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IBM and Cloudera have partnered to offer an industry-leading, enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution plus an ecosystem of integrated products and services – all designed to help organizations achieve faster analytic results at scale. Read the partnership announcement.

As a part of this partnership, IBM provides:

  • Resell and support of Cloudera products
  • Sell and support of Hortonworks products under a multi-year contract
  • Migration assistance to future Cloudera/Hortonworks unity products

Benefit from the combined IBM and Cloudera collaboration and investment in the open source community and commitment to cloud to better support analytics initiatives from the edge to AI.


Deploy one big data solution

Collect, govern, secure, access and explore big data with IBM and Cloudera. Benefit from an enterprise-grade data platform and an ecosystem of IBM products and services.

Optimize with open source

IBM and Cloudera are committed to the open source community, applying open standards and interoperability to their products and solutions to foster innovation.

Drive high-performance analytics

Connect your data scientists to data silos and drive self-service access and real-time decisions, transforming  complex data into clear actionable insights.

Empower hybrid and multicloud

Securely federate data across your on-premises, multicloud and hybrid environments. Benefit from more accurate, data-driven decisions.

Featured product

Cloudera Data Platform Data Center with IBM

Perform integrated analytics from the edge to AI with a comprehensive on-premises platform that spans ingest, processing, analysis, experimentation, and deployment. Optimized for deployment in the data center, this platform fuses the latest open source analytics technologies into a multifunction analytics and data management system.

Use cases

Build a better data lake

Challenge: Build an enterprise data lake that has the proper level of data governance and security plus the analytic tools needed by data scientists to drive better data models, visualization and machine learning.

Solution: IBM and Cloudera offer an enterprise data platform with an ecosystem of open source-based, integrated products and services engineered to speed time to value when building a data lake.

Meet the growing challenges of AI

Challenge: Access, collect and analyze data in new formats: streaming, call log, sentiment and social media — from external sources and internal ones, on premises and in the cloud to promote machine learning and AI initiatives.

Solution: IBM and Cloudera are driving AI with solutions that unlock the value of data in new ways, enable the deployment and management of business models, predict future outcomes and automate processes.

Offload EDW data and ETL workloads

Challenge: Explosive growth of data has forced the use of the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to be used for purposes for which it was never intended. This includes running extract, transform, load (ETL) workloads and providing expensive storage of large volumes of unused data.

Solution: A data lake from IBM and Cloudera can help offload EDW data and ETL workloads. Our flexible platform and add-ons provide economical storage and technologies for machine learning and analytics and are optimized for the cloud.

IBM/Cloudera products

Services and support

Multivendor open source support

Simplify with IBM vendor-agnostic support. Whether you're using community editions, commercial products, individual packages or a complex software stack, IBM can support your entire open source ecosystem

Big data and platform services

Benefit from both custom and as-a-service offerings to better manage and drive actionable analytic solutions. Access services to drive strategy, blueprints and roadmaps, along with engineering and operations to maximize your data investment.

Engage an expert

Schedule a no-cost, one-on-one, 30-minute consultation with a Hadoop expert to explore how you can use the IBM Cloudera partnership to build your big data solutions.

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