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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs, and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM License Key Server. It also contains a quick view of resolved APARs and a link to the download document. The "What's new" section of the download document describes any new functions or enhancements.


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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack (9.0)
Link Date Released Status
PH30184 Date parsing fails when Agent runs on a non-English OS.
PH30940 Agent fails to parse the lmstat details from an LKS serving only floating, non-tokens licenses.
PH31143 Unwanted role column shown in exported .csv file for user-based reports.
PH31144 In hourly peak reports, multiple top-level records may be shown for products.

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
PH23738 Attempt to send a test mail with pre-saved password fails.
PH24873 Agent conversion for CLM floating licenses usages fails to remove data related to checked-in licenses.

Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
PH23305 Agent fails to consolidate the check-out entries before and after restarting the LKS.
PH23306 Agent fails to handle the license usages from multi-threaded applications.
PH23313 Agent fails to group the check-outs based on duplicate group.
PH23315 Agent fails to map the usage for package component products to its parent package features.

Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
PH17555 Monthly scheduled reports do not properly save reporting days.
PH19775 ART/AGENT configured to work with hook logs cannot generate reports for floating licenses of PACKAGE-based features.

Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH16404 RLKS ART Agent will fail to start reporting for licenses without an "Issue Date".

Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH12516 Data exported from a Peak Usage report for a mix of CLM and Non-CLM products is incorrect.

Mod Pack (8.1.6)
Link Date Released Status

There are no specific APARs fixed in this release.

Visit the Fix list for previous releases information.

[{"Line of Business":{"code":"LOB45","label":"Automation"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Product":{"code":"SSFT2B","label":"IBM Common Licensing"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m0z0000001hayAAA","label":"Rational licensing->License Key Server"}],"Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"8.1.6;9.0.0"}]

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08 November 2021