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Feature spotlights

Automation of administrative tasks such as network access control

IBM zSecure Admin enables the automation of recurring, time-consuming administrative security tasks. You can delegate password reset authority to staff, resume a user and grant specific accesses without granting full administrative privileges. This capability enables frequently requested user support tasks to be managed by the support staff closest to the user, freeing up your senior security personnel for mission-critical tasks.

Quick database merger

Compare profiles and efficiently merge security rules from different databases using zSecure Admin. You can copy or move users, groups, resources, applications, or whole databases between systems and rename IDs within the same database. When merging profiles from different databases, zSecure Admin performs extensive consistency checks and reports potential conflicts before generating commands, helping ease the burden of consolidation efforts.

Compliance automation: potential problem identification and analysis

Quickly identify and analyze problems in IBM RACF to minimize threats, such as missing or inconsistent definitions, enabling you to fix or prevent mistakes before they become a threat to security and compliance. You can also monitor privileged users to help ensure old accounts are properly deleted and products have been integrated appropriately. zSecure Admin integrates smoothly with zSecure Audit for end-to-end monitoring and remediation.

RACF database usage reporting for missing or inconsistent definitions

zSecure Admin provides capabilities for reporting on actual usage of profiles and authorizations and relates that information to the information defined in the current RACF database. This helps you to understand how profiles and authorizations are being used in production, while also providing user-to-resource relationships. Identify unused or obsolete profiles and authorizations in access control lists, as well as potential identity governance issues due to over-entitlement.

Administer multiple systems

zSecure Admin can administer multiple systems with a single application interface. The offline function can be used in a variety of circumstances, such as combining workloads from newly acquired companies or providing a simulated environment to aid in release-to-release RACF migrations.