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Storage virtualization makes your data and storage resources for virtualized server and desktop environments secure, reliable and efficient.

Utilize cloud agility to maximize the value of your data from the edge to the cloud. With hybrid cloud and cloud-native data architecture, you can easily power all your apps, streamline data administration, and reduce silos and complexity to optimize your data center. Host-based all as-a-Service functionality is even possible.

Regardless of where your storage infrastructure resides, you can manage all your storage devices with the same tools, operating systems and interfaces as you would on-premises. This is made possible through virtual environments built with IBM Spectrum® Virtualize, the software powering the IBM FlashSystem®. 

IBM FlashSystem Product Tour

Explore FlashSystems powered by IBM Spectrum Virtualize software that uses symmetric virtualization.

Next-generation datastore and virtualization storage IBM FlashSystem storage systems enable tight integration with your server and desktop virtualization hypervisor. On-premise to cloud consistency

Reduce redundancy and unify the view of your storage environment and enable seamless data mobility and storage management both on-premises and cloud storage.

Scalable for any environment

Smart, self-optimizing solution that is easily managed, enabling organizations to overcome physical storage device challenges through tiering to gain scalability.

Flexible consumption

Procure storage capacity on demand through virtual machines and combine the control of on-premises storage and the agility of cloud with IBM-maintained storage as a service.

Intelligent operations

Streamline and optimize storage services across environments with a consistent software-defined storage platform and predictive analytics from AI-powered IBM Storage Insights.

High performance

Achieve fast response times with low latency and high availability with industry-leading IBM FlashCore® technology and the end-to-end NVMe FlashSystem for mission-critical workloads.

Rock-solid data storage resilience

Safeguarded Copy offers data protection, disaster recovery and reduces downtime with high performance, hardware-based encryption and immutable, isolated copies that can be quickly restored.

Resources IBM FlashSystem and VMware Implementation and Best Practices Guide

Topics illustrate planning, configuring, operations and preferred practices that include the virtual storage VMware vCloud suite of applications.

IBM FlashSystem for VMware vSphere with Tanzu Basic Edition

Demonstrate how IBM FlashSystem with IBM Spectrum Virtualize can be used as a preferred back-end persistent storage for VMware Tanzu-based deployments.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize technical overview

Get information on the major concepts you need to understand to use IBM Spectrum Virtualize as software only.

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Boost your server and data resource capabilities with industry-leading IBM storage virtualization technology.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud provides enterprise block storage capabilities across on-premises and cloud deployments.

IBM FlashSystem

Get fast block storage and rapid scaling for growing volumes of data while simplifying data management with AI-driven analytics and hybrid cloud.

IBM Storage Insights

Monitor all your storage from the cloud and gain AI-powered information on performance and capacity, actionable alerts, and streamlined support.

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Take the product tour. The tour allows you interact with IBM FlashSystem. Explore modules covering server virtualization, storage virtualization software, system management, performance and more. 


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