IBM 4769 custom programming

Custom software support

The 4767 HSM contains firmware to manage its specialized hardware and to control loading of additional software based on coprocessor-validated digital signatures. Software support includes the embedded Linux® operating system and special device drivers, which provide the platform for application support. Custom applications can be written to run within the HSM, using the internal APIs to perform cryptographic functions. Developing additional functions through User Defined Extensions (UDXs) using CCA as a starting point can be more economical and less time-consuming than creating an entirely new application.

Special key management functions and PIN processing routines are typical extensions.

When an application is substantially different from CCA, or is proprietary, a complete custom application can be built on the embedded Linux environment. Very different approaches to cryptographic processing or even non-cryptographic applications that require a secure processing environment can be developed for the HSM.

Programming custom applications

The 4767 HSM represents a specialized programming environment with its own tools, debug aids, and code release procedures. Rather than learn to create applications for this specialized environment, customers can obtain custom programming services through an experienced IBM team or through selected contractors. IBM is pleased to jointly develop specifications and quote on custom solutions.

Please contact the Crypto team for additional information.