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Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) - Overview

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Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) is a secure and fully supported data repository with problem determination tools and functions. It updates IBM Support cases and maintains full data lifecycle management.

This server-based solution is used to exchange data between IBM customers and IBM Technical Support. Do not place files on or download files from this server without prior authorization from an IBM representative. They are able to provide further instructions as needed. As soon as you contacted your IBM representative, read "Exchanging diagnostic data with IBM" terms of use .

Important changes to ECuRep are announce via "My Notifications". To received ECuRep notifications, you need to subscribe to the "product" "ECuRep" or select "ECuRep" within your product subscription. If you are subscribed but want to receive no further ECuRep news, use this link to "unsubscribe".

HTTPS, FTPS (FTP over TLS), and SFTP (FTP over SSH) are supported for manual uploads (in addition utilities).
All servers enforce authentication. For Web access, you need to authenticate with your IBM ID . For FTPS and SFTP servers, you need to create an IBM Support File Transfer ID .

It is a two-step process to get your data loaded into the repository

Step 1: Prepare your data

Follow the simple preparation instructions to ensure your data is loaded properly.

Step 2: Send your data

Choose your preferred method to send your data to the repository.

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26 July 2021