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Application modernization is a key topic for many customers. The purpose of this page is to help pull together some of the key tools, methodologies, and other resources to help the IBM i user in this endeavor. 

Modernization RedBook - This RedBook takes a comprehensive look at modernizing on IBM i. Modern programs, languages, tools, and best practice for modern data.  Modernizing IBM i Applications RedBook 
Modern RPG RedBook - RPG has been around a long time, the IBM i team has been working with our user community to 'reinvent' RPG to move it from a column (punch card) based language to a very modern business language easily understood by and 'experienced develop'.  This book looks at what is Modern RPG and best practices in writing Modern applications. Who Knew you Could Do That with RPG? Modern RPG 
Converting Column based RPG to 'Modern RPG' - With the changes to the RPG language to make it a modern business language, tools to help you convert your old column based RPG to the new Fully Free form Modern RPG are key the easy adoption and success. In April 2017, IBM i continued our partnership with ARCAD to now offer the ARCAD Converter for i support as part of the IBM i software/hardware ordering system. ARCAD Converter for IBM i
Understanding Your Application - Impact Analysis, Blue Prints, documentation are all key to the future success of your applications. While most of us have applications that have been around for a long time and have changed over time to meet the needs of the business. Often if we originally had documentation, it has now become stale, and is no longer useful.  In April 2017 IBM i continued our partnership with ARCAD to now offer the ARCAD Observer for i support as part of the IBM i hardware/software ordering system. This is a significant step in helping the application developer understand the application and better understand impacts changes to the code before you get started.  ARCAD Observer for IBM i 
RPG Cafe  - The place where RPG programmers go to find out about RPG enhancements and other RPG topics.  RPG Cafe
Rational Developer for i (RDi)

The strategic tool for developing applications on IBM i.

Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration (MERLIN)


The following table lists recent enhancements for Application Developers:

Application Development Enhancement Code Level
DSPMOD shows module source from IFS file IBM i 7.4 Base
IBM i 7.4 Base
IBM i 7.3 PTF MF67674
IBM i 7.4 Base
MODS can return the size of the modified space IBM i 7.4 Base
New TEXT options for CRTSRVPGM IBM i 7.4 Base

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