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The threat detection and response suite built to help your security teams outsmart threats with speed, accuracy and efficiency
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Outsmart attacks with a connected, modernized security suite

IBM Security® QRadar® Suite is a modernized threat detection and response solution designed to unify the security analyst experience and accelerate their speed across the full incident lifecycle. The portfolio is embedded with enterprise-grade AI and automation to dramatically increase analyst productivity, helping resource-strained security teams work more effectively across core technologies. It offers integrated products for endpoint security (EDR, XDR, MDR), log management, SIEM and SOAR—all with a common user interface, shared insights and connected workflows.

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Benefits Unified analyst experience

An intuitive user interface empowers analysts to work more quickly and efficiently throughout their investigation and response processes, with shared insights and automated actions across products. By using unique, enterprise-grade AI capabilities, analysts can automatically contextualize and prioritize threats.

Cloud delivery, speed and scale

Delivered as a service on AWS, IBM Security QRadar Suite products allow for simplified deployment across cloud environments and integration with public cloud and SaaS log data. The suite also includes a new, cloud-native security observability and log management capability optimized for large scale data ingestion, subsecond search and rapid analytics.

Open platform and pre-built integrations

The suite brings together core technologies needed in today’s security operation centers, built on an open platform and wide partner ecosystem with more than 900 pre-built integrations for flexibility and choice across IBM and third-party products. It includes native, pre-integrated capabilities for Threat Intelligence, Log Management, EDR, SIEM and SOAR.

QRadar products
QRadar® EDR Protect your endpoints against previously unknown zero-day threats using automation and hundreds of machine learning and behavioral models to detect anomalies and respond to attacks in near real time. By using a unique approach that monitors operating systems from the outside, organizations can now avoid manipulation or interference by adversaries. Explore QRadar EDR Request a QRadar EDR demo

QRadar® Log Insights QRadar Log Insights is a cloud-native log management and security observability product that provides simplified data ingestion and rapid search, investigations and visualizations. By using an elastic security data lake, analysts can now perform analytics on terabytes of data with greater speed and efficiency. Explore QRadar Log Insights Request a QRadar Log Insights demo

QRadar® SIEM The market-leading QRadar SIEM is now available as a service on AWS, enhanced with the new unified analyst interface that provides shared insights and workflows with broader security operations toolsets. By using AI, network and user behavior analytics, along with real-world threat intelligence, analysts are now empowered with more accurate, contextualized and prioritized alerts. Explore QRadar SIEM Request a QRadar SIEM demo

QRadar® SOAR Recent winner of a Red Dot Design Award for interface and user experience, QRadar SOAR helps organizations automate and orchestrate incident response workflows and ensure their specific processes are followed in a consistent, optimized and measurable way. Explore QRadar SOAR Request a QRadar SOAR demo
Features Threat investigation

Threat Investigator works with Case Management to find cases that warrant an investigation and automatically starts investigating. The investigation fetches artifacts attached to the case and starts data mining. After Threat Investigator completes several rounds of data mining, it generates a timeline of the incident that consists of MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques plus a chain graph of the incident.

Delivered as SaaS on AWS

The SaaS on AWS delivery method allows you to get up and running quickly, without the need for ongoing updates or management. It enables you to focus on patching important vulnerabilities and reviewing anomalous conditions.

Federated search

Federated search allows you to search data in the cloud or on premises in a single, unified way. You can break down data silos and unlock cross-functional insights with an intuitive search experience that requires no data movement, freeing up IT resources.

Data collection

Data collector makes it possible to get telemetry data set up and ingest with just a few clicks. It supports many protocols, including passive and active. Passive protocols listen for events on specific ports while active protocols use APIs or other communication methods to connect to external telemetry that poll for events.

Detection and response center

The center streamlines the adoption of new use cases by centralizing management of detection and response use cases, reducing complexity and improving efficiency. You can use rules management across cloud or on premises to view, create and adjust with the easy-to-use rule editor.

Unified user experience

Integrating across EDR and XDR, Log Insights, SIEM and SOAR products helps you make faster and more accurate decisions. Insights and actions are automatically provided across investigation and response workflows, including the ability to automatically enrich artifacts with threat intelligence, create cases and recommended responses.

Case studies Mohawk College

“We wanted a tool that was easy to use, didn't require substantial amounts of training for users to be able to pivot and search through data to both see event logs and do network traffic analysis,” says Andrew Frank, Manager of IT Security Services, Mohawk College.


“IBM did exactly what we were expecting. They were super flexible. They listened to our demands. And they came up with the right solutions,” says Thomas Strieder, VP Group IT Security and Operation Services, ANDRITZ.

Doosan Digital Innovation

“Our ability to look at and react to a potential threat has changed. Our culture has changed. And our readiness for digital transformation has changed with the global DDI and IBM team," says Robert Oh, Executive VP - Head of Corporate Digital Strategy, Doosan Group and COO, Doosan Digital Innovation.

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The new QRadar suite can accelerate response time using a unified analyst experience, advanced AI and automation, and an open platform to connects with your existing tools.

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