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Make your chatbot smarter and more effective with integrations

Fueled by cutting-edge AI and advanced natural language processing (NLP), IBM® watsonx Assistant chatbot is already a pro at understanding customer queries, handling FAQs and guiding users through simple tasks. But if you're eager to take your conversational experiences and customer satisfaction to the next level, it's all about integrations.

Connecting your knowledge base into the ever-expanding realm of channels and web apps will empower your virtual assistant to deliver comprehensive, omnichannel customer support, fetch real-time data and effortlessly automate complex, repetitive tasks.

Essential channels

Invest more time in crafting effective chatbot conversations and use our built-in integrations to accelerate deployment and drive interaction.

Web chat

Equip your website or mobile app with a chat widget without writing any code. Web chat’s interface is easy to customize and supports various types of rich media—videos, iframe, content carousels, journeys and more—for a delightful customer experience. 

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Augment your conversational AI chatbot with an expressive voice and make it available over the phone to reduce hold times and ease workloads for support teams.

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SMS and messaging apps

Boost customer engagement by embracing omnichannel self-service support. Configure your assistant and deploy it in minutes on some of the most widely used social media and digital messaging apps.

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Contact center and live agent services

IBM watsonx Assistant provides pre-built integrations and extensions packs for contact center as a service platforms to help accelerate deployment, streamline interactions and ensure a smooth hand-off to human agents.

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Search tools

Another powerful way to customize your virtual assistant is to enrich it with search functionality and enable it to find answers to unexpected questions, for a superior, hassle-free user experience. You can connect whatever search tools you have already invested in to watsonx Assistant. We have built 5 bring-your-own-search (BYOS) starter kits. And to top it off, conversational search—powered by IBM Watson® Discovery and our IBM watsonx Granite large language model—is seamlessly integrated into our chatbot builder to infuse generative AI into your assistant.

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Large language models (LLM) with

Our chatbot platform comes packed with LLM-powered features right out of the box. But we also empower developers to embed customized, reliable LLMs from watsonx and optimize your virtual agent with either tailored or case-specific generative AI tasks. Use this starter kit to connect watsonx Assistant to the watsonx API. Learn how
Pre-built extensions

IBM watsonx Assistant continues to expand ways to customize your virtual assistant with starter kits for some of the most popular integrations. Use these extensions to enhance your virtual agent with advanced functionality, retrieve real-time information from a database, reference a CRM, submit a ticket and more.

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Additional extensions

We offer a starter kit for IBM App Connect, one of the best integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) on the market. IBM App Connect is equipped with hundreds of pre-built application connectors and customizable templates to easily build integration flows and rapidly connect cloud, SaaS, on-premises applications and data sources.

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Integrate a custom application

If the available integration channels do not meet your needs, you can build your own client application easily by using Open API and interacting with an external service to handle your specific use case.

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