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Augment your customer service agent productivity and scale your team’s best techniques, insights, and important data across every interaction in real time
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Every agent can be your best agent

Your service agents are your most valuable contact center resource. Unfortunately, human agents spend much of their time searching through multiple systems to find answers, bloating response time and frustrating customers. AI can automate the repetitive requests that eat up valuable time and help agents feel empowered to solve more complex customer problems.

watsonx Assistant for agent assist harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to bring your agents the relevant insights and information to respond to customer inquiries faster and improve the agent experience. Seamless integration across engagement channels and back-end systems automates responses via web or mobile chat, and can draw from your database or CRM—and even learn from past interactions by your best agents. The agent assistant bot can monitor all calls and suggest information or next steps before your agent asks.

Best-in-class natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) help recognize the intent, entities, and sentiment of your agents and customers in real time.

  Real-time guidance Scale the expertise and guidance of your best agents to every customer interaction with your call center. watsonx Assistant can “listen in” on support conversations to surface relevant information in context while proactively providing agent assist in real-time, based on intents, entities, and customer sentiment within the discussion.

  Support for your agents Sometimes even experts need a little help. Connect watsonx Assistant to your back-end systems and assembled knowledge base to enable contact center agents to engage with business processes or quickly extract insights from masses of existing documents or chat logs—all through natural conversation.

Maximize performance Analyze call volume, agent performance summaries, and spot trends in customer interactions and workload to optimize contact center performance and effectiveness. Efficiently train and support new agents to speed onboarding by embedding information in existing support channels, such as Intercom. Use automation to provide suggestions and manage simple tasks autonomously to bolster customer satisfaction.
Case studies

See client stories of success, where watsonx Assistant made a big impact for the businesses.

NatWest Group

Automation assistance now seamlessly blends with human intervention. Using watsonx Assistant, RBS (now NatWest) built a digital assistant to improve customer engagement with faster problem resolution and cut agent conversation time with customers by 20%.

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Customers receive responses in seconds, not minutes. Brazilian bank Bradesco is giving personal attention to each of its 65 million customers with watsonx Assistant. Response times were reduced from 10 minutes to a few seconds.

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Crédit Mutuel

Expert service is now 60% faster. Crédit Mutuel is building on its contact center expertise with watsonx Assistant. They speed workflows and enable client advisors to address more nuanced problems.

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