Introducing Cloud Pak for Security

Uncover hidden threats.  Orchestrate teams for faster response.  Run anywhere.

2019 Ponemon Institute Study on the Cyber Resilient Organization

Arm your business with the battle-tested platform from IBM Resilient

Organizations today battle complex cyberattacks, complicated technology environments, and a growing skills gap – making effective response more complicated than ever. Intelligent Orchestration in the IBM® Resilient® Incident Response Platform unlocks the value and power of your security tools and integrates them into a single response hub.

Resilient’s integration into Splunk has afforded the Penn State Health Cyber Security Operations and Executive Leadership teams the ability to view its incident detection and response performance in real-time. This new visibility has enabled us to identify and fix process gaps, reducing response effort times from a matter of days to less than several hours on average.

Incident Response Manager, Penn State Health and College of Medicine

What Intelligent Orchestration can do for you

Enable guided response to complex attacks

Resilient can empower security teams to respond to complex attacks by automating repetitive steps, allowing analysts to focus on more strategic tasks. It also provides agile playbooks that can adapt response to incident details in real time, and guides analysts through the response, outlining their roles, responsibilities, and deadlines.

Improve and measure SOC productivity

Resilient helps enable SOC managers to increase and measure SOC productivity by integrating with existing security tools. Teams can enforce SLAs and help ensure that the right analyst is working on the right tasks with the right tools.

Alleviate the skills gap

Resilient helps alleviate the skills gap by allowing analysts to focus energy on investigation and response rather than pivoting between tools and repeating basic steps by automating triage and enrichment tasks. 

Improve the data breach notification processes

Resilient helps streamline privacy response management by providing a knowledgebase of global regulations and response plans that map to the latest regulations — taking some of the complexity out of tracking and fulfilling privacy breach regulations and obligations

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