Simplify data management

Storage virtualization is a critical component of IT virtualization. Benefits of server virtualization — such as improved utilization, flexibility, responsiveness, workload mobility and disaster recovery — can be limited if only part of your infrastructure is virtualized.
IBM offers a variety of storage virtualization solutions to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. IBM storage virtualization is also part of a foundation for effective cloud deployment and software-defined infrastructures.

Modernize storage to revitalize your existing investment

IBM Storwize family

All-flash and hybrid storage solutions are easy to deploy and help control costs

IBM DS8880 hybrid storage

Business-critical hybrid-flash data systems for your most demanding application workloads

IBM XIV Storage System

Simple and efficient integration with cloud and virtual environments for enterprise storage

IBM SAN Volume Controller

Hybrid cloud storage delivers the benefits of storage virtualization across large enterprises, midsize companies and small businesses