IBM CEX6S / 4768 library

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IBM 4768 availability

IBM Z mainframe. The IBM 4768 is available as feature code (FC) 0893 (Crypto Express6S, or CEX6S) on IBM Z mainframes (z14® only), either on z/OS® or Linux® on z Systems® operating systems.

On Linux on IBM Z, IBM offers a CCA API for the CEX6S and a PKCS #11 (EP11) API to the user.

Publications for these installations are discussed below.

PCIeCC3 CCA Support Program

The Secure Key Solution manual describes the capabilities of the security application programming interface (API) provided with the CCA Support Program.

Manuals by platform

Platform Manual
Linux on IBM Z IBM Secure Key Solution with the Common Cryptographic Architecture Application Programmer's Guide (PDF, 7 MB)


PCIeCC3 Enterprise PKCS #11 (EP11)

This manual describes the library structure and capabilities of the cryptographic application programming interface (API) provided with the Enterprise PKCS#11 (EP11) Library for Linux on Z.

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The IBM CPACF Enablement crypto feature

The IBM Central Processor Assist for Cryptographic Functions (CPACF) feature, IBM Z feature code 3863, provides hardware acceleration for 290-960 MB/sec bulk encryption rate, AES (128, 192, 256 bit), DES (DEA, TDEA2, TDEA3), SHA-1 (160 bit), and SHA-2 (224, 256, 384, 512 bit).

The IBM Cryptographic Coprocessor Facility (CCF)

The Cryptographic Coprocessor Facility (CCF) is an optional hardware feature that provides high-performance cryptographic capabilities for z/VM®, including DES, Triple-DES, RSA, and various finance-industry-specific cryptographic services. IBM zSeries servers, except the zSeries 990, offer the CCF feature.