IBM Z Table Accelerator key features

Batch application and Online Transaction Processing accelerator

Optimize batch applications or Online Transaction Processing applications with very high transaction throughput rates to use fewer resources (CPU and I/O (In/Out)) while improving application performance. Sharply reduce batch run times and dramatically improve overall system performance.

z/OS, Db2, and IMS version compatibility

You can operate IBM Z Table Accelerator on all version levels of the z/OS operating system; on all version levels of DB2 (and in a Db2 stored procedure environment with multiple Task Control Blocks; and all version levels of IMS (with the optional IBM Z Table Accelerator /ISPF interface supporting all version levels of Interactive System Productivity Facility).

Virtual Table Share Manager

With Virtual Table Share (VTS), you can augment the IBM Z Table Accelerator core product with the capability of sharing table data across regions.

Agile market-reactive application solution

Run applications almost as fast as embedded-rules applications, but with business rules externalized so that they can be updated in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Sysplex support

Run IBM Z Table Accelerator with full capability in a Sysplex environment. Read-Only (R-O) tables are fully supported across LPARs—updates to R-O tables are managed using Linear Data Set mappings. Read/Write tables can be managed using Db2 stored procedures. Datasets are fully supported across all MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) images in a GRS configuration.

Technical details

Software requirements

  • The minimum required level of operating system is IBM z/OS V2.2, or later.

Hardware requirements

  • The minimum required hardware is IBM System z10 EC or subsequent 64-bit z/ Architecture processors.