CryptoCards education offerings

The following education opportunities related to IBM Systems cryptographic hardware products are available to help you make the most out of IBM's hardware security modules (HSMs).

IBM 4767 custom programming toolkits education

The software running in the IBM 4767 coprocessor can be customized, either by you, IBM, or both, to meet any special requirements that your enterprise has. A custom software developer's toolkit for the IBM 4767 is available for purchase, subject to the export regulations of the United States Government, that can enable developers to build applications for the HSM, authenticate programs, and load programs into the HSM. The custom programming toolkit includes:

  • a guide that describes the tools that enable developers to build applications for the IBM 4767, authenticate programs, and load programs into the IBM 4767,
  • a custom software interface reference that describes the function calls that applications running in the HSM use to obtain services from the HSM operating system and from the HSM device driver in the host system,
  • a reference that provides the method for extending the CCA host API and the API reference for the user-defined extensions programming environment, and
  • an Interactive Code Analysis Tool (ICAT) that developers can use to debug applications running on the HSM.

Frequently a custom contract provides consultation to hasten application development, and sometimes provides for initial development by IBM. Whenever needed, IBM is also able to bid on developing your custom solution or extension.
Education on the custom programming toolkits is provided under a services contract in conjunction with support and copies of the toolkits. For further information, please contact the Crypto team.


Other related IBM education

Education courses are available on a variety of subjects related to IBM's HSMs and its Common Cryptographic Architecture (CCA). These education offerings can be tailored to your specific needs. Courses can be conducted worldwide, either at an IBM facility or a facility of your choosing.

To arrange a course, or request additional information, contact:

Mulder Training & Consultancy

The Netherlands

Tel. +31-544-374037, or +31-651-714000