Order HSM

The IBM PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor Version 3 (PCIeCC3) is the latest generation and fastest of the IBM hardware security module (HSM) family. This page describes how to order the HSM.

The PCIeCC3 is currently available on IBM Z® family z14® mainframes only, either on z/OS® or Linux® on z Systems® operating systems, ordered as a Crypto feature code (FC) 0893 – Crypto Express 6S (CEX6S).


Note: FC 0893 is only available on z14 mainframes and requires Crypto FC 3863 (CPACF Enablement). CPACF stands for Central Processor Assist for Cryptographic Functions. CPACF is a set of cryptographic instructions providing improved performance through hardware acceleration. Using the cryptographic hardware, you gain security from using the CPACF and CEX5S through in-kernel cryptography APIs and, for Linux on z Systems, the libica cryptographic functions library. Cryptographic keys must be protected by your application system, as required.

To place an order for the CEX6S feature, contact your IBM Customer Engineer. A minimum of 2 features is required per computer, with a maximum of 16.

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