IBM Cloud for Salesforce Integration
Integrate apps across Salesforce, external clouds and on-premises systems in a style that suits your business
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Integrate your Salesforce environment

Poor access to data — inside and outside the platform — is a leading barrier to generating insights from Salesforce. Powered by the partnership between IBM and Salesforce, IBM® App Connect software helps you integrate Salesforce data in a way that makes sense for your business — whether it is from APIs, applications or message-based and event-based techniques.


Benefits Integrate faster

Quickly configure Salesforce integration flows that move data between applications as batch data copy, for scheduled sync-up or in response to an event.

Connect multiple endpoints

Connect to any enterprise system and integrate it with your Salesforce platform or extend Salesforce data beyond the platform.

Access data more easily

Pull CRM data from one or multiple systems in a single flow — with built-in tools to parse the data formats — without coding.

Helping different types of Salesforce users Salesforce administrator

Whether you’re responsible for a single sales cloud or a busy organization structure, with this solution, you can quickly connect CRM data across multiple cloud and on-premises applications to your Salesforce platform.

Salesforce developer

Developing new applications requires access to the applications and data the flows rely on. Now, you can connect to any endpoint, exposes well-formed REST APIs and supports Open Data Protocol (OData).

Integration specialist

Powerful integration tooling in IBM App Connect helps you connect to any system and to transform, enrich and distribute the data to endpoints within and outside the Salesforce platform.

Case study

Case study
Building an innovative client support experience To transform the client support experience, IBM standardized on a single platform. The new IBM Cognitive Support Platform, leveraging IBM App Connect and the Salesforce Bulk API, automates key processes and enables robust governance. Learn more

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