Choosing the right fit

What is the difference between IBM Z Virtual Test Platform and ZUnit?

ZUnit provides testing capabilities at a program level. We are now introducing transaction-level testing with IBM Z Virtual Test Platform, enabling the first level of Integration Testing.

How is this shifting left?

It allows the first phase of transaction testing to be done by developers/testers (or to be run automatically as part of the pipeline) before deployment into a full environment.

How can I perform an IBM Z Virtual Test Platform trial?

IBM Z Virtual Test Platform is a Shopz product. Trials for Shopz products are facilitated by Techline.

Does IBM Z Virtual Test Platform provide Regression Testing capabilities?

Yes. IBM Z Virtual Test Platform can be used for regression testing after projects like Compiler upgrades, Software Configuration Management (SCM) upgrades, or Automatic Binary Optimizer (ABO) implementation.

For example, you can accomplish the following:

  • Use IBM Z Virtual Test Platform to record a transaction.
  • Apply ABO to the programs in the transaction.
  • Play back the tests to verify the integrity of the ABO-enabled application.

What does IBM Z Virtual Test Platform support?

  • Batch Including Db2 and DL/I
  • CICS with calls to Db2 and DL/I
  • IMS TM and BMP
  • File I/O support for processing of sequential (QSAM) files, and VSAM (KSDS, ESDS, and RRDS) files
  • IBM IMS MQ with Batch, CICS and IMS
  • Seamless integration to CI/CD pipeline

What capabilities does IBM Distribution for Galasa offer?

In order to test an enterprise application Testers might need to:

1)    Use Selenium to drive a web application
2)    Interact with 3270 screens
3)    Submit and verify a JCL Batch process
4)    Interact with CICS, IMS or other subsystems

Galasa allows all these technologies to be used within the scope of the same test class through a powerful and easy API allowing Testers to use the right technology at the right time. Testers can also run the same tests against all his test environments regardless of whether they are on an LPAR, Z Development and Test Environment (ZD&T) or Wazi Sandbox or a subsystem with mocks

Getting started with this product

What do I need in order to run the tests?

A z/OS system, an application and IBM Z Virtual Test Platform. Once recorded, you do not need the original middleware/subsystems or data to execute the test.

How long does it take to deploy the product?

It only takes a few hours if all the required security and infrastructure are in place. It is totally host-based — all mainframe.

How do I download IBM Distribution for Galasa?

To download IBM Distribution for Galasa, please click here. (ZIP, 384 MB)


Does IBM Z Virtual Test Platform need to run on z/OS?

Yes, it needs a real LPAR or Z Development and Test (ZD&T) Platform.

Does this run in a development and test environment or in a production environment?

This is all development and test.

Does the product need any additional z/OS or client software?

IBM Z Virtual Test Platform does not mandate any additional z/OS or client software.

Is there a scenario for installing IBM Z Virtual Test Platform on a ZD&T?

You can install IBM Z Virtual Test Platform on a ZD&T if the product is already licensed on the real hardware (Dev and Test LPARs).

Is IBM Distribution for Galasa supported?

Yes, for clients entitled for IBM Z Virtual Test Platform