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Exchanging diagnostic data with IBM

To assist you in isolating the cause of a problem with the program, our support specialists may request that you send IBM the problem information, systems data, diagnostic data, etc., or that our support specialists be able to view it with you electronically by remotely accessing your system. IBM uses information about errors and problems to improve its products and services, and assist with its provision of related support offerings. For these purposes, IBM may use IBM entities and subcontractors (including in one or more countries other than the one in which you are located), and you authorize IBM to do so. You confirm that you have the right to provide us with the data you send to us regarding your problems and errors for the purpose of analyzing that data.

By sending us problem information, you warrant that none of the data exported to, or otherwise accessible by, IBM is controlled as a defense article under the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) or under any other country's laws or regulations. You may not upload or otherwise export or re-export images or files from or to us except in full compliance with all applicable export and import laws and regulations. You understand and acknowledge that IBM is a U.S. headquartered company and that applicable U.S. export laws and regulations may prohibit IBM from providing services to certain end users and for certain end uses.

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26 July 2021