What IBM z/OS Communications Server can do for your business

IBM® z/OS® Communications Server, a high availability enterprise transaction and data server, provides common applications, such as FTP, Telnet and the remote execution of applications. Built for optimum productivity, it provides a secure platform for developing and sharing mainframe workloads.

IBM z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT) Network Analyzer, a new z/OSMF plugin, is now available for you to easily query and analyze the cryptographic protection attributes of your z/OS TCP/IP and Enterprise Extender connections.


High-speed connectivity

Supports high-bandwidth and high-speed networking technologies, including Shared Memory Communications (SMC), which provides significant performance improvements for TCP protocol workloads.

High availability

Uses z/OS Parallel Sysplex® technology to enable high availability application support.

Network security

Protects sensitive data and the operation of the TCP/IP stack on z/OS.

IPv6 enablement

Enables IPv6, the successor to aging IPv4 technology, to handle the demands of internet usage with 128-bit addressing.

Network management

Collects network topology, status, and performance information.

Simplification and usability

Makes it faster and easier to configure policy-based networking functions by using Configuration Assistant.

IBM z/OS Communications Server features

  • z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT)
  • AT-TLS support for TLS v1.3
  • Network support for z/OS Container Extensions
  • Shared Memory Communications multiple IP subnet support (SMCv2)
  • Shared Memory Communications - Direct multiple IP subnet support (SMC-Dv2)
  • Shared Memory Communication - Remote Direct multiple IP subnet support (SMC-Rv2) (New in z/OS V2R5)
  • Supports OSA-Express7S and IBM 25 GbE RoCE Express2
  • Network Mgmt. for IBM Cloud Provisioning and Mgmt. for z/OS
  • New TCP/IP usability enhancements in z/OS V2R5

How customers use it

Finanz Informatik

"zERT brings all the requested information that we need for our security business and to achieve our described security policy. I am using the zERT Reports in my daily business. For us, zERT is a big relief! We have used the zERT aggregation records to totally eliminate the TLS 1.0 protocol and SHA1/HMAC suites. zERT reporting also enabled us to find various problems in environment settings and configurations. I think we never would have had a chance to do this without the zERT support!"
Svend Zaunick

Fiducia & GAD IT AG

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Fiducia & GAD IT AG is in the process of enabling z/OS Enterprise Readiness Technology (zERT) to monitor and record the cryptographic protection attributes of network connections terminating on z/OS. With zERT, Fiducia & GAD IT AG can determine which of the connections are properly or improperly configured. This could potentially help the company in its efforts to simplify compliance reporting.