Storage area network (SAN) solutions
Achieve high availability, scalability and proven data security—so you can focus on strategy without worry
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Connect servers and storage with a high-speed, intelligent network fabric. Take advantage of a smarter data center that improves performance, reliability, efficiency and cuts costs.

Introducing IBM b-type and c-type storage area network switches which offer superior storage connectivity. Establish a robust and resilient storage infrastructure that can help boost business agility and lower your total cost of ownership.

IBM SAN benefits Download the NVMe Over Fibre Channel For Dummies® eBook Build smarter data centers

Connect servers and storage with a high-speed and AI-driven intelligent network fabric.

Simplify management

Use of intelligent data center management software automates provisioning, integrates health monitoring and improves data security.

Afford scalability

Achieve affordable scalability with various IBM SAN solutions that meet the storage needs for every business size.

Achieve data flexibility

Continuously evolve storage capacity with our best-in-class modular building blocks.

Get superior performance

Get greater storage performance with IBM storage network adapters and software options—more bandwidth, better data protection and reliability.

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Entry level switches
SAN24B-6 An entry-level network switch with low-cost, easy-to-use capabilities at 4, 8, 16 and 32 Gbps port speeds. Its efficient design makes it perfect for any sized business looking to grow its network. Learn more about the SAN24B-6
SAN32C-6 A next-generation switch for high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity from the server rack to the SAN core. A unique port expansion module provides a flexible, cost-effective port upgrade option. Learn more about the SAN32C-6
Enterprise directors SAN512B-7 and SAN256B-7

The perfect foundation for the new era of autonomous storage. Connectivity to NVME devices has never been faster at over 64Gbps, and ultra-low latency provides faster access times than ever before.


A director-class switch that layers an extensive list of intelligent features onto its high performance, protocol-independent switch fabric. Designed for small to mid-sized storage networks.


A next-generation system switching device designed specifically for large-scale storage networks. With added enterprise connectivity options, it provides flexible, stable support for IBM Z® systems servers.


One of the industry’s highest port density for a SAN director with 768 line-rate 32 Gbps Fibre Channel ports. Deploy as either centralized or collapsed core architecture to support your mixed workloads.

Extension switches SAN42B-R

Built for large enterprises that need to move more data over long distances. Provides optimal performance, throughput speed and scalability, with unsurpassed security through Fabric Vision technology.


Handles the unrelenting transfer of data between data centers, can minimize the impact of disruption to maintain service-level agreements, and secure data-in-flight between data centers.

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