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Accelerating your B2B startup
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Fuel your journey with the power of IBM

Take the opportunity to get the full power of IBM to fuel your startup journey. Accepted companies get a dedicated Swedish contact person from our startup team throughout the 12month program period. Based on program path, Incubation or Acceleration, you customize activities within business and technology that best fuels your journey.

Who is it for?

We are looking for entrepreneur teams with B2B solutions aiming to alter the competitive landscape or make a social impact in established industries or technology domains. A focus on medium to large companies is preferred but not required. Solutions based on (academic) research are highly valued. The cross functional capabilities of the team and their ability to receive our help are important. Finally we look at how we get along knowing that’s beside purpose that’s the source of energy to make a difference, sharing and giving to people you respect and trust.

Our program requisite is that you find value and are open to base your solution in whole or to large extent on IBM services or products. In particular IBM public cloud (where we offer free credits) but also IBM Cloud paks and IBM hardware are examples of eligible products.


Insights from conversations

Voxo Turn conversations into gold Voxo is helping COOP transforming insights to actions by digitally analysing customer service calls. Voxo and IBM are partnering to deliver the service in IBM Cloud and reaching new clients.


For power traders, solar farm operators and DSOS

”What we like about IBM is that they have different approach to startups, they want startups to succeed and the technical aspects is only one of many important. Our journey to find the right business model has been speeded up by the input we have gotten from the experienced IBM team.”

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, CEO and Co-Founder Greenlytics

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Transforming Camera Data into Anonymous Insights

”When building a Start up, we are always looking for the best resources and the best offerings available. It goes from hiring, finding partners like lawyers and also for cloud services. At the point when we were to decide what cloud partner to work with, we evaluated the options thoroughly and decided to go for IBM because they had the best offer for us looking at support, resources and engagement.”

Fredrik Hammargården, Co-founder, Head of Commercialization

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Build fast and optimized e-commerce websites

”Validation of the technology by IBM has helped us advance faster – this has been a technical springboard for us. The access to free credits provides faster testing and validation in different product environments and customer environments. It also provides an improved customer flow in customer environments faster and in a more cost-effective way.”

Henrik Frienholt, Head of e-commerce and co-founder of ShimmerCat

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Link between guards and clients

”We want to build the smartest system for linking buyers and sellers of security guard services and offer the best value for both parties. IBM Cloud enables us with the technology to do it.”

Rawa Karadaki, CEO and Founder of Safetly

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Patented B2B investment algorithm that empowers investment professionals

”IBM Cloud gives us a platform with scalability, securityand ease of integration for our industry.”

Firas Wade, founder, owner and Managing Partner, Pentech

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FoodChain by Blockchain

Digitalizing parts of the farming industry

”We are surprised to be treated with so much interest, respect and enthusiasm by a big corporation like IBM. We think this is very rare in companies of the size of IBM in fact, we thought we would need to fight for our ideas as a small company, but IBM is very open and perceptive to what we want to achieve. We have been introduced at many different levels at IBM.”

Cecilia Ryegård, CEO andfounder FoodChain By Blockchain

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