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The IBM 4769 Cryptographic Coprocessor is the latest generation and fastest of the IBM hardware security module (HSM) family. This page describes how to order the HSM.

The IBM 4769 is currently available on:

  1. IBM Z® family z15® mainframes, either on z/OS® or Linux® on IBM Z operating systems, ordered as a Crypto feature code (FC) 0898 or 0899 – Crypto Express 7S (CEX7S).
  2. x64 servers as an IBM Z machine type-model (MTM), on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 64-bit operating systems.

Note: FCs 0898/0899 are only available on z15 mainframes and requires Crypto FC 3863 (CPACF Enablement). CPACF stands for Central Processor Assist for Cryptographic Functions. CPACF is a set of cryptographic instructions providing improved performance through hardware acceleration. Using the cryptographic hardware, you gain security from using the CPACF and CEX7S through in-kernel cryptography APIs and, for Linux on IBM Z, the libica cryptographic functions library. Cryptographic keys must be protected by your application system, as required.

How to order a CEX7S for IBM Z
To place an order for the CEX7S feature, contact your IBM Customer Engineer. A minimum of 2 features is required per computer, with a maximum of 60.

How to order a 4769-001 for x64
To place an order for a 4769-001, contact your Americas Call Centers, local IBM representative, or your IBM Business Partner. To identify your local IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, contact the Crypto team. You can also use the "Let's talk" button on this page.

How to order smart cards and smart card readers
IBM smart cards can be ordered from IBM (part number 00RY790). Visit IBM's Directory of worldwide contacts for information about ordering from IBM in your country.

Smart card readers can be ordered from Identiv (SPR332 v2.0 Secure Class 2 PIN Pad Reader (link resides outside of ibm.com), part number 905127-1).

Contact the Crypto team if you need additional assistance.

Some publications for the 4769 are available on the 4769 Library page. Others are available for download on the IBM 4769 download site, including instructions for installing the 4769 in your server and for loading the coprocessor firmware.

Note: to access this site, you must obtain and log in with an IBMid. This process is quick and easy. Instructions are on the download site.

Top diagonal view IBM PCIeCC4 HSM two cards in adapter