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Reliable tape storage technology with airgap, long-term retention, cyber resilient and energy-efficient at a lower cost than other media

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Next generation LTO 9 tape technology for the hybrid cloud

Building on the confidence of more than two decades of data protection and storage innovation, IBM LTO 9 solutions offers end users more energy-efficient storage capacity than ever with high levels of confidence that their data is safe, secured and protected against cyber threats.

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Preserve, protect and secure your data cost-effectively with IBM tape storage. The full range of tape storage products

Learn more about drives, autoloaders, libraries, virtual tape systems, and IBM Spectrum Archive software.

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Tape-based data storage for powerful modern data protection

Discover a simple, inexpensive technology that is virtually impervious to cyberattacks and is already in your data center – tape storage.

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Tape storage goes high speed

'Flape' storage uses intelligent software-defined storage to combine the cost and performance advantages of flash, tape and SDS.

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Foster an Air-Gapped cyber-resilient infrastructure

IBM Tape solutions help you eliminate the ransomware cycle of infection and re-infection by creating a data copy essentially impossible for hackers to corrupt.

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IBM TS7770 virtual tape family

Improve storage economics and data security in mission-critical hybrid cloud environments.

IBM TS7770 includes enhanced security, scalability, reliability, and performance for today’s mainframe environments. The TS7700 family introduces a high performance All Flash solution along with the high capacity storage solution. Address the growing modern data protection and retention requirements of today’s world with an increasingly cyber-resilient infrastructure including “air-gap” protection for malware and ransomware.

  • Seamless hybrid cloud integration with cloud-based disaster recovery for tape
  • 100% data encryption of all 8-clusters grid
  • Smaller footprint in the data center, down to 16U rack mount solution with lower entry cost option is available
  • 3.94 PT Maximum native capacity per library
  • Drive type: TS1100
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IBM Diamondback Tape Library

Preserve and protect your data with sustainable, cyber-resilient, ultra-high-density tape storage. Easy to deploy, manage and service.

  • Maximum capacity with LTO-9: 27.8 PB uncompressed
  • Drive Type: LTO FH
  • Maximum number of drives: 14
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IBM LTO® Tape Drives air-gapped technology
IBM LTO 9 Data Cartridge
  • 18 TB Maximum format capacity (native)
  • Other format capacities (native): 12 TB (LTO-8)
  • 300 MB/s Native data rate

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IBM TS2280 Tape Drive
  • 12 TB Maximum format capacity (native)
  • Other format capacities (native): 6 TB (LTO-7), 9 TB (LTO-7 Type M)
  • 300 MB/s Native data rate

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IBM TS2270 Tape Drive
  • 6TB Maximum format capacity (native)
  • Other format capacities (native): 2.5 TB (LTO-6), 1.5 TB (LTO-5 R/O)
  • 300MB/s Native data rate

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IBM TS1100 Tape Drives, air-gap with increased capacity
IBM TS1160 Tape Drive
  • Maximum format capacity (native):  20 TB (JE), 15 TB (JD)
  • Other format capacities (native): 10 TB (JD), 7 TB (JC)
  • 400 MB/s Native data rate
  • FC-16 Gb, Ethernet 10Gb, or SAS 12Gb interface attachment

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IBM TS1150 Tape Drive
  • Maximum format capacity (native): 10 TB (JD), 7 TB (JC)
  • Other format capacities (native): 4 TB (JC)
  • 360 MB/s Native data rate

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IBM Tape Libraries

 Cyber resiliency with physical air-gapping reduces the cost of storing growing amounts of data.

IBM TS4500 Tape Library

Next-generation cloud storage library

  • Maximum capacity with LTO-8 / TS1160: 278 PB / 351 PB
  • Drive Type(s): LTO and/or TS1100
  • Maximum number of drives: 128
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IBM TS4300 Tape Library

High-density, highly scalable and easy-to-manage

  • Maximum capacity with LTO-8: 3.36 PB
  • Drive Type(s): LTO FH & HH
  • Maximum number of drives: 21
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TS2900 Tape Autoloader

Low-profile, entry-level IBM LTO tape storage

  • Maximum capacity with LTO-8: 108 TB
  • Drive Type(s): LTO HH SAS
  • Maximum number of drives: 1
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Tape management software

Optimize archival cost with a true physical air gap protection and an intuitive management system.  Get direct, intuitive and graphical access to data stored in IBM tape drives and libraries. IBM Spectrum Archive makes tape storage as easy to use as disk storage by incorporating the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) format standard for reading, writing and exchanging metadata on formatted tape cartridges.

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Storage Media

Superior quality tape media, designed to preserve your storage at a lower cost

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IBM 7226 Multimedia Storage Enclosure

Deploy a low-profile design configuration, with up to four storage devices in a 1U space in a 19-inch rack.

Enable the performance and capacity enhancements of half-high Linear Tape-Open (LTO)® Ultrium®, DVD-RAM or Remote DBA Experts, LLC (RDX) removable disk drives.

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Case studies

Our customers validate that IBM tape storage is a cost-effective, cyber resilient solution. Bradesco secure banking

The second-largest bank in Brazil creates a new way of banking, focused on consumers and their need for always-on, mobile services supported with an innovative, reliable, and secure storage platform.

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Amsterdam UMC

This medical center implements a scalable, cost-effective storage for big data solution and helped researchers migrate from NAS drives to a centralized storage platform based on IBM Spectrum Storage solutions.

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Government of Puerto Rico

After the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico deployed a continuous availability solution — based on z Systems® — to maximize uptime and resume operations quickly if disaster strikes.

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