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Independent software vendors can build AI-powered commercial apps with IBM
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Embed AI into your commercial solutions

IBM Research® develop artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities based on trust and transparency principles, where the creator owns the data and insights. The embeddable AI portfolio from IBM comprises flexible, enterprise-grade AI products including IBM watsonx™ AI and data platform, along with application programming interfaces (APIs), libraries and applications. The portfolio enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to integrate trustworthy AI into their commercial applications more easily, reduce time-to-market and deploy them in any hybrid multi-cloud environment.  

Build with watsonx

IBM watsonx is a next-level, enterprise-ready AI and data platform that is designed to scale and accelerate the impact of AI. It consists of three integrated offerings, IBM® watsonx.ai™, IBM® watsonx.data™ and IBM® watsonx.governance™. ISVs can flexibly use and embed these core AI technologies that power IBM products to enhance existing applications or create new applications more efficiently.

With watsonx, an IBM Business Partner® is empowered to train, tune and deploy customizable foundation models for generative AI, scale AI workloads that are built on an open data lakehouse architecture, and monitor and govern the entire AI lifecycle.

Build with IBM

By embedding the AI capabilities of IBM, partners can enhance existing solutions and build new applications in less time and with fewer resources.

IBM's POV on trustworthy AI

Explore watsonx use cases

IBM watsonx.ai

Train, validate, tune and deploy generative AI, foundation models and machine learning (ML) models with ease in our next-generation enterprise studio.

IBM watsonx.data

Scale AI workloads for all your data sets, anywhere, by using our fit-for-purpose data store.

IBM watsonx.governance

Use our powerful AI governance tool kit to enable responsible, transparent and explainable data and AI workflows.

Why build with embeddable AI? Bring high-quality, innovative AI solutions to market faster at a reduced cost. Explore the use cases Flexible and extensible

Fit-for-purpose enterprise solutions that are created with IBM and open source models.

Trustworthy AI

IBM designs technology that prioritizes trust from the ground up. It is infused with principles of fairness, explainability and privacy.

Run anywhere

Build and run your application or solution on any cloud, in any run time, from on-premises to the edge and everywhere in between.

Secure and robust

IBM provides 24x7 support for enterprise-grade security.

Targeted solutions

Technology is designed for specific business use cases, including curated models that businesses can tune to their proprietary data and company guidelines.


Build solutions faster and reduce the complexity of maintenance by using IBM AI APIs. Power your solutions with AI services that use deep learning and ML models.

IBM Watson® Natural Language Understanding

This natural language AI service for advanced text analytics uses deep learning to extract real-time insights from unstructured data, performing tasks such as sentiment analysis and content summarization. 

Learn more about natural language understanding
IBM Watson® Speech to Text

Convert human language into text accurately and rapidly. You can get started with our advanced ML models that are ready for immediate use or customize them for your specific use case by using AI-powered speech recognition and transcription capabilities.

Learn more about speech to text
IBM Watson® Text to Speech

Synthesize text into various languages, dialects and voices to enhance the customer experience. Give your brand a voice and interact with users in their preferred language.

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AI applications

Boost your speed to market with IBM applications that simplify the integration of AI. These applications require minimal coding and come with innovative integrations, all while offering a simple user interface.

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IBM watsonx™ Assistant

Build AI-powered voice agents and chatbots through an intuitive user interface. Enhance customer service experiences by understanding customers in the right context and providing fast, consistent and accurate answers and self-service support across any application, device or channel.

IBM watsonx™ Orchestrate

Streamline workflows and repetitive or complex tasks by using automation accessed through open source AI APIs and RPA integrations.

IBM Watson® Discovery

Use advanced NLP, NLU and optical character recognition to search and analyze content in various formats and extract sentiment analysis, keywords, category classification, concept tagging and more.

IBM watsonx™ Code Assistant

Use generative AI to accelerate application modernization efforts and IT automation, increasing developer productivity, simplifying coding and streamlining developer onboarding.

IBM watsonx™ Orders

Optimize the drive-thru order-taking experience for guests and crew with an AI-powered voice assistant that delivers speedy service and handles complex, customized orders.

AI libraries

Incorporate AI into your solutions by using IBM Watson® libraries, which are built on any open source framework. Deploy and run your solution in any hybrid cloud environment.

IBM Watson Natural Language Processing Library for Embed

Infuse your solutions with natural language by using IBM Watson Natural Language Processing (NLP) Library for Embed. This containerized library offers robust AI models, extensive language coverage and scalable container orchestration into your solutions, combining the strengths of open source and IBM Research NLP algorithms. It provides developers with flexible access to AI capabilities that they can seamlessly integrate into their applications.

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IBM Watson Speech Libraries for Embed

Build your applications with enterprise-grade speech technology by using IBM Watson Speech Libraries, a set of containerized speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) libraries. Embed IBM Watson Speech to Text Library for Embed to achieve fast and accurate speech transcription in multiple languages, suitable for a wide range of use cases. Deploy this solution in a hybrid multi-cloud environment for maximum flexibility. Similarly, use IBM Watson Text to Speech Library for Embed to convert written text into a natural-sounding voice , enabling real-time speech synthesis for your applications.

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Explore IBM Watson libraries

Explore a set of interactive demos showcasing IBM Watson libraries to see pretrained models in action, demonstrating various AI tasks.

Developer resources

Check out this cheat sheet for embeddable AI libraries

Resources Try the embeddable AI portfolio

The digital self-serve co-create experience helps data scientists, application developers and MLOps engineers to explore and experiment with IBM watsonx, AI libraries, AI APIs and AI applications.

Embed generative AI into commercial solutions with watsonx

Learn how watsonx can help ISVs differentiate their offerings and gain a competitive advantage by providing them with the flexibility to choose models suitable for their industry, domain and use cases.

Enhance your solutions by multiplying the power of AI with watsonx.ai

Learn how you can create unique value with your application by embedding watsonx.ai.

Tour IBM Developer for embeddable AI

Explore our embeddable AI resources, tools and community specifically created for coders.

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Join this worldwide program for startups, ISVs, enterprises and venture capitalists to connect through collaborative business opportunities. Get access to the latest resources and training to accelerate innovative solutions that address real-world problems.

Learn how to build AI into your apps faster with embeddable AI

Listen as IBM master inventor Martin Keen discusses two methods for deploying embeddable AI, using containerized libraries and developing applications.

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