Build and modernize your data lake with Cloudera Data Platform with IBM



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Build a modern data lake with Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud with IBM

Unleash the power of your data lake. Put self-service SQL, BI and data science into the hands of business analysts, subject matter experts and other value creators.

End-to-end data management

Provide more secure access to your data from ingest to governance and data engineering. Serve advanced analytics and high performance BI all on one platform

SQL analytics for all your data

Use AutoSQL to gain warehouse-grade SQL access to your existing BI tools, so you can analyze data directly on your data lake, including Hive and Impala.

Data science at scale

Build, run and manage AI models with petabyte-scale data stored in Cloudera Data Platform with improved security and governance.

Automated governance and cataloging

Catalog data ingested and data discovered and generate assets automatically. There is no need for manual metadata or DDL generation.

Real-time data warehouse

Stream the freshest data into your data lake with Flink and share insights live with IBM Cognos® Analytics dashboards.

True hybrid cloud environment

Facilitate the portability of data among almost all cloud platforms with this open source design.


Greater choice and value for advanced analytics and AI

Learn how IBM and Cloudera deliver better data access, analytics and decisions throughout your enterprise.

The path to Cloud Data Platform with Cloudera and IBM

Watch this 30-minute webinar to get the tools you need for a simplified path to the Cloudera Data Platform.

Integrating Cloudera Data Platform and IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Learn how these two data and AI platforms communicate through this step-by-step integration guide.

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