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ARCAD Observer for i


ARCAD Observer for IBM i  - Gives the IBM i developer a tool program understanding. Much like when building a house, you are required to have a detailed BluePrint. ARCAD Observer for IBM i provides the developer with that 'blueprint'.  Provides an easy way to see application components, architecture, data maps, diagrams and flowcharts to give the developer the information they need to better understand their application and all its related comments. This includes the database and how the data is used with in the application. In addition to program understanding, the Observer tool can also publish documentation for the application as well as impact analysis.  Key features include:

  • I/O Diagram, database relationship model, and calling chain diagrams 
  • Flowcharting 
  • Source code analyzer 
  • Documentation generation
  • Rational Developer for i Integration  

Key Links  - Click on the Attachments link to download the following PDF documents 

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09 January 2020