Watson Explorer’s text analytics capabilities are now available on Data Science Experience

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Where is IBM Watson Explorer Community Edition?

IBM Watson Explorer was sunset at the end of 2018. Per the user agreement, user licenses expire one year after download.

What makes IBM Watson Explorer cognitive?

Watson uses machine learning, natural language processing and Watson APIs. Discovery is ongoing since Watson continuously reasons and learns, just like your human experts, to gain deeper expertise.


How can I estimate the value IBM Watson Explorer would provide to my organization?

To gain more understanding of the time, resources and money your company can save by using IBM Watson Explorer, spend just five minutes using our value calculator.

Where can I get more specific information about IBM Watson Explorer pricing?

Contact our sales organization to request a demo.

Other common questions

Where can I watch webinars on IBM Watson Explorer?

Regardless of your business or data interest, don’t miss the chance to go beyond enterprise search to get the information you are looking for while uncovering trends, patterns and relationships. Explore our IBM Watson Explorer webinar series.

What Twitter handle should I follow for recent IBM Watson Explorer news and resources?

Please follow the IBM Data Science Twitter handle for the most recent news and resources on IBM Watson Explorer.

What LinkedIn group should I join for recent IBM Watson Explorer news?

Please join our IBM Analytics page on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on your IBM Watson Explorer news and network with like-minded peers.

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