new Navigator for i, so for heritage navigator for i you will need to type the URL for heritage Navigator for i.  The links for heritage Navigator for i are:

Enable or Disable, and Start or End the heritage Navigator 
Before attempting to run these steps, be sure your IBM i has the latest HTTP PTF Group level
The IBM Web Administration for i GUI interface provides an easy way to enable and start the ADMIN2 server.  
Note:  The heritage Navigator Monitor Server is a separate job and is started automatically when the ADMIN2 server is started.  It will need to be ended manually when the ADMIN2 server is ended.
From your favorite modern browser, enter http://hostname:2001/HTTPAdmin 
Sign on with an IBM i user with *IOSYSCFG and *ALLOBJ special authorities  
IBM Web Administration GUI Manage ADMIN2
Click the following to navigate to the correct location: 
  • Manage tab 
  • Application Servers sub tab 
  • From the Server selection list, select 'ADMIN2 -V8.5 (int app svr)'
  • Click the 'Properties' action in the left navigation area under the Server Properties category
 IBM Web Administration GUI ADMIN2 Properties
To enable the Heritage Navigator so that you can start the server 
  • Select 'False' for the Disable server field 
  • Click Save 
To disable the Heritage Navigator so that you can end the server 
  • Select 'True' for the Disable server field 
  • Click Save 
IBM Web Administration GUI Start and Stop a Server
The status of the ADMIN2 server is shown on the GUI.  
  • Click the Green Start icon to start the ADMIN2 server 
  • Click the Red Stop icon to end the ADMIN2 server
Note:  If the ADMIN2 server is restarted, the ‘userdata’ cache directory will automatically be recreated; this will cause a scan for Log4j to fail.  Once the ADMIN2 server has been disabled and ended the user must delete the following directory: 


Once the ADMIN2 server is ended, you will want to end the heritage Navigator Monitor Server.  This can be done with the following command:


Alternatively you can run WRKACTJOB JOB(QINAVMNSRV), then type '4' to end all the monitor jobs.

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